Progress Tracking for AWC/MRC clubs [PTC]'s Comments

SheyCroix | Sep 1, 2:19 PM
I'm glad you find this of help.
No, there's no need to announce or anything. Just make sure to make the most of your thread =)

CMYK | Sep 1, 1:07 PM
Woah, it's like having a closet to store all our junk in lol good idea!
Not sure if we're supposed to announce before creating a thread, but ah well thanks for making a space for this @SheyCroix

Aeradae | May 13, 9:36 PM
Made an anime challenge tracking spreadsheet thread for anyone that is interested :)

SheyCroix | May 1, 8:54 AM
Sure, as long as you do keep track of those for the clubs and keep them all in one thread.

KonoDioDakeda | Apr 30, 5:34 PM
Hello o/ @SheyCroix
I was wondering if I was allowed to keep track of all the challenges I'm in even if some are not in AWC and MRC.

TEMPEST_RIMURU | Apr 26, 6:25 AM

Aeradae | Apr 25, 7:07 PM

Click on 'See All' in the Club Discussion. At the top left you will see a button called 'Create New Topic' - this will allow you to create your own discussion topic. From there you can arrange it however you'd like; browsing some of the already created ones might give you some ideas on how you want to set it up.

TuryuriOwO | Apr 25, 6:58 PM
Can you make a progress club discussion for me? How does it work?

SheyCroix | Apr 25, 6:35 AM
@Aeradae that sounds awesome, we can make a sticky post here and share those kinds of sheets, for those interested and with questions about them

FoxPerks | Apr 24, 8:51 AM

Aeradae | Apr 24, 8:28 AM
Great idea, Shey!

I'm pretty good with spreadsheets if people like keeping track that way before making their challenge posts, so if anyone wants some help with that feel free to message me ^^

Rinarin | Apr 24, 6:46 AM

Yuki-Chan276 | Apr 24, 2:51 AM
Time to stalk

SheyCroix | Apr 23, 5:43 PM
First day. Just came with the idea and club was created. BAM! =D