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inim | 2 hours ago
> @Deividas | Yesterday, 5:10 PM
> Nah, it's not related. They blocked us like a week ago, cert was still valid.
Uh oh, the word "blocked" frightens me a bit because it has that intentional ring to it.
I consider the incentive systems with badges (graph, mal-badges) to be an integral part of a modern anime DB, all MAL competitors offer it in some form and shape. I really hope that the MAL team aims to tighten integration with GRAPH, and not to remove a valuable feature.

proximo | Yesterday, 5:03 PM

proximo | 6 seconds ago
"Bur surely the "Queue is disabled" is more than clear."

Yes, you would imagine I would pick up on that. In my defense, b/c it hasn't been a MAL-wide issue, tho it may be now, that's why I question it and who is having the issue ( me, MAL, Graph )
and it looks like MAL has been doing some upgrading based upon the COMMENT box; it's a little different today than yesterday.

Well consider me greased! I expect periodic communication when shit aint runnin' right. I am the Noob of noobs when it comes to computer related things. Doesn't need to be elaborate and you provided it, thank you. MAL staff doesn't do that, ever.
I didn't grow up w/ computers. Hell all of us kids were amazed when the kid next door got a digital watch for his birthday. Some of your parents weren't born yet when that happened. But I get it, you get used to a certain level of intelligence and communicate to that level. Just keep in the back of your head that some of us are not at your level. .
As far as you being a woman, I should have known based upon your name: EMPERATRIX I do apologize for my incorrect assumptions.

Thank you both.

I do love GRAPH.

Preetam_Ghosh | Yesterday, 9:40 AM
Will it be up and running anytime soon? I really hope it does :(

Deividas | Yesterday, 8:10 AM
Nah, it's not related. They blocked us like a week ago, cert was still valid.

Nekomimi_Megane | Yesterday, 6:57 AM
@CyndNinja: are you for real XD

CyndNinja | Yesterday, 6:26 AM

My PC clock is 0.2s ahead according to

May having a dated certificate be the cause of MAL blacklisting you?

CyndNinja | Yesterday, 6:20 AM
By the way, it seems that Firefox has some issues with your certificate.

Tythesly | Yesterday, 2:54 AM
I wonder how many people think you guys are MAL staff. Obviously you guys have no control over the situation and are just as frustrated as everybody else. Everyone needs to take a chill pill and just wait the issue out lol

EMPERATRIX | Yesterday, 12:54 AM
And, ah — for reference, I am a woman. n.n Though I guess my profile picture is a little misleading, eh.

EMPERATRIX | Yesterday, 12:52 AM
If using a bit of coarse language makes me harsh, @Puchkov, then yes, fine, that was a little harsh. You must understand however that the situation is frustrating on both ends.

That being said, yes. The only thing we can do is wait for the database administrators to unmurk whatever's up.

As for @proximo: you are indeed a squeaky wheel. Either way, I apologize if my colleagues seemed a little vague; we usually assume familiarity with the internet in our users and they probably didn't think it necessary to elaborate. A 403 Forbidden Error means that you (or in this case, the graph itself) doesn't have the necessary permissions required to access a file or resource — in this case, MAL's DB. We're being locked out of the house we're renting, as it were.

As for why this is happening, we can only speculate. My own guess is that there's some misconfiguration somewhere and MAL's admins are trying to comb through and right it, though it's just as possible they locked everything intentionally and there's more to the situation they're not saying.

Hope this satisfies all your questions. :]

svefnpurka | May 26, 9:00 PM

Bur surely the "Queue is disabled" is more than clear.

proximo | May 26, 6:55 PM
That was THE most anyone has said regarding the issue w/ Graph and MAL.

I don't know what 403 FORBIDDEN means and i don't care. All I know is Graph is not working for a lot of members and NO ONE was responding to anyone whether here or from MAL. b/c the only fixit published was to make your list public and everyone who was complaining stated that their lists were public, did not know if 403 meant MAL, GRAPH or the individual member was the cause of the problem. And no one at Graph or MAL would say anything.
Have you ever heard the phrase, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease"? Consider me the squeaky wheel. Emperatrix responded, a bit harsh but he responded ... finally someone did. And he explained it quite eloquently so that even i could understand that it is a MAL problem. Was that too hard?

Puchkov | May 26, 7:04 AM
@EMPERATRIX: Loved that comment; a little bit harsh, however if fits perfectly our reality. We don't have any control on why was blocked.

I hope MAL DBAs can fix this issue soon!

EMPERATRIX | May 26, 3:02 AM
Alright, first things first: the "lists must be public" refers to a very different issue people claim on occasion, which is indeed caused by the fact that they are trying to log themselves on the graph, under normal circumstances, while their lists are set to private.

The "wait an hour" bit refers to those times when an user has been removed from the graph and they are logging themselves again for the first time.

Re: what is happening currently...folks, the graph is NOT affiliated with MAL in any capacity. We are a third-party, free extension. We have no clue what the fuck is going on with MAL any more than you do. There's no insider info.

In all likelihood, the issue will only be fixed when whatever is wrong on MAL's end is fixed.

svefnpurka | May 25, 9:59 PM
@proximo the site clearly says:

"Queue is disabled because our server is getting "403 Forbidden" error and can't access MAL."

proximo | May 25, 7:35 PM
"To anyone who has an issue with the graph not updating properly: just wait an hour and update again."

This is not working as it has been three days and I cannot update anymore.
The SUPPORT thread basically tells us we need to have our lists public and all respondents have clearly stated, to include myself, that our lists are public.
So what is going on? No one here has had any useful guidance and MAL reps have had only one comment, basically they will get back to us at a later time and that was a couple of days ago.
Love the GRAPH, but don't love the silence.

Half_Bl00d | May 24, 5:09 PM
@Honey-Kun: you literally answered your own question XD

Half_Bl00d | May 22, 4:31 AM
@inim: refer to the last few posts in the Support thread.

inim | May 22, 4:16 AM hangs for me, I'm told "Pos. in queue: 254" for almost two hours already, not moving forward anymore. There was high load (400 when I queued earlier this morning) already.

Half_Blood | May 5, 8:55 AM
@russmaltes: graph History can only show you the info for the entries in which you have specifically noted the start and end dates on your list. In this case you have 139 entries for which you have not written the dates. That's the reason you're missing 2017 too. It has nothing to do with whether they're rated or when they are added to your list.

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