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Run For Your Lives, a 'Pikachu Outbreak' is Coming to Japan

Symptoms may include excessive smiling and binge-watching the original Pokemon series.

by yungyoshi
Jun 29, 2016 3:30 AM | 10,905 views

Pikachu's Goodbye GIF Episode 39, Pikachu's Goodbye

In one of my favorite Pokemon episodes ever, Pikachu encounters a herd of his own species and we're consequently treated to a whole host of super cute (and some really, really emotional), GIF-able moments like the one above.

When a bunch of Pikachus get together, you know you're in for some devastatingly cute results, and that's exactly what the city of Yokohama in Japan is banking on when they host their third annual 'Pikachu Outbreak' from the 7th - 14th of August.

Outbreak Image Source

Basically, it's one giant week-long festival dedicated to the ever-popular electric rodent which features Pikachu parades, choreographed dancing Pikachus, and for the first time this year, something calling a 'Splash Show'.

Splash Show Pokemon Outbreak I want to go to there

The 'Outbreak' has - in previous years - been a huge success for the city, and according to The Asashi Shimbun, it's generated roughly $7.7 million USD in media exposure and brought in 3.43 million fans.

Pikachu Information Center Pokemon Outbreak Image Source

I don't know about your plans for August, but if the Pikachu Outbreak isn't on your agenda (or you aren't even remotely interested in going) you're doing life wrong.

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