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Killuan | Aug 30, 8:57 PM
I don't have that figure, but I do have the Fate one that pairs with it.

WrongPriest | Aug 30, 3:06 PM
Buster shoooooot~

rakusu_klein | Aug 30, 4:33 AM
Bought a new figure \o/ No Feito, but still Nanoha <3

Killuan | Aug 24, 10:03 PM
Seemed like the right time for it.

Jannabella | Aug 24, 5:17 PM
lewd ?

Killuan | Aug 24, 4:08 PM
Fate lookin fine. So lewd. :3

Smokie- | Aug 24, 7:30 AM


Fateism | Jul 10, 10:30 AM
I see. Well, I'm going to try and keep an open-mind and see if I like it, but yeah, I'll be extremely disappointed if Fate (or Nanoha) gets nothing but a few mentions.

WrongPriest | Jul 10, 3:04 AM
Nah I think it's a sequel... Just under strange circumstances.

Fateism | Jul 10, 12:23 AM
Is this suppose to be another spinoff or something? How odd.

Killuan | Jul 9, 1:10 PM
They're going to have to pry that last coin out of my cold, dead fingers...Because I'm not giving them anything without a Fate appearance. Not even the satisfaction of watching it for free.

Fate-Testarossa | Jul 8, 10:18 PM
It still hurts knowing our lovely Fate and Nanoha won't be there. At the very least, I hope the show will have at a few mentions of the two.

I guess I sound like (and maybe am) a "genwunner" when it comes to MGLN.

WrongPriest | Jul 8, 7:02 AM
I've calmed down now. Nanoha and Fate might not be there but at least it's back to 7 Arcs and not A-1.

Thoughts on the girl

WrongPriest | Jul 7, 11:34 PM
Thx @TYxTxYT

How to try and pry every last coin by skinning a franchise.

Jannabella | May 25, 6:05 PM

Killuan | May 25, 9:56 AM
I have more, but "more new" is a different story. Especially ones of a high quality. :(

Jannabella | May 23, 10:52 PM
Liar I know you Fate people have more :p

You just greedy and don't wanna share xd

WrongPriest | May 23, 10:34 PM
If we had more we'd give it >.<

Jannabella | May 23, 10:20 PM
More pls

Killuan | May 23, 9:56 PM
It's been awhile, but I feel this image is worthy enough to res the club.


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