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Soul Eater: Fly Me to the Moon

In Soul Eater, the Moon has a noteworthy and symbolic part in the series. If you have been wondering about its appearance and role in the series, read on below to find out more about this unique and creepy character!

by Ai_Sakura
Oct 6, 2015 12:32 AM | 23,785 views


Soul Eater - The Moon

The Moon is a big and yellow moon found in Death City. Regardless of what time or day, the Moon always has a crescent shape. It also appears to be a face looking at the side and has a long and pointed nose, as well as a never disappearing large grin. A large crater with a big eyeball serves as the Moon’s eye. It always laughs by itself and at some parts of the anime, blood would come out from its mouth. This usually happens when someone is going to die.

Often, the Moon would also appear in people’s minds or in their hallucinations. It usually appears to be insane along with the characters. However, its appearance has a creepier look than its original.

In Masamune’s soul, the Moon appears to be black and constantly pours black liquid from its mouth and eye.
Soul Eater - The Moon in Masamune's Soul

When Stein suffers from madness, the moon appears to be reddish pink with angry eyes in his hallucination. Blood also leaks from its mouth.
Soul Eater - The Red Moon in Stein's mind

When Crona attempted to dissolve and seal Kishin Asura from inside out with her own Mad Blood augmented by Brew, the Moon then became pitch-black and turned into a full moon with its eye still visible.
Soul Eater - The Moon with Mad Blood

The creepy expression of the Moon fits the dark tone of the series as well as the name of its city Death City.


The Moon is shown as a symbol for madness in Soul Eater. It usually appears in the characters’ minds or souls, most especially when there is insanity in the air. It could also be a reference to the old folklore in which people believed that the Moon could cause insanity. Thus, the terms ‘lunacy’ and ‘lunatic’ were named after the Moon, Luna.

As mentioned earlier, the Moon sometimes spits blood from its mouth. This symbolizes bloodshed as well as evil things such as murder, as most of the dark scenes happen during night time.

It is also seen as having negative energy, contrary to the Sun’s positive energy. Moreover, it symbolizes the antagonists’ evil deeds while the Sun symbolizes the determination of the protagonists.


The Moon appears to be located high in the sky. It only appears at night since the Sun, which also has a creepy appearance, appears during the day. However, the Moon appears to be inside the atmosphere of the Earth since there are some clouds which pass behind it. This is also proven when Asura hides in the moon after his escape from Death City and with the other characters going into the moon after discovering Asura’s location.

It is possible to reach it with a Blimp or with the flying abilities some of the characters in the series have, most especially the witches. Azuza’s shots are also able to reach the Moon, provided that they have enough speed and momentum.

Part in the series

The Moon does not appear to have any clear personality. However, it laughs at its own jokes and is also given some sort of dialogue at times, which is usually associated with dark humor and sarcasm.

Soul Eater - The Moon's dialogue

It plays a significant part in the final battle with the Death Weapons and Meisters of Death Weapon Meister Academy against Asura and his followers. When the Death Weapons and Meisters found out that Asura was hiding in the Moon, they immediately formed a squad in order to exterminate him as well as Crona.

As they explore the surface and interior of the Moon, they find out that it has numerous caverns, which are almost like a maze, making it quite difficult to find someone without being able to sense their soul wavelength. These caverns could be accessed through the satellite’s nostrils. When Asura escapes from Death City, he hides inside the caverns of the Moon. He also places his three-eye Kishin symbols in the pillars of the caverns resembling his previous shrine underneath Death City.

Soul Eater - Asura's shrine the Moon

It also appears that Asura has something to do with the Moon since it has greatly affected the Moon’s appearance as well as its inner and outer structures.

Soul Eater - The Moon sneezes

The Moon also appears to be conscious. When Crona flew over to its nose, the Moon sneezes. Moreover, it also shows expressions as it reacts to the damages on itself.

When the Moon was engulfed with Crona’s Mad Blood, it turned into a full moon. However, it is still unknown whether the effects of the Mad Blood are going to last forever or not.

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