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Top 10 Hottest Anime Girls of Spring 2016

A look at the ten hottest girls from the 2016 spring season of anime!

by madokamage
Aug 31, 2016 3:39 AM | 211,261 views

10: Rin Shiretoko

From High School Fleet

Rin Shiretoko RinShiretoko
Chief navigator and helmsman of the Harekaze, Rin Shiretoko might feel no shame in running away, but she’s also sweetly loyal. Vulnerable yet adorable, what guy wouldn’t be tempted to protect such an innocent girl as she struggles to pull herself together in battle, even when all she wants to do is flee?

Can cute be hot? We think so. She might not go around wearing anything skimpy, but her face and moe personality alone is enough to get her a spot on this list of hot girls from spring 2016.

9: Kyou Goshouin

From Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

kyou goshouin KyouGoushouin
Even though in real life she can be seen wearing her normal school uniform, as the in-game leader of the Alley Cat guild, Kyou opts for a far more revealing get-up, specifically where the upper-body is concerned. And she flaunts it with no qualms whatsoever. Try not to stare at her GIF for too long.

8: Emilia

From Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Sekaitsu

Emilia Emilia
If you’re looking for something closer to an ethereal beauty, but still with a childlike quality, Emilia--sometimes called Satella--is a Half Elf who possesses that kind of attraction. While she is very attractive, with her silver hair, elfin eyes, and violet eyes, she's very indifferent towards her appearance. Perhaps her inner glow comes from her eagerness to help others, and her sweet, altruistic nature. Either way, Emilia has a lot going for her as an other-worldly yet down-to-earth hottie.

7: Ako "Aco" Tamaki

From Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

ako tamaki aco chan
Ako's trouble telling the difference between real life and game life, as well as her vulnerable confusion make her incredibly adorable. But what gets her on the list of spring 2016 hotties is...who are we kidding, her pair of very large breasts that makes it abundantly clear that there are girls online - really hot ones at that!

6: Claire Harvey

From Hundred

Claire Harvey Claire Harvey
As the strongest Slayer at the battleship university Little Garden who also sports ginormous golden twin drills, it's no wonder they call her "the Queen". She's clearly got the strength and beauty to match. With a girl this hot on your team against the Savages attacking Earth, you're sure to triumph - at least on the battlefield. Romantically though, you'll have to contend with her fighting prowess first.

5: Kuroko Shirabyoushi

From Big Order

Kuroko Shirabyoushi KurokoShirabyoushi
Despite being an Order user with the ability to cure any illness, she has rather insignificant screen time in this series. However, Kuroko definitely left us with more to remember her by than just her bouncing bust; she wins an honorary prize for having the sexiest feet on this list!

4: Naomi Tanizaki

From Bungou Stray Dogs

Naomi NaomiTanizaki
For a teenage girl, a beauty mark under the eye does wonders. But more than that, Naomi Tanizaki has intelligence, a beautiful body, a strong personality, and is fiercely dedicated to involving herself in any case that affects her older brother. Her love for him almost ventures into wincest territory...which might be partly why she ranks so highly on this list.

3: Kagekiyo Tairano

From Big Order

Kagekiyo Tairano kagekiyo tairano ass ass ass
As a hammer wielder with power over a rock golem, she can definitely hold her own in a fight and look gloriously sexy while doing it. I mean, they sure were generous with her proportions. But if you happen to be Eiji Hoshimiya, you should probably steer clear. A minor character, but a major beauty.

2: Noriko Sonozaki

From Kiznaiver

Noriko kiznaiver Noriko Sonozaki
Noriko Sonozaki is all class and poise, her beauty made cool by her long blue hair and lovely silver eyes. She exhibits some of the traits of the “emotionless doll” archetype, though she did smile much more as a child compared to the stoic demeanor she maintains in the present. For those who like their women cold and unfeeling, no doubt she takes the top spot.

1: Ayame Yomogawa

From Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

ayame yomogawa AyameYomogawa
Okay, so Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress wasn't all it was cracked up to be, what did you think about Ayame? She's strong but understanding. Cute, but fierce and determined. Elegant but not stiff. Oh, and she has a a body to die for. Forget what you thought about her role in the anime, would you waifu her? We say most definitely, putting her at number one on this list of hot girls of spring 2016.

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