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The Teams of Inuzama Eleven!

Inazuma Eleven has introduced a bunch of soccer teams throughout the series, ranging from the traditional good guys, to aliens, and even angels and demons. Here we will try to discuss all the soccer teams that appeared in the series! All the good, the bad, and the crazy!

by Dumbooooooo820
Sep 16, 2015 5:45 AM | 87,654 views

Raimon Junior High

Inazuma Eleven Team Raimon jr high
The team home to Inazuma Eleven's main protagonists. They first started out with just seven members, Endou Mamoru beings its captain, goalkeeper and apparently only member that wants to play soccer. The rest of the members were a contrast to Mamoru's spunky attitude towards soccer, as they always ignored the captain's orders to train. Given that the team is non-existent at that point the school's director threatened to disband it unless they could get a win in their upcoming exhibition match, which was a problem for Mamoru since they're lacking members and to make matters worse they were facing one of Japan's strongest teams, Teikoku Gakuen. Mamoru scrambled to get more members and after much shouting, running around, getting denied, and a sumo punch later he managed to recruit to the ranks the sports savant Matsuno Kuusuke, the eerie Kageno Jin, the track and fielder Kazemaru Ichirouta—with their self-proclaimed "hero of the team" Megane Kakeru and ace striker Gouenji Shuuya joining later on in their match against Teikoku.

Teikoku Gakuen (Royal Academy)

Inazuma Eleven the royal academy
One of the strongest soccer teams in Japan, known to have an incredible unbeaten record in the Football Frontier tournament. Their coach is Reiji Kageyama, who looks strikingly evil (the team even travels in a large ominous looking van). Kidou Yuuto serves as its captain, and expert strategist who is known for his signature goggles and red cape—you know he's a force to be reckoned with if he wears a cape.

Occult (Occult Junior High)

Inazuma Eleven occult team
The soccer team of a school that has a really weird name, Occult Jr. High. The members of this team are all creepy looking as well, mostly resembling monsters or evil creatures, also their goalkeeper looks like Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th series. Occult won most of their matches due to their coach's ability to subliminally influence the opposing teams players to stop them in their tracks, leading to really easy goals.

Nose (Wild Junior High)

Inazuma Eleven team nose eating
Another soccer team that makes you wonder just how much oversight do these schools have on their students. Nose or Wild Jr High in the dub, is a team full of animal-looking players with matching animal themed hissatsus. Their coach is a shirtless man that communicates with his players through yelling and shouting, just like the famous Tarzan. Nose is known for their great defense as well as offense, and the use of their shot hissatsu techniques Condor Dive and Snake Shot gave Raimon High a run for their money during their match.

Mikage Sennou (Brainwashing Junior High)

Inazuma Eleven Brainwash high
As their name in the dub implies, the members of their team were brainwashed by their coach under the orders of the infamous Kageyema. They used computers and other devices to analyze their opponents' moves, using statistics to gain an upper-hand and win. All of the Mikage Sennou members have wires connected to their heads, and all of them operate like machines. Man... is Kageyema evil or what?

Shuuyou Meito (Otaku Junior High)

Inazuma Eleven Shuuyou Meito
Yet another soccer team where their school's name fits perfectly with their members. As their name suggests, all of their players are Otakus or "enthusiasts." They even made Raimon's managers wear maid costumes during the match. Their coach is a weird looking guy that is seen to eat watermelons for the most part during their match against Raimon. Shuuyou Meito wins their matches by using tricks, such as performing their hissatsu technique, Gorimuchuu, to mask the goal in a sandstorm then performing Goal Zurashi to move the entire goal out of the ball's way. And remember the coach that was eating watermelons? Well, the team also has a technique called Fake Ball, which they used to replace the original ball with a watermelon.

Sengoku Igajima (Shuriken Junior High)

Inazuma Eleven Sengoku Igajima formation
A soccer team coming from a school which we can only assume is a training ground for ninjas. Sengoku Igajima is a fast and agile team, coached by Igajima Senichi, a wise coach that speaks in proverbs. The team also seems to be big fans of Naruto, since most of their hissatsu techniques have some allusions to the abilities found in the series. Their not just about the speed and the ninja art though, they also have strong defenders that resemble two sumo wrestlers. Yup, Sumo wrestlers.

Senbayama (Farm Junior High)

Inazuma Eleven Senbayama
A team with a farm-like theme, their coach is Shinno Kamekichi, who looks like a miniature version of Bill Gates—which is weird since he's not a farmer. (Or is he? ) Anyway, don't let their farm boy appearance fool you, Senbayama is famously known for their impeccable defense, not having a single shot scored against them up until their match against Raimon High.

Kidokawa Seishuu (Kirkwood)

Inazuma Eleven Kidokawa Seishuu anime
The team where Goenji previously was a forward and captain of—their school is famous for its soccer club. After Goenji left the team, three weird looking brothers, the Makata triplets, stepped up as its ace players. In the English dub they spoke in a strong Swedish accent. Though the triplets have a goofy appearance they're not an opponent to take lightly since they can pack quite a punch. The Makata triplets have strong combination hissatsu called, Triangle Z.

Zeus Junior High

Inazuma Eleven Zeus Junior High
They were shown to easily trample Teikoku Gakuen, ending the match with a score of 10-1. Zeus Junior High is a god-themed team, with players basing their names on Greek Gods, as well as their hissatsu techniques that just screams Greek mythology. They are a strong team, with great defense and offense. Their captain, Aphrodi, has a hissatsu technique that effectively stops time and with his God Knows technique, Raimon were made to struggle the entire duration of their match. Once again Reiji Kageyama, appears as the team's coach. He just pops up everywhere huh?

Aliea Gakuen (Aliea Academy)

The teams under Aliea Gakuen fight with the power of the Aliea Meteorite. Founded by Kira Seijirou, who originally wanted to use the power for military purposes, but since it was denied by the prime minister he chose to use it in the most practical way ever—soccer.

This Academy just screams Kageyama.

Gemini Storm

Inazuma Eleven gemini storm anime shot
The first Aliea Gakuen team that Mamoru and the rest of Raimon faced. Calling themselves "aliens" they caused the destruction of Raimon Junior High. (Yes, they destroyed the whole school with the power of soccer.) Lead by their captain Reize, the team easily defeated Raimon during their first confrontation also injuring most of their members in the process. The whole team also uses a black soccer ball to teleport from one place to another.


Inazuma Eleven epsilon team shot
The No.1 ranking team under Aliea Gakuen, debuting after Raimon's match against Gemini Storm, where they "expelled" the whole team after they lost. They are shown to easily dominate their opponents, with matches only lasting mere minutes. The stronger version of team is called Epsilon Kai, with the members sporting red eyes. They also teleport with a black football. Wonder where's Kageyama in all this?

The Genesis

Inazuma Eleven genesis team shot
The strongest of all the Aliea Teams, beating the other teams without even breaking a sweat, all while not even relying on the power of the Aliea Meteorite. Using a special training program of Kira Seijirou, the members of its team have trained to fight against the powers of the Meteorite. Their captain is the red head Kiyama Hiroto, who first went by the alias of Gran. The members of the team are quite fast and powerful, as Kiyama broke through Majin the Hand with a normal shot.


Inazuma Eleven Team chaos
If one team that uses space powers is bad enough, then a combination of two just takes the cake. Chaos is a team formed by the merger of two other Aliea Academy teams—Diamond Dust and Prominence. The team was formed in an effort to "dethrone" the current Genesis team of Aliea. They have both great offense and defense, making Raimon struggle during their match against them. Raimon almost lost but the Genesis captain, Kiyama interfered, arriving in their signature black ball. The team was soon disbanded since a combination of two teams weren't allowed. Still no Kageyama though...

Shin Teikoku Gakuen (True Teikoku Academy)

Inazuma Eleven shin teikoku gauken

Ohhh there he is! Of course he's involved

Another team that gets their power from the Aliea Meteorite, coached by the one and only Reiji Kageyama. The members mostly consist of old Teikoku players, with Sakuma and Genda being brainwashed into joining the team. In their match against Raimon the influence of the meteorite lead to their members using forbidden hissatsu techniques.

Dark Emperors

Inazuma Eleven Dark emperors
What to do when you're injured? Use the power of the Aliea Meteorite of course! The Dark Emperors are a team consisting of the original members of Raimon that were injured during their first match against Gemini Storm, and the other players coming from teams Raimon previously faced in the Football Frontier. The team's captain was Kazemaru Inchirouta, they played only one match against Raimon where they eventually came to their senses and disbanded, the members subsequently returned to their previous teams.

International Teams

The third season of the series introduced us to the whole football world of Inazuma Eleven. It was also the debut of the Hissatsu Tactic— a special technique that usually involves the whole team in order to gain the upper-hand defensively or offensively.

Inazuma Japan

Inazuma Eleven Inazuma Japan
The Japan National team, most members come from Raimon with the addition of other players they met in the past, as well as new ones. They are coached by Kudou Michiya, who due to a previous altercation with his team was banned from coaching soccer for ten years, until it was lifted and now he's back with a vengeance. (Ok maybe not with a vengeance, but he's really a good coach) With the expertise of their coach, and the surprising abilities of their new players, Inazuma is one of the best teams ever created.

Big Waves

Inazuma Eleven team Big waves
Australia's national team famously known as "The men of the ocean." A strong defensive team, using their hissatsu tactic "Box Lock Defense" to trap their opponent's movements. It's not only the hissatsu tactic that gives the team their defense, they also have their goalkeeper's "Great Barrier Reef" effectively blocks incoming shots with ease. When an opening comes, their striker's Megalodon technique can score through most goalkeepers with its strong force.

Desert Lion

Inazuma Eleven dessert lion anime
A team known for their great endurance, especially in harsh weather conditions. Desert Lion is the national team of Quatar, their members all grew up under the hot sands of the region giving them superior endurance in the heat. Their strength mostly comes in full force during the second half of games, since their opponents would be panting like crazy due to the heat while they're just barely breaking a sweat.

Neo Japan

Inazuma Eleven neo japan team shot
An opposing Japan team that sought to replace Inazuma as "The National Team." The team consists of players that Raimon has faced in the past, including Saginuma Osamu from Epsilon, Atsuishi Shigeto from Chaos, and Genda Koujirou from Teikoku Gakuen, backed up by their coach Kira Hitomiko. Although they played with more powerful versions of their hissatsu techniques the team was still unable to take the crown as Japan's National team.

Fire Dragon

Inazuma Eleven fire dragon team shot
The Korean national team, they're the final team that Raimon faced during the FFI's Asian preliminary tournament. Fire Dragon is feared for their great defense, using a hissatsu tactic called Perfect Zone Press that traps a ball handler on sight. Their captain, Choi Chang Soo, is also a great tactician, being on par with Kidou and on top of that the team has also enlisted the ranks of Afuro Terumi from Zeus, as well as Suzuno Fuusuke and Nagumo Haruya from Chaos. Scary

Knights of the Queen

Inazuma Eleven Knights of the Queen

Chivalry ain't dead here

The team representing England in the FFI tournament, their members fight with pride carrying the hopes of their countrymen with them. They have two strong hissatsu tactics, Absolute Knights—an impressive offensive technique and Muteki no Yari an impenetrable defensive tactic. Their captain, Edgar Valtinas is a real powerful player using his hissatsu technique, Excalibur, to perform extremely powerful shots at long range.

The Empire

Inazuma Eleven the empire anime
The Argentinian national team who's known for their impressive defense, not having a single goal scored against them before their participation in the Football Frontier International Tournament. Their hissatsu tactic is Andes no Arijigoku, which they use to slow down their opponent right before leading them to their captain, Teres Tolue, to steal the ball.


Inazuma Eleven unicorn team shot
The U.S. national team, known for their offensive hissatsu tactic—Rolling Thunder. Two former members of Raimon High play for this team, Ichinose and Domon, which made their match against Inazuma a reunion of some sorts. Apart from their hissatsu tactic, their midfielder and captain Mark Kruger along with Ichinose and Dylan Keith can perform a technique called "Gran Fenrir" which allows them to easily score goals against their opponents.

Inazuma Eleven Bill and Hawk
Note: Their goalkeeper, Billy Rapid, resembles a cowboy and their second goal keeper, Alex Hawk, resembles an Indian. Haha clever...

The Kingdom

Inazuma Eleven The Kingdom anime shot
The team representing Brazil—the Kingdom was originally coached by the evil Garshield Bayhan, who threatened their families freedom if they lost a game. But he was soon caught by the police, and the true coach of Kingdom, Leon Sams, replaced him. They have a strong offensive hissatsu tactic called Amazon River Wave, this enabled them to win every match during their region's preliminaries.


Inazuma Eleven team orpheus
Did you really think Kageyama would sit this one out?

The team representing Italy, considered to be the favors to win the FFI tournament. Their defensive hissatsu tactic, Catenaccio Counter is quite a powerful move, allowing them to easily steal the ball from the opponent. Orpheus's captain is Fideo Ardena, who is not only a skilled player, but is also the one to actually save Kageyama from his darkness. Good guys:1 Evil:0

Little Gigant (Little Giant)

Inazuma Eleven little gigant anime
The most feared team in the FFI tournament, representing Cotarl. They were coached by Daisuke Endou, who was going by the alias of Araya Daisuke. Throughout the tournament Little Gigant was a dominating force, not even using a single hissatsu during their matches. They were even able to beat Orpheus with a score of 8-0, only resorting to normal shots and blocks. In addition, before their match against Inazuma the whole team was wearing weights, meaning they were able to defeat all their past opponents with ease while at the same time having weights attached to their bodies. Talk about scary

The teams from Heaven and Hell

(Yup, Heaven and Hell)

Tenkuu no Shito (Apostles from the Sky)

Inazuma Eleven Tenkuu no Shito team
If aliens weren't enough now we have angels to face-off against Mamoru and his team. Tenkuu no Shito are angels that fought many centuries ago against Makai Gundan Z to seal away the Demon King. In the series the angels capture Rika in order to marry her with the Demon King to seal him away for another 1000 years. Obviously Inazuma Japan won't let that happen, which lead to a match between the two teams.

Makai Gundan Z (Devil Army Z)

Inazuma Eleven Makai Gundan Z
The team that serves the Demon King, returning every thousand years to fight for the fate of the world with soccer. They have a hissatsu tactic called Black Thunder, which they use in both defense and offense—practically stopping time itself for them to score or defend.

Dark Angel

Inazuma Eleven dark angels
After the defeat of both teams, they once again returned in a combined force forming Dark Angel with the members of Tenkuu no Shito under some kind of dark spell.

There you have it, the teams that appeared through out the Inazuma Eleven series, all the good, the bad, weird, wonderful, and downright supernatural.

If only real life soccer was like this, it would be more fun and amazing, but also dangerous and frightening. But hey! Endou Mamoru and the Inazuma Eleven are here to stop whatever soccer evil is out there!

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