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20 Hilarious Dengeki Daisy Manga Quotes

Dengeki Daisy is a unique shoujo manga with a complex, heart-warming story, as well as a ton of comedy! Need a quick laugh? This list of 20 of the funniest quotes from the manga will surely do the trick!

by Camelot3
Nov 29, 2015 10:24 PM | 23,813 views

Dengeki Daisy

Get ready to laugh your heart out...

Dengeki Daisy Tasuku Kurosaki

Tasuku's facial expression, his cool smoking pose, and his blunt words are what make this hilarious. It's even funnier since it's an indirect insult to Teru who's sensitive about her chest!

Dengeki Daisy Teru Kurebayashi

To maintain a scholarship, Teru studies very hard... so hard sometimes that she gets nosebleeds! I guess poor students like Teru will do whatever it takes to maintain a scholarship.

Dengeki Daisy Riko Onizuka

Riko treats Tasuku like her little brother and comes up with funny, sassy comments all the time. She also throws a few more physical punches...

Dengeki Daisy Tasuku and Teru

One of Tasuku's famous, most-used lines in the manga series. He says he doesn't like it when Teru shows her navel! But his blush suggests that he likes it a bit too much.

Dengeki Daisy Teru

Don't worry, Tasuku only had his shirt off. Nothing special. But it apparently hit a nerve with poor Teru as she stormed out of the room (leaving behind a few curse words for Tasuku to enjoy).

Dengeki Daisy Tasuku

Gotta love Kurosaki's short temper. His strength shown throughout the series also proves he has the moves to back up his threats. Careful, Takeda!

Dengeki Daisy Teru Kurebayashi and Tasuku Kurosaki

Teru feeling (godly) proud that she was able to quiet Kurosaki with a lie. She's definitely soaking in her glory!

Dengeki Daisy Souichirou Kurebayashi

“Breasts are evil!” Souichirou is famous for this type of crazy outburst. Anything that went against his sister, Teru, was evil to him.

Dengeki Daisy Riko

Let's just say that Riko's bad side is off limits!

Dengeki Daisy Kurosaki Tasuku

Tasuku is extremely sensitive. Teru does not understand that term.

Dengeki Daisy Kazumasa "Andy" Andou

Andy is the Dengeki Daisy resident masochist, as you can see. You can probably take a wild guess and say that most (or all) of the males in Dengeki Daisy are pervs in their own way.

Dengeki Daisy Kurebayashi Teru

All ramen lovers have a ramen switch, Teru!

Dengeki Daisy Tasuku

This quote + Tasuku's expression = priceless!

Dengeki Daisy Souichirou

He's not a pervert! Souichirou is just a loving, devoted brother... right?

Dengeki Daisy Teru 2

Meet Teru, the tightie-whitie wearer who weeds.

Dengeki Daisy Tasuku 2

It's okay, Tasuku. It's normal to want to hide in a hole when you're embarrassed!

Dengeki Daisy Riko and Souichirou

Like I said before... you don't want to get on Riko's bad side!

Dengeki Daisy Tasuku and Souichirou

Tasuku, it's strange that you'd know that fact... Gotta love Souichirou's reaction, though!

Dengeki Daisy Kurosaki and Teru

Teru tells Kurosaki she has beige undies, not just white ones. Thatta girl!

Dengeki Daisy Teru and Anthra

"Scrubbing brush" is the best insult for any evil guy with shaggy hair. Nice one, Teru!

Although Dengeki Daisy isn't an anime (yet), it's a completed manga series. If you love unique, complex plots and lovable characters in manga, then go read it already! If you don't, Tasuku might come after you...

Dengeki Daisy Kurosaki

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