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Tales of Zestiria: A New JRPG Game

The newest Tales of Zestiria game from Namco Bandai promises to please both Tales series and anime fans alike. Find out more about this new game that aims to bring an anime style adventure to Japanese RPG enthusiasts.

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Nov 27, 2015 12:23 AM | 12,088 views

Tales of Zestiria Mikleo & Sorey
Around a year ago, a TV special was released and titled Tales of Zestiria: Doushi no Yoake (Dawn of the Shepherd).Its goal was to promote an upcoming Japanese role-playing game from Namco Bandai of the same name, the successor to the Tales series. It is a successor to the Tales series. The one-shot caught a lot of people's attention and even inspired rumors of a Tales of Zestiria anime in the works. While we can't totally dismiss or believe the rumors, you can find out what happens to Sorey by playing the video game, controlling Sorey and his companions.
Tales of Zestiria Alisha Diphda & Sorey
Tales games have a style similar to Final Fantasy where each game has a different story and world. Tales of Zestiria feels mystical and hopes to immerse you in its fantasy setting from the start. Sorey is an orphan raised by Seraphim, a legendary race that watches over the world. With a looming evil threatening to overtake the world, the Seraphim believe Sorey to be the likely candidate to become the savior of the world known as the Shepherd. Accompanied by his Seraph "brother" Mikleo and the knight Alisha, they set forth and journey to meet new friends, enemies and figure out a way to stop the darkness around the world.

Game Features

Tales of Zestiria Sorey
The game has features similar to that of a typical JRPG game and is very similar to a lot of other Tales games. It features a non-linear and somewhat open-world ready for exploration and filled with monsters, dungeons and quests. Combat is similar to that of previous Tales games where fights are more action oriented and you can command your party while the fight is going on. RPG fans will like the depth the skill (Artes) system which allows one to chain combos and magic. The deep system also allows crafting and alchemy.
Tales of Zestiria Edna, Mikleo, Alisha Diphda & Sorey
Unlike previous Tales games, it pays to have equipment and set-ups ready before fights. Any item can be customized and set for different strengths and advantages. You'll often buy and search for mundane equipment because they're necessary for upgrades towards better stuff. Aside from this the game features a few interesting characters like the soldier-assassin Rose and the royalty Alisha. The game really goes over the top to show its anime inspiration and you'll feel like the game really caters to young adult anime fans.
Tales of Zestiria Sorey, Mikleo & Alisha Diphda

Reviews have been good for the game, with popular gaming sites rating Tales of Zestiria good enough to set it apart from predecessors and other JRPGs on the market. Fans and gamers also like the story and the depth of the system, giving it good reviews on websites overall. If you're an anime fan and have a PC, Playstation 3 or 4, then you should give this game a try.

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