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Skittles | Oct 13, 11:23 AM
Hello everyone, just a quick update.

As you may have noticed, the club is rather stagnant now. Some of our staff have departed due to life complications, and I've been very busy myself with school. We'll be releasing the 200th interview shortly and another one soon after, but plans after that are uncertain since most of us are currently occupied.

We're still looking for volunteers, especially interviewers. Please consider applying if you're interested by reading the thread here.

Lastly, I'd like to congratulate @AlexPaulLEWZ for being our latest proofreader!

Megurashi | Oct 2, 8:30 AM
Hello everyone, I will be interviewing @AnimePixelz as part of the interview test. If you have any questions for her, please PM them to me.

Skittles | Sep 19, 9:30 PM
@Yarub we actually have several ongoing interviews, but most of them are on indefinite hiatus since the interviewees haven't been actively responding

Yarub | Sep 19, 12:44 PM
Aren't there like 3 people on the ongoing list anyway?

Mimurona | Sep 19, 11:01 AM
I announce that @Sonal1988 will get an interview.

If some of you wanna help me annoy her with some questions,please leave them on my pm's!

Erg_Orgy | Sep 17, 2:52 AM
Mom says I'm special

Tangerine | Sep 8, 6:29 AM
def me

Skittles | Sep 5, 10:19 PM
@-InfiniteLoop- That's a good question! We'll probably try to think of someone special if possible.

-InfiniteLoop- | Sep 5, 9:52 PM
I wonder who's gonna be the milestone 200th interview

Kuroko-chan | Aug 31, 3:58 AM
Would you like to affiliate with us?


cyruz | Aug 19, 8:51 AM
Well, that's a hell of an intro. :D

Mimurona | Aug 17, 4:06 AM
Boys and Girls...
Human and Non-Humans....
Today it will be a showdown!

On the right side, is a well known metalhead fan, being in many clubs and friendly with everyone around her.....@Yorozuya-no-Yume!!!

On the left side, FG knows her as a funny and understandable person, make your life more enjoyable....@Shinah!!!

Those two are in my care,if you want to help....for Shinah or Yume Pm's are open...same goes to discord .

Skittles | Aug 15, 7:27 PM
@Mei-o_Scarlett me

Mei-o_Scarlett | Aug 15, 7:06 PM

Skittles | Aug 15, 6:36 PM
I'll be interviewing longtime MAL user @Yarub.

If you have any questions for him, please PM them to me.

Skittles | Aug 5, 10:19 PM
@Head_Hunter47 He was supposed to be our new interviewer, but he deactivated his account for reasons unknown.

Head_Hunter47 | Aug 5, 4:29 PM
Who is complice, and why was he banned?!! ( ._.)

Memor | Aug 3, 8:52 AM
Congrats, Mari ^^

Skittles | Jul 31, 5:43 PM
Please welcome our new proofreader @TheMariqua!

Ultra7 | Jul 22, 12:07 AM
Holy shit, this is still a thing.

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