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Nekomimi_Megane | May 24, 4:42 AM
@Iconic: nope, just watched hella lot of anime, and listened to hella lot of Japanese music XD

Iconic | May 24, 4:38 AM
@Nekomimi_Megane: You must have actually bothered to study Japanese. I'm way too lazy to learn Japanese on my own and no cute Japanese waifu to motivate me. XD

Nekomimi_Megane | May 24, 4:31 AM
@Iconic: I've learned enough Japanese that I understand speech and music almost entirely. Words that I don't know are few and far between, so I have no problems watching stuff without subs when needed. XD

Iconic | May 24, 4:21 AM
@Nekomimi_Megane: Years of watching anime allows me to generally follow what's going on up to a certain point but only on kids shows or shorts that don't have complicated conversations XD

OT: As much as I like having my list grow, I do wonder why is it that the Ajin movies are considered shorts when they're all over an hour long.

Nekomimi_Megane | May 24, 4:00 AM
@Iconic: That sucks :/ I stopped paying much attention to subs a while ago. I understand almost everything just by listening.

Iconic | May 24, 2:24 AM
@Nekomimi_Megane: I really envy you then. My eyes are so shit that some dust on my glasses are enough to strain my eyes when I have to focus on things... like reading subs in anime. T__T

Nekomimi_Megane | May 24, 2:20 AM
@Iconic: I spend 16 hours a day on the computer, never felt that my eyes were strained. I don't even wear glasses.

@Shiroe111: Go to your Achievements page, right click on the badge and choose "Copy Image Location" to get the link for it, and then put that link between
codes on your profile.

Iconic | May 24, 1:53 AM
@Nekomimi_Megane: Now that I read his comment again, you're right lol

Pretty sure it's because my eyes are strained from being on the computer so much and watching anime. I know I should take a break but I still wanna watch more anime haha

Nekomimi_Megane | May 24, 1:48 AM
@Iconic: That's not what he asked for lmao

Iconic | May 24, 12:59 AM
@Shiroe111: Go to the Ratings tab on your MALGraph profile and click on the "Export" Link. Choose the kind of graph you want and post the url on the "About Me" for your profile the same way you added your Flag Counter.

Shiroe111 | May 23, 2:29 PM
Can anyone tell me how to add achievements to my page?

Half_Bl00d | May 20, 4:23 PM
@Hashimoto_Yuu: they don't update slowly, you simply haven't achieved anything new since the previous update.

Hashimoto_Yuu | May 20, 4:02 PM
Why Achivememts update so slowly? I had updated my list many hours ago but they have not changed

Half_Bl00d | May 20, 1:50 PM
@Mahade4: unfortunately, your guess is wrong because for the Level 1 Romance you need at least 45 completed entries.

Mahade4 | May 20, 1:37 PM
@Half_Bl00d but i completed 40 romance anime by now. i guess i should get at least level 1 achievement

Half_Bl00d | May 20, 1:31 PM
@Mahade4: because you don't have enough completed romance anime to gain it.

Mahade4 | May 20, 1:25 PM
How come i didnt get romance achievement yet?

lanblade | May 18, 11:08 PM
History doesn't mean much when there's a gap between releases. It looks like I watched 47 eps of Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger entirely yesterday but I was just finishing the last few eps b/c someone finally subbed them after years on hiatus. MAL anime history doesn't tell you that, all it tells you is the most recent highest anime episode #. There are also shows like Yaiyai Mori no Comic which I set to complete but I had seen months ago, these are anime I submitted to the database which have finally been approved by an admin (can range from 1 day to 1 year for approvals). Shorts [I run all 3 shorts clubs and there are over 3500 shorts on MAL] also usually have normal OP/EDs, Akubi Girl for example had 45% of its total duration being the OP+ED+Preview+Sponsors. I like most people watch an OP/ED once and then skip over those parts after the 1st episode. These things add up a lot time-wise but MAL documents the whole episode length. If you look at something more holistic like a web archive of my day-count over a wide period of time you’ll see that I watch a normal amount of anime per day, and that value is less than the average number of hours an American watches normal television per day.

animefan0071 | May 18, 8:03 PM
Sorry for butting in and I know I'm pretty late (more than 6 hours late) but I kind of do the same @Half_Bl00d although for myself it's more episodes then series

(since I only put the ones I own on DVD on my list) but I wait until say I finish 1 disc and then update it kind of thing.

(sorry again for butting in and not trying to restart the fire or anything) anyways congrats @lanblade ^^

Half_Bl00d | May 18, 2:11 PM
The history doesn't really mean that much. I sometimes (especially when watching shorts) don't update the list immediately, but instead wait for a while and make a bulk update of like 50+ entries.

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