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What Is Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily?

Top ranked on Nutaku, Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily is the latest craze from DMM. Featuring a rich story taking place during a tumultuous Sengoku period in ancient Japanese history, try this erotic infused turn-based strategy game in attempt to claim victory over the warring states.

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Top ranked on Nutaku, Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily is the latest craze from DMM

Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily launches you right back in the tumultuous Sengoku period of Japan. In attempt to claim victory over all the Warring States, war has been ongoing for decades in what is known as Japan's darkest era. You must take on the role of a slender young strategist in this epic adventure to bring peace to Japan. Become the leader of over 200 samurai girls and choose among the beautiful Generals to win battles against the evil warlords. Get lost in this turn-based strategy game as you experience real battles unfold and get to know familiar historical figures in more ways than you can imagine.


Prepare For Battle

Increase the odds of victory by choosing Generals with higher power, better leadership skills and more intelligence. Evaluate the Generals based on their pre-determined skills and their Equipment Slots. The Weapon Slot contains their collection of weapons for attacking evil warlords and the Armor Slot is their equipment used to defend the army. The Accessory Slot raises the number of troops allowed in a unit and the Artifact Slot provides additional boosts for greater damage against the enemy. Generals can only obtain new skills once they reach a certain level.

Before battle, you'll also need to build and upgrade your city to obtain access to more Generals, to accommodate more troops and to salvage more coins. Obtaining more Generals results in more weapons and more troops results in a stronger attack. As the backbone of this operation, constantly upgrade your city, the skill set of the Generals, and their weapons. As a result, your troops will be able to move faster than the enemy.

Finally, set up your formation of troops and assign a General to an available position in the formation before heading off to battle and look out for high-rarity Generals as they possess more powerful skills that you'll need in combat.


Once you send your army to the battlefield, see your girls in action while you continue strategizing from behind the scenes. It is the perfect opportunity to see what strategies work best. Determine which Generals work with which troop type and stay vigilant for the troop types that are able to release unique skills during a battle. Remember that Generals with more troops can cause more damage and have a better defense.

Bonus Feature: The best way to determine how powerful your troops are is to compete against other players in the Arena. Gain better strategies and more tricks to save Japan from chaos!


Samurai Girls

The Generals in Mononofu are beautiful women drawn by famous illustrators. The characters are supposed to represent female representations of historical Japanese figures from the Sengoku Era. As you get to know the Generals, they will get more and more comfortable around you. Their intimate level is based on how much affection you give them. You can also re-watch erotic scenes whenever you need downtime from strategizing battles.


Mononofu is free-to-play, and while you can pay for things, you can generally get things by winning battles and upgrading your city. You'll be completing quests to receive rewards like defeating certain enemy troops or upgrading buildings to a certain level. Pop-ups will keep you posted on any events that have great rewards and daily challenges that grant you smaller rewards. Make your way to the Dungeon for new content and power-ups as well.

If you are a fan of anime games, turn-based strategy games or samurai women fighting in your honor, you'll want to try Mononofu right away. Head to Nutaku.net to play for free and check out other free-to-play games on the platform.


About DMM

DMM's latest localization, Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily has been top ranked on Nutaku since its release earlier this month. Previously known for Sengoku Providence: Battle of the Three Kingdoms and the Kamihime Project, DMM is making waves with the Western audience by translating Japanese titles in English and exclusively releasing them on Nutaku. This free-to-play, turn-based strategy game does include mature content but DMM also offers titles that are SFW on Nutaku.

About Nutaku

Nutaku is an online gaming portal featuring 18+ games from around the world. Created in 2014, the site debuted by distributing Japanese browser games and now includes a vibrant community, weekly contests, and seasonal game deals. Boasting over 25 million visitors per month, Nutaku is the largest English website in the world dedicated to 18+ games.

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