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Five Figure Fridays - Figma Special

Figma has been capturing hearts of the fans since 2008 and now we are here to show you some of the best figma has to offer!

by rinkya
Jun 23, 2016 11:26 PM | 5,240 views

Figma Logo Rinkya
Beauty. Articulation. “The perfect marriage of accuracy and possibility”. That is figma. These are the guiding principles the figure juggernaut Max Factory adopted and followed in the creation of their acclaimed figma line which focuses on famous and popular anime characters. The series has evolved since 2008 when it was created by MAX Watanabe and Masaki Apsy. Now it includes the figures of video game characters, characters from the Japanese voice synthesizing software, Vocaloid and even some of real life people. Figma line featured some of the most amazing figures since its conception and we are here to show you some that would fit in any collection perfectly.

5. Kill la Kill Max Factory Figma Ryuko Matoi Figure

Kill la Kill Max Factory Figma Ryuko Matoi Figure Rinkya

Our figma series special opens with the figure of the main character Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill in her Kamui Senketsu form. This figure was released in September 2014 by Max Factory. Masaki Apsy sculpted this approximately 14,5 cm (approx. 5.7 inches) tall Ryuko figure. The figure is highly articulated thanks to its flexible figma body. In order to keep the proportions without sacrificing the posability a special form of flexible plastic was used in all key areas. The figure comes with a smiling expression and one with the clenched teeth and a shouting expression for fighting scenes. Both the standard form and the decapitation mode of Ryuko’s scissor blade are included with the figure. Plus, an articulated figma stand is also included! This completely pre-painted PVC and ABS figure can be yours for just around 19,000 yen (~ 174 US dollars).

4. Hunter x Hunter Figma Gon Freecss Figure

Hunter x Hunter Figma Gon Freecss Figure Rinkya

On our number 4 spot we have a figure of a rising Hunter - Gon Freecss. This figma figure from the acclaimed Hunter x Hunter series was released in May 2014. Once again the sculpting was done by Masaki Apsy who did a superb job with this 13 cm (5.07 inches) tall figure. This PVC and ABS non-scale posable figure comes with both a friendly smile expression and a determined shouting one. For this figure Max Factory included no less than eleven different hands parts - including the hands for the Gon’s special rock-paper-scissors technique. You will also get Gon’s signature backpack as well as two fishing rods. The glass of water is also included so you can recreate the water divination from the series. An articulated figma stand is also included. Get this figure of Gon in your collection for around 34,675 yen (~331 US dollars).

3. Black Rock Shooter The Game: BRS2035 Figma Figure

Black Rock Shooter The Game: BRS2035 Figma Figure Rinkya

Figma Rock-chan shoots her way onto our number four spot. This Figma version of Rock-chan is based on Black Rock Shooter: The Game. The figure was released in December 2011. Thanks to the special smooth yet poseable joints, this figure is capable of showing a myriad of different energetic poses - even her wings are fully posable! The sculptor Masaki Asai is the one we have to thank for this completely pre-painted ABS/PVC figure. Also of note are the incredible number of bonus attachments that come with Rock-chan including; a normal and a shouting face, both “Rock Cannon” and “Black Blade”, blue flames for her eye, and a stand. To own this “rocking’ 14 cm (5.46 inches) tall figure you will need around 35,000 yen (~300 US dollars).

2. Fate/Stay Night Figma Archer Figure

Fate/Stay Night Figma Archer Figure Rinkya

The next figure on our list is a Fate/Stay Night character - Rin Tohsaka's mysterious servant, Archer. The figure was released in August 2014. As with all figma figures it was released by Max Factory and distributed by Good Smile Company. Archer - standing 16 cm (~ 8.5 inches) tall - was sculpted by the accomplished sculptor Masaki Apsy. This completely pre-painted figure is made from ABS and PVC. With this figure you will also get an articulated figma stand, a shouting expression for combat reenactments and a standard expression. Archer also comes with his bow and Caladbolg II - a sword he uses as an arrow - as well as his dual blades Kanshou and Bakuya. To own this Archer figure you will have to pay up to 40,050 yen (~383 US dollars).

1. Kid Icarus Uprising Figma Pit Figure

Kid Icarus Uprising Figma Pit Figure Rinkya

The first place on our list belongs to the one and only, the main protagonist Kid Icarus Uprising – Pit. This figure of the captain of Palutena's royal bodyguards Pit was released in April 2014. This Pit figure was sculpted by Masaki Apsy. This is a pre-painted ABS and PVC articulated figure that is approximately 13.5 cm (approx. 5.31 inches) tall . It is held up by a special base that allows Pit to be posed as if he were floating in the air. Pit comes with a smiling expression and with a valiant and determined expression. He also comes with his weapon - Palutena’s Holy Bow - that comes in three different forms. Additional accessories include both a hand-part with a glove, and a halo. A Monoeye monster has also been included with this figure so you can pose Pit in the heat of the battle. Monoeyte’s eye can be moved left and right. To own this figure worthy of Pit himself you will have to pay up to around 79,475 yen (~758 US dollars).

Until next Friday dear readers, this was a list of five just amazing figma figures that will definitely make your figure collection stand out.

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