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AnimeCreed | May 31, 12:32 AM
Suck you have leave but i understand hope everything works out for your life and your leave is not permanently...you will be missed Atsuma~

SukiiFu | May 30, 9:37 PM
Sad to hear that, even though we haven’t talk much, but I like your work, & see your friendly replies, I hope everything work fine with your real life, & your leave won’t be permanent.
Know that you will be missed.

Maou-FairyKing | May 30, 12:31 AM

@Kamui1423_Atsuma: Bye bye King of Darkness~

Chromathic | May 28, 4:50 PM
Well take care Atsuma ^^ we will miss you.

TheBigGuy | May 28, 1:56 PM
We'll miss you, Atsuma.

Kamui1423_Atsuma | May 28, 1:06 PM
I'm really sorry but due to some personal issues, I won't be able to continue being a layout maker. I truly apologize and I wanted to let you all know that I would be leaving MAL soon, due to said personal issues. Thanks for all your help, everyone!

Chromathic | May 26, 2:17 PM
@aa-dono Why is suprising? :0

aa-dono | May 26, 10:27 AM
That's... surprising o.o

Chromathic | May 24, 4:53 PM
I just saw "Kill This Love" in the information part lul *-* :3

AnimeCreed | May 22, 4:02 PM
So far i got a B- and a B+
The latest it will be this weekend...oh wow thats so long lol
Nice nice i have chilling with friends and going to a graduation party this weekend
Any plan for the summer?

TheBigGuy | May 18, 2:31 PM

The latter. The loli witch mayor of the MC's village randomly appears sometimes and her antics are rather annoying than funny.

I see. That's a real predicament.

Chromathic | May 18, 11:19 AM
@Kamui1423_Atsuma Yeah im just sleeping and reading, yeah my days gonna get better recently im really sick and im just trying to get better because i have high fever because i overforce myself in the job and bam got sick and im just in the bed sleeping like a potato, glad to know that you are good.

Kamui1423_Atsuma | May 18, 9:14 AM
A bit hit and miss? Meaning, it isn't that good? Or does the comedy falls flat sometimes?

I do... apparently, the only effective Evil Imouto repellant I've seen are exams.... and I don't have until next month T_T

That's good! How was it?
When will you get your results? I won't get mine until July
Nothing to be honest, I have a birthday party to attend today, so looking forward to that. And then, in the afternoon, I have a family friend gathering so, not looking forward to that.
You? Now that you're done, what do you have planned?

God, whenever I type your name, I always write "chromatic" for some reason
Yes, I can but I have assignments and that's annoying :/
Heh, well good luck with your next semester! and enjoy your two weeks remaining
Well, I hope you get better :D
I'm good! What about you?

Chromathic | May 16, 9:18 AM
@Kamui1423_Atsuma Yaaas :D now you can chill. I start the next semester in two weeks lul and im having bad days, and im trying to be good. And how are you? ^^ :3

AnimeCreed | May 15, 9:32 PM
I'm done :D
Gotta wait for the results..
Ty <3
Whats up?

TheBigGuy | May 15, 4:09 PM

TheBigGuy | May 15, 4:07 PM

I see. I'm enjoying it so far, but the comedy is a bit hit and miss.

Then you need more Evil Imouto repellent.

Kamui1423_Atsuma | May 15, 2:01 PM
Thanks, chrome!
Ooh, sushi roll is new :)
Lol, I'm hungry!
That's good! You must've learned a lot :D
I'm done finally. Now, I'm so stress free

Ooh, that's on my to read list
I know; I'm afraid of what she will do when I'm finally free

How was it to memorize? Tough?
That's good!

Yungboi | May 13, 2:34 PM
@Kamui1423_Atsuma its aight. ive been busy as well because i had to memorize a whole speech in 5 days. it went well though.

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