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20 Manly Quotes from Beelzebub

Beelzebub follows the adventures of Oga Tatsumi, the strongest juvenile delinquent at Ishiyama High School, who has been chosen to raise the son of the Demon King. Here are some quotes from Oga Tatsumi teaching Baby Beel a thing or two about manhood!

by Ai_Sakura
Dec 7, 2015 9:02 PM | 25,490 views

“A man shouldn’t go crying like that. People’ll think you’re weak.” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 1

“To be the parent of the Demon requires being strong, brutal, and having brains!” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 2

“I ain’t lettin’ you set even one foot past here.” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 3

“The tougher it gets, the less a man should cry. Do you know why? Because tears wash away the pain and suffering. But those emotions become weapons when you truly need them.” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 4

“I won’t punch people! I won’t make them grovel before me! Thus, I will be what people call a super nice guy!” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 5

“Watching your friends get done in without doing something? That’s not being a man at all!” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 6

“Let’s do this ‘studyin’ for a test thing.” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 7

“When you want to cry, laugh it off! That’s what being a man is, got it?” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 8

“Men are all about guts!” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 9

“Listen up, Baby Beel. When a man makes up his mind, he never ever changes it! You understand?” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 10

“Whoever gets the best marks on this assessment test will have the perfect combination of brawn, brutality, and brains!” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 11

“I’m the only one who can deal with this guy.” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 12

“A man can’t go crying so easily. Plus, you're a Demon Lord!” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 13

“Baby Beel, real men don’t cry ‘cause of a little pain! Show it! The pride of the Demon King’s heir.” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 14

“A man must follow through on something once he decides it.” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 15

“Listen, Baby Beel… You can’t break a man’s promise!” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 16

“It’s just not manly! If you got somethin’ you wanna say, then say it loud and clear!” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 17

“Whether he comes back to me, or sticks to you… That’s… something he’ll decide for himself.” - Oga Tatsumi

Beelzebub Quotes - 18


“I will be his horse and let Beel-chan feel what it’s like to be a king! Now, Beel-chan, on to my back!” - Oga's father

Beelzebub Quotes - 19

“Look at this, Beel-chan! This is a man’s secret weapon, the sliding grovel!”

- Oga's father

Beelzebub Quotes - 20

Those are the 20 Manly Quotes from Beelzebub!

To get more hilarious and/or inspiring manly quotes, and if you just can't get enough of Baby Beel’s cuteness, be sure to watch the series for yourself!

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