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20 Food Plants from Toriko We Wish We Had in Our Backyards

There are many different flavors of bizarre in the anime Toriko, and plants are no exception! Bizarre? Check. Interesting? Check. Delicious? Absolutely! Here's a list of some plants that fans wish existed in real life!

by lmearriola
Dec 13, 2015 8:36 PM | 28,770 views

Toriko Food

Toriko is about a man named Toriko (surprise), a Gourmet Hunter who is constantly in search of rare ingredients to make incredibly delicious food and meals. The Earth is in the Gourmet Age where people are more aware of food and continually welcome new tastes that will tickle their palates. There are bizarre animals which offer different forms of delicious and then, of course, there are the plants. There is a vast variety of interesting plants in the series, but this list will cover the 20 most interesting. Enjoy!

Fruit Parlor Tree

Toriko Food Fruit Parlor Tree

This is a tree with hundreds of different types of fruit growing on its branches. What's more is that everything grows back right after you pick it. Fruit Parlor Tree? More like, Money Tree.


Toriko Food Caramelon

You guessed it. It's a tree that grows melon with caramel. Melons are good as they are, but naturally occurring caramel-like sauce is a different topic altogether. From its rinds to its insides, this melon is caramel-ly sweet!

Mushroom Pudding

Toriko Food Mushroom Pudding

Puddings are popular desserts in Japan. Well, we can't say we don't know why. Mushroom Pudding comes (or grows) in Chocolate or Strawberry flavor. Whichever variety is very much welcome in my backyard.

Marshmallow Pumpkins

Toriko Food Marshmallow Pumpkin

Perfect for Halloween, aren't they? Imagine the kids' delight when they shove a bite into their mouths and discover the honey-like sweetness and fluffiness of a Marshmallow Pumpkin which melts in your mouth! But, of course, these are not just for kids.


Toriko Food Soufflemon

Souffle-like insides, this lemon is the right mix of sweet and sour. The warm and fluffy texture of its insides gives the tongue a shot of excitement as it discovers the softness that the Soufflemon possesses.

Mooncake Tree

Toriko Food Mooncake Tree

Only on full moon, some leaves of this tree turn out to be naturally occurring mooncakes. Stand right under one when they open and be showered with sparkling sugar.


Toriko Food Karintapples

What's better than crunchy apples? Sweet and crunchy apples! But this one is not just sweet, it actually tastes like deep-fried dough cake. The tree from which these pastry-apples grow are called Karintou Trees.

Cotton Candy Tree

Toriko Food Cotton Candy Tree

The name is quite self-explanatory, isn't it? It's a tree with cotton candy as leaves! Different seasons will yield different leaves. And different leaves mean different flavors! But what's more extraordinary is people in the world of Toriko actually use it to fill mattresses.

Sakeyashi Fruit

Toriko Food Sakeyashi Fruit

Sake-lovers will surely love a tree that grows a Sake Fruit. Like real-world coconuts, these grow only in the tropical and subtropical areas of the Toriko world. But instead of the sweet juice from our coconuts, these have sweet alcohol inside them. People who consume alcohol from this fruit get drunk very fast.

Pancake Fruit

Toriko Food Pancake Fruit

Bring out the fork, we'll be having breakfast in the garden. No need to bring the syrup as the tree's sap is like a delicious syrup which complements the delicious Pancake Fruits.


Toriko Food Waflotuses

It's a waffle that floats! The cookies are actually leaves which grow on top of one another. The sweet filling is a nectar that can taste like strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate.

Rose Ham Flower

Toriko Food Rose Ham Flower

Want to be romantic with your man? While only a few men may enjoy being surprised with flowers, most will surely delight at the sight of a bouquet of Rose Ham Flowers. The perfect gift for your romantic and carnivorous man.

Bonbon Wood

Toriko Food Bonbon Wood

"Hello there, heavensville wonder. Take me on a chocolate vacation." - Squidward
Squidward would sure love a heavensville wonder source right in his backyard. Who else wants one?

Chips Tree

Toriko Food Chips Tree

It's the perfect snack for binge-watching a whole season (or whole series) of an anime. Just imagine having this tree within your reach. Unhealthy, sure, but at least you won't have to pay for a packet of air with some chips in it!


Toriko Food Cloverger

This is the only four-leaf clover I want. As leaves, Clovergers have two bread, one burger patty, and one cheese. In addition to that, this plant attracts the Butterfrys which are the perfect complement to Clovergers.

Confectionery Tree

Toriko Food Confectionery Tree

Or, as I call it, the Diabetes Tree. The leaves are actually pastries that change in accordance to the changing seasons. According to rumors, it has more than 100 million types of pastries! If I should die right now, let it be death by diabetes.

Leafburg Steak Tree

Toriko Food Leafburg Steak Tree

Juicy and delicious hamburg steaks grow as leaves from this tree. Not only that, but they are already piping hot, ready to be served!

Ham and Eggrass Plant

Toriko Food Ham and Eggrass Plant

It's just like your ordinary plant before sunrise. But when the rays of the morning sun hits them, the leaves open to the perfect breakfast combo. It's already cooked so no more waiting time... just eating time.

Bacon Leaf

Toriko Food Bacon Leaf

Vegetarians rejoice for you can have a taste of the delicious meat that mankind can't get enough of - bacon! You can eat it raw, grill it, or wrap it around other food. It has the saltiness of bacon, but is most definitely a vegetable.

Lily of the Ramen

Toriko Food Lily of the Ramen

Important notice to broke college students: You no longer need to buy ramen packets! This is the ultimate ramen, complete with noodles, broth, dried seaweed, and toppings galore!

If only these were real! I'd obtain one of each kind and plant them all in my backyard. Health issues? Well, plants=organic=healthy... right? Logic people!

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