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MAL Updater 2.96 - Anime/Manga tracker
MAL Updater 2.96 - Anime/Manga tracker
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Created by Kotori
28,768 May 20, 7:00 AM
Yesterday, 12:38 PM
Recommendation Club
Recommendation Club
A place where you can chat, ask for anime and manga recommendations, vote in polls, play games, and much more.
Created by hailacdc
17,445 May 21, 6:00 PM
by blob
4 hours ago
Hatsune Miku - the Goddess ~FanClub~
Hatsune Miku - the Goddess ~FanClub~
Ojou-sama, we love you!
Created by MeitDeist
16,108 Mar 8, 2:21 PM
by AccntKiller
Aug 11, 2016 5:18 AM
~Monia Café~
~Monia Café~
The Most Friendly Place In MAL :3
Created by SweetMonia
13,278 5 hours ago
by H1r0gen
1 hour ago
Slice of Life Club
Slice of Life Club
A club for fans of the wonderful slice of life genre. COME IN AND HELP US REVIVE THE CLUB!
Created by Usagi
12,818 Yesterday, 12:53 AM
by Mexiguy
4 hours ago
Ecchi Squad
Ecchi Squad
Ecchi, Ecchi, Ecchi and more Ecchi ^_^
Created by Sayed
10,160 May 15, 11:57 PM
by OneArmedBandit
May 6, 1:26 AM
How to Watch Anime
How to Watch Anime
Recommend, Watch and Enjoy!
Created by Dr_Jan_Itor
9,329 May 19, 12:17 AM
by Shiroe111
May 19, 10:57 AM
One Piece
One Piece
► Did you know there's an awesome treasure hidden at the end of the sea? Anyone who finds it will be King of the Pirates! There are incredible adventures just waiting for you! Have the courage, set sail and believe, join our club and you might find it~
Created by Alipio
9,213 May 24, 3:38 PM
by imperlast
Yesterday, 9:00 AM
Harem&Ecchi Club
Harem&Ecchi Club
Love Harem&Ecchi? Want to find more awesome anime? Look no further!..As this is...The Harem&Ecchi Club!! We also offer some pretty cool Ecchi Cards!♥♥
Created by animekanji
9,193 27 minutes ago
by Deknijff
8 hours ago
Namine's Café
Namine's Café
The little corner café of MAL: make friends, play in our massive anime comps, discuss anime or any topic, join our Steam & Osu Groups, play games, get cards, chat on Skype/Discord, read the Cafe LN, and generally do what you want
Created by 0namine1
9,177 11 hours ago
by DanilloMartins
37 minutes ago
Spring 2017 ANIME
Spring 2017 ANIME
A club dedicated to the currently airing anime season: Spring 2017. Discuss, chat and hang with us.
Created by TrOjAnHoRsE
9,022 4 hours ago
by tsubasalover
Yesterday, 1:04 PM
Shishio's Custom Lists & Profiles ~ New Koe no Katachi layout!
Shishio's Custom Lists & Profiles ~ New Koe no Katachi layout!
Customize your lists, profile, desktop and more with your favorite anime! Premade layouts and tutorials make CSS, BBcode, and even Photoshop easy. Show off your designs after! Any skill level is welcome. We also host member cards and contests.
Created by Shishio-kun
8,973 5 hours ago
by Shirou-Mathers
29 minutes ago
Ecchi/Harem - Girl of the Month May [Odd Girls] Final Round
Ecchi/Harem - Girl of the Month May [Odd Girls] Final Round
If you're not a baller on a budget, yet you're a pimp on a prepaid plan, then this club is for you.
Created by Cequal
8,867 Yesterday, 6:25 PM
1 hour ago
Poland Club
Poland Club
Club for people from Poland. Okay, we're nice, but we like it polish, seriously.
Created by Deithwen
8,600 2 hours ago
by Szczawiu
May 23, 3:53 PM
"Not Yet Aired" Club
We care for NYA anime!! Join us to find out what are the upcoming titles for the following seasons~
Created by ZerOne01
8,333 May 7, 7:44 PM
by Numi
Apr 21, 8:35 PM
Club for fans of Clannad!
Created by Tsumi-tan
7,580 May 8, 3:29 PM
by Subpyro
Mar 22, 6:48 AM
Naruto Club
Naruto Club
Fanclub dedicated to subbed/dubbed Naruto anime and Manga. Open for all Naruto lovers.
Created by Ritsuka
7,284 May 19, 5:42 AM
by goran1989
Apr 27, 6:59 PM
Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion
Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion
Show Your Support for the Rebellion!! The all-new updated one!~
Created by Xalengurth
7,282 Jan 16, 5:52 AM
by LittleStar
Jan 25, 8:15 PM
Tsundere Club
Tsundere Club
Club dedicated to the beauty, along with other attractive traits of tsundere girls. Discuss and participate in identifying the characterstics of tsundere in certain characters.
Created by url_elf
7,052 Mar 23, 11:34 AM
by Chloe-tsundere
May 16, 6:08 PM is an extension of your profile, showing you various information about your anime and manga.
Created by Deividas
6,451 May 24, 4:42 AM
by Nekomimi_Megane
May 24, 5:54 AM
The official fanclub for the K-ON! anime/manga.
Created by Fabrice
6,445 Nov 28, 2016 4:49 AM
by Dodecahedron-O24
Apr 23, 4:54 PM
Bem-vindos ao Brasil \ Brazil. Ponto de encontro para todos os brasileiros do MAL.
Created by estevam
5,755 Yesterday, 8:09 AM
by Mrs_Pazzini
6 hours ago
Angel Beats!
Angel Beats!
Mixed media project originally conceived by Jun Maeda with original character design by Na-Ga from Key
Created by Fabrice
5,655 Feb 14, 4:25 PM
by Mikoto_Suzuhara
Apr 19, 12:58 PM
Bleach Fanclub
Bleach Fanclub
For All who love Bleach! Anime / Manga / Subbed / Dubbed!
Created by DarkFusion
5,345 May 17, 7:48 PM
by julipr
Apr 16, 8:28 PM
BL Obsession
BL Obsession
BL Obsession!! Everything about BL!
Created by pupsia
5,228 Mar 28, 4:07 PM
by RandallVil
Jan 23, 2013 1:09 PM
Chill Club
Chill Club
Are you tired of all the raging idiots around you? Come and chill in our club~
Created by Uncrowned_King
5,175 May 19, 12:18 AM
by Shiroe111
Yesterday, 1:15 PM
【Anime Guild】- Spring 2017 ED Contest Started
【Anime Guild】- Spring 2017 ED Contest Started
The Anime Guild is a club that provides a quality experience through the currently airing season. We offer seasonal competitions, a discussion thread, a review section, and an active Discord group, If you are looking for a new club, why not us?
Created by LMDFY
5,008 1 hour ago
by HaXXspetten
48 minutes ago
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam
A club dedicated to the number one anime metaseries, celebrating 30 years of Gundam!
Created by Takuya-kun
5,002 May 8, 8:35 AM
by Sazanami-Kai
Apr 15, 1:58 PM
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
A Fan Club for those who like Fairy Tail Anime and Manga Series.
Created by jackdevils
4,978 May 22, 7:20 AM
by skaithewolf
May 24, 11:13 PM
Anime Paradise Club (A.P.C.)
Anime Paradise Club (A.P.C.)
A friendly place for people that can chat about anime, manga, and characters! Everyone is welcome! ^.^
Created by Vert
4,937 8 minutes ago
by F4inT
8 hours ago
Monster Girls
Monster Girls
We that love monster girls.
Created by Hollow90
4,931 May 24, 7:46 PM
by dcw2021
Yesterday, 9:43 AM
Female Badass!
Female Badass!
Females are usually relegated to the background as the damsel in distress. This club is dedicated to the females who take things in their own hands, and basically are badass!
Created by hastij04
4,832 Aug 11, 2016 6:33 AM
by ItsFapTime
Apr 28, 2:20 AM
♥ Ecchi & Hentai ~♥~ Lovers ♥
♥ Ecchi & Hentai ~♥~ Lovers ♥
A club for people who like/love ecchi and/or hentai ^_^
Created by sakarji
4,751 May 21, 4:56 PM
by elkensteyin
Yesterday, 10:00 AM
We're back and with a new season of Gintama! Share your love, even when you don't have anything to share you can just have fun instead because this IS Yorozuya!!
Created by Valuna
4,573 May 11, 11:36 AM
by Woraken
Feb 7, 5:56 PM
Dedicated to the talented world of seiyuu, aka voice actors! MAL's largest and active seiyuu fan club! JOIN US!
Created by skuj
4,470 Yesterday, 5:07 PM
by skuj
May 14, 4:33 PM
Neko-Mimi Lovers
Neko-Mimi Lovers
A club for anyone who likes Neko-Mimi AND other kemonomimi.
Created by sakura421
4,390 Feb 14, 10:29 AM
by AnimesIveseen
Feb 11, 2016 10:01 AM
Autumn 2015 Anime Group
Autumn 2015 Anime Group
A club for the current anime season. Active for over 8 years!
Created by atlantiza
4,373 Mar 21, 5:17 AM
by Pessoa
Sep 28, 2015 7:01 AM
~ Shoujo-Ai & Yuri ~
~ Shoujo-Ai & Yuri ~
For all shoujo-ai and yuri fans!
Created by Evadoll
4,280 Apr 12, 8:04 PM
by Yangbojian
May 8, 3:56 AM
-Accumulative Claim- [DEAD]
-Accumulative Claim- [DEAD]
Came to a claim club only to find all your favorite characters are taken? This is the club for you! No "One-Time Claim" rule! More details within! -AC-
Created by KasaraEm13
4,243 Nov 21, 2014 9:25 PM
by WildShadow1989
Aug 14, 2013 12:34 AM
Shinra Inc.
Shinra Inc.
A club for all the fans of Shinra, the Turks, Soldiers and Final Fantasy VII in general.
Created by MikariStar
4,192 Jul 4, 2015 6:47 AM
by Gokudo-kun
Dec 19, 2016 7:43 PM
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! FC
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! FC
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! FC toddler. Just turned 2 month ago.
Created by ainthemix
4,136 Nov 26, 2016 10:02 AM
by EusTass-Amino
May 9, 2015 7:56 PM
Death Note
Death Note
A club for all Death Note fans.
Created by Desert_Punk
4,113 May 2, 7:17 AM
by drowningsara
May 10, 9:27 AM
Monogatari Series
Monogatari Series
For fans of the Anime and the Light Novel series!
Created by Fabrice
4,099 3 hours ago
by Loxiney
Jan 17, 3:08 PM
russian animefans!
russian animefans!
об аниме по-русски!
Created by teatree
4,091 May 21, 3:04 PM
by abdul-pasha19
May 18, 7:10 AM
Sword Art Online
4,070 May 17, 11:43 AM
by Lobke
May 20, 6:43 PM
~ Ecchi 4ever ~
~ Ecchi 4ever ~
The Ecchi / Romance / Harem / Hentai Community!
Created by Admiral_AnimE
4,042 Apr 25, 8:52 PM
by Cyune
May 15, 4:06 AM
Music Addicts
Music Addicts
♪ ♫ A club for all fans of music, Anime-related or not. ♪ ♫
Created by cyruz
4,016 Mar 14, 4:41 PM
by Temporarity
Mar 14, 4:44 PM
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu
A Club for fans of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Created by Victis_Honor
3,996 Mar 18, 7:57 AM
by TheBigGuy
Apr 16, 6:40 PM
Yukiyo Club♥  (YC)
Yukiyo Club♥ (YC)
For those who yearn for the romance in anime :)
Created by Shinino
3,903 Mar 16, 12:02 PM
by euodeiomelol
33 minutes ago
Kuroko no Basket FC
Kuroko no Basket FC
A club dedicated to anime & manga Kuroko no Basket
Created by Kyo-
3,786 Jan 4, 2016 6:35 AM
by DominateOne
Feb 19, 7:59 AM