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Half_Bl00d | Feb 9, 1:26 PM
Omg I missed the 7777 members! ;w;

Puchkov | Feb 9, 1:13 PM
7777 Members... party time!!

romagia | Jan 20, 1:59 PM
Thank you for fixing the franchises! Everything seems alright for now.

GuyWRunningShirt | Jan 19, 7:51 AM
@Half_Bl00d okay, that's weird. I could have sworn they didn't show up lol. Sorry!

Johan | Jan 19, 6:59 AM
Not to dickride but I support whatever @Romagia says. Great to have much of that clutter resolved (i.e GitS/Animegataris) but some of it... the Mameshiba/Mahouka grouping remains wholeheartedly awkward.

Also why would Fate/Apocrypha be separated from the rest of the "Fate" franchise?

I feel like it's improved a lot but some touch up is definitely needed. Like Romagia i also noticed some music related anime disappear from the franchise section.

- Many Thanks,


Half_Bl00d | Jan 18, 1:01 PM
@GuyWRunningShirt: um, are you completely sure about that?

GuyWRunningShirt | Jan 18, 12:55 PM
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (and its sequel) are correctly listed on MAL under the genre 'Space' yet they do not show up on the list of shows that I have watched to achieve the Level 1 Space Anime Achievement. Can you fix this for me?

Puchkov | Jan 18, 12:23 PM
@foscor70: If you want to dynamically add the rating charts or the achievements, then you need to use bbcode [url] or [img]. Here's a useful link for that:

foscor70 | Jan 17, 10:42 PM
how to put extension on profile?

romagia | Jan 16, 6:26 PM
I think there are legitimate uses for the tag "Other" such as music videos and ads, which i figure would be of interest for people looking to pad their list (this is what i use Missing Titles for ^^"). Example - songs from Mekakucity and Evangelion 1.0 movie, and Thermae Romae or Kemono Friends related ads/"collaborations"

Also, ones that are not two-way "Other" seem to not get ignored. For example, Mameshiba is tagged "Other" towards Mahouka x Mameshiba, while Mahouka x Mameshiba sees Mameshiba as a "Parent Story", so those two franchises got related, along with a bunch of other ones. Though ignoring these one-way Other might cause more trouble with other series...

Looking at Mameshiba, I think it would also be worth looking into which anime use "Spin-off" relations (I don't know if you can do that, but the average MAL user certainly can't search by relationship type). Other than Mameshiba, "Spin-off" might be the reason why Devilman and Mazinger are still clumped together.

Anyway, while i think it's better to have some missing titles rather than franchise clumps, the best option would still be to include "Other" and have a carefully curated and occasionally updated banned franchise list, though i get it if it takes too much time...

Deividas | Jan 16, 4:42 PM
@romagia Titles in "Character" and "Other" will be ignored. These two categories are often used to link crossovers, etc. Special episodes should be moved to "Side story".

EMPERATRIX | Jan 16, 10:11 AM
That being said, he will probably fix it, given time.

Half_Bl00d | Jan 16, 9:22 AM
@romagia: that's something we don't know. Deiv is the only one who knows that. :/

romagia | Jan 16, 5:34 AM
Hooray! Thank you for fixing some of the biggest problems with anime franchise coupling. Hopefully all of them will be fixed after the updating ends.

However, i noticed that relationships which MAL tags as "Other" get completely ignored now by the franchise coupling, leading to missing entries and the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Special + Omake being considered a separate franchise from the rest of the series. Is this deliberate, or a known problem that will also be fixed?

Half_Bl00d | Jan 14, 8:15 AM
@VictorKatsudon: from what I see, yes. The manga franchises and recs have yet to finish updating.

@ShadowMonkey: all achievements were updated with new thresholds, to reflect the accurate percentage.

ShadowMonkey | Jan 14, 8:07 AM
Music level went from 2 to 1?

KatsudonFamily | Jan 14, 7:50 AM
The maintenance of the franchises and the recommendations of animes already finished?

Ulquiorra | Jan 13, 5:59 AM
Ok, we all have patience here.
No need to rush things.

cyruz | Jan 13, 4:31 AM
Thanks for the update. Take your time!

Half_Bl00d | Jan 13, 3:22 AM
A few hours ago @Deividas has updated the graph database regarding the Banned Franchise Couplings. While that has fixed a lot of past issues, it seems that some problems have arisen from that too.
Namely it seems that all the manga have been grouped under a single franchise, and also a huge amount of anime (1663 titles for me) have also been grouped under a single franchise. Also the Recommendations seem to have been messed up too.
Please remain patient until this is fixed.

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