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Top 20 Best Sexy Ecchi Anime of All Time

Don't worry, we won't tell anyone what you were looking for! Let's take a look at some of the highest rated and most popular ecchi anime to date.

by llezur17
May 2, 3:15 AM | 76,161 views

Ecchi Anime Greatness Below!

ecchi anime Simple titillation or artful celebrations of sexuality? Who knows (we're leaning towards the former), but at least when you go into a series knowing it's an ecchi anime, there's less to complain about when fan-service rears its...sexy head.

The thing is, a lot of the shows featured below even have engaging storylines and really memorable characters! The best ecchi anime uses sex appeal intelligently to compliment the writing...and then again sometimes it's just mindless oppai fun.

For more of our most highly rated Ecchi Anime, as well as an overview of all the genre has to offer, check out our Ecchi genre page on MAL.

The Best of the Best Ecchi Anime


MAL Rated 7.44, Ranked #1753 | Aired Summer 2008 | Produced by Seven Arcs

The Sekirei girls ecchi
Sekirei are humanoid beings with extraordinary powers. In order to harness their full potential, they must kiss a special human and form a partnership with them. The protagonist is one of those special humans and since there's no limit to how many sexy Sekirei you can form a bond with, he decided to make himself a harem.

B Gata H Kei

MAL Rated 7.22, Ranked #2507 | Aired Spring 2010 | Produced by Hal Film Maker and TYO Animations

b gata h kei yamada on top of kosuda ecchi
Yamada will need to start with easier prey before fulfilling her dream of having steamy casual sex with a hundred men. She didn't know what she was getting herself into when she chose Kosuda as her target! As for Kosuda, he'd gladly do it if not for his extreme shyness always getting in the way. B Gata H Kei will surely make you cry of laughter as this inexperienced couple tries all possible ways to have each other's first time.

No Game No Life

MAL Rated 8.51, Ranked #97 | Aired Spring 2014 | Produced by Madhouse

no game no life Ecchi Anime
Welcome to Disboard! A world where every war, fight, conflict, or even a tiny squabble is settled by playing games. A gamer's paradise filled with 16 different races and a gaming god named Tet. For the legendary gamer siblings Sora and Shiro, mysteriously ending up in this world is not that bad at all. They're so relaxed about it all they even make plans to overthrow Tet and become the new gods of Disboard. So where's the ecchi part? Stephanie Dola, that's where.

Prison School

MAL Rated 8.10 Ranked #411 | Aired Summer 2015 | Produced by J.C. Staff

prison school character roster
Would you throw away your freedom for a chance to get surrounded by sexy high school girls? If yes, here's an ecchi anime for you. Prison School follows the life of the first five males enrolled in a previously all-girls school. After getting caught peeping in the girls' bath, they were imprisoned for a month in a special jail on the campus. This anime will make you cheer for these immoral perverts who find themselves, among other things, subjected to some pretty painful - yet sexy - fetishes.

High School DxD

MAL Rated 7.74, Ranked #949 | Aired Winter 2012 | Produced by TNK

high school dxd Ecchi Anime
Issei was asked out by a beautiful girl only to get brutally killed by her at the end of their date. As things seem to go dark for him, he is suddenly given a second chance by the sexy Rias Gremory who turns out to be a high class devil in disguise as the president of the Occult research Club. In addition to joining the club, Issei becomes her servant in exchange for the life she gave. Now he's spending his second life forcefully stripping girls' clothes and forming a harem consisting of Rias and the club members. How ecchi of him.

High School of the Dead

MAL Rated 7.52, Ranked #1482 | Aired Summer 2010 | Produced by Madhouse

high school of the dead ecchi anime
High School of the Dead is an anime that mixes sexuality with a zombie apocalypse scenario. It asks the tough question of whether it's worth constantly fighting zombies if you get to always be surrounded by ridiculously sexy high school girls.

Kiss X Sis

MAL Rated 7.14, Ranked #2811 | Aired Spring 2010 | Produced by feel.

kiss x sis loli Ecchi Anime
A story with two older step-sisters and an innocent little brother sounds oddly familiar. In Kiss X Sis, Ako and Riko get attracted to their brother in a sexual way. What happens next is, well, kind of obvious if you've ever seen a harem anime before.

Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven’s Lost Property)

MAL Rated 7.74, Ranked #960 | Aired Fall 2009 | Produced by AIC A.S.T.A

sora no otoshimono Ecchi Anime sexy
Sora no Otoshiomo focuses on Tomoki Sakurai, a perverted high school boy whose motto is "peace and quiet is the best". All things were normal in his life until one night a sexy angel fell from the sky and decided to be his servant. From then on, more girls arrive - and a lot of flying pantsu too; the best kind of ecchi.

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

MAL Rated 7.57, Ranked #1355 | Aired Summer 2015 | Produced by J.C. Staff

shimoneta Ecchi Anime sexy
In the world of Shimoneta, Japan has been sexually suppressed to the point that people don't know how to procreate. It's up to the main characters and their organization to spread ecchi knowledge to all the people and put a stop to the government's plan to make everyone in Japan chaste.

Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero)

MAL Rated 7.65, Ranked #1153 | Aired Summer 2006 | Produced by J.C. Staff

zero no tsukaima louise embarrassed whip
Zero no Tsukaima can be considered as one of the classics that popularized the concept of a 'harem' in ecchi anime. It's about Louise, a magician that can't use her powers effectively, and her familiar Saito, a normal Japanese boy. As the story progresses, Saito attracts more female characters to his harem and whenever Louise sees them, something will definitely explode.

Love Hina

MAL Rated 7.31, Ranked #2235 | Aired Spring 2010 | Produced by Production I.G. and Xebec

love hina Ecchi Anime sexy
Keitaro Urushima only wanted to fulfill his promise to a girl but he somehow ends up managing an all-girls dormitory. Watch this rom-com anime if you like interesting romantic developments filled with slapstick humor and a small dose of ecchi.

Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone

MAL Rated 6.77, Ranked #4183 | Aired Fall 2010 | Produced by feel.

yosuga no sora ecchi anime
Yosuga no Sora is based on an adult visual novel so all the girls in here have their own story with the protagonist. Filled with almost a sex scene every episode, rather than being an ecchi anime, it almost borders on hentai.

Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars!)

MAL Rated 8.65, Ranked #52 | Aired Spring 2015 | Produced by J.C. Staff

Shokugeki no Souma tentacle ecchi
You know that tingling sensation you feel when you eat something really delicious? Multiply it by ten and you call it foodgasm. That's what the dishes in this anime taste like. Filled with sexy girls and hot plates, hunger is something you can't find in this anime. Also, watch out for the senpai who likes to wear nothing but an apron. Mild on ecchi, heavy on food porn.

Air Gear

MAL Rated 7.72, Ranked #984 | Aired Spring 2006 | Produced by Toei Animation

air gear Ecchi Anime sexy
Air gear is a sports anime about motorized roller blades called Air Trek. The competition in this anime involves racing and fighting other Air Trek users on the streets. This anime contains ripped clothes scenes, panty shots, semi-naked breasts etc. The right amount of ecchi for a sports anime with sexy girls.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

MAL Rated 7.73, Ranked #975 | Aired Summer 2010 | Produced by GohHands

seitokai yakuindomo Ecchi Anime sexy
Seitokai Yakuindomo doesn't have that many scenes exposing flesh. What it has is a sack full of adult jokes shared with us by crazy girls in a student council.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

MAL Rated 7.81, Ranked #820 | Aired Fall 2010 | Produced by Gainax

Panty and stocking with garterbelt Ecchi Anime sexy
Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt are not just garments. They are the main characters of this show! The siblings Panty and Stocking are fallen angels that are forced to kill evil spirits to earn their way back to heaven while Garterbelt tells them who to kill. Panty is the main source of ecchi in this anime. She's obsessed with sex and had done it with random men in Daten city.

Strike the Blood

MAL Rated 7.47, Ranked #1657 | Aired Fall 2013 | Produced by Silver Link and Connect

strike the blood Ecchi Anime sexy
Proven to us not only by this anime but Hollywood films like Twilight, these blood sucking monsters called vampires are now sexy. This anime has ecchi scenes where the heroine would lose almost all her clothes just so the main character can suck her blood.


MAL Rated 7.25, Ranked #2420 | Aired Winter 2011 | Produced by A.C.G.T.

freezing Ecchi Anime sexy
Ridiculously strong girls ordered by wimpy masters, Freezing is like an adult version of Sekirei. You get to see sexy girls of different sizes fighting aliens and getting their clothes ripped up in the process.

Shinmai Maou no Testament (Testament of Sister New Devil)

MAL Rated 7.14, Ranked #2822 | Aired Winter 2015 | Produced by Production IMS

shinmai maou no testament Ecchi Anime sexy
Tojou Basara, the main character of this anime, received the biggest surprise of his life when his father suddenly left him with two sisters before disappearing overseas. It wasn't that bad until he found out that he's already living with a demon lord and a succubus.


MAL Rated 7.37, Ranked #2034 | Aired Spring 2008 | Produced by Xebec

to love-ru Ecchi Anime sexy
In this anime, groping breasts is another way of saying, "Will you marry me?". It's your typical harem show with a wuss for a main character and a variety of sexy girls wanting to have him for themselves. It's mindless entertainment and fun to watch especially for the solid ecchi moments.

Well, did these ecchi titles get your heart thumping and nose bleeding? Don't forget to check out our Ecchi genre page on MAL to help you find your next Ecchi anime fix!

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