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☆ Korean Jackpot ☆ [HIRING STAFF]
☆ Korean Jackpot ☆ [HIRING STAFF]
Welcome to Korean Jackpot (KJ)! We are a club that focuses on anything Korean! This includes but isn't only limited to: K-Pop, K-Dramas/Movies, K-Language, K-Food, Webtoons and more! Make sure to also join our discord to not miss any kind of fun!
Created by dandeliya
253 12 minutes ago
by dandeliya
48 minutes ago
Federación Latino-Americana [F:L/A] - BLOG ONLINE!
Federación Latino-Americana [F:L/A] - BLOG ONLINE!
Club de Anime para todos los Hispano Hablantes, Españoles, Latinos, Aliens, Si hablas español, este es tu lugar. Tenemos cards, juegos y muchos debates! [ Hispano - Latino - Spain - Spanish ]
Created by NeoRAnma
5,232 17 minutes ago
by Elviscastorii
31 minutes ago
The Anime Uber-Elitist Club
The Anime Uber-Elitist Club
The true, high-class, prestigious club for real critics and obviously superior human beings.
Created by Nidhoeggr
2,179 27 minutes ago
by AngelsArcanum
Mar 25, 3:22 AM
Bem-vindos ao Brasil \ Brazil. Ponto de encontro para todos os brasileiros do MAL.
Created by estevam
8,683 27 minutes ago
by Dotachin_
1 hour ago
The Newbie Club
The Newbie Club
A club for people who have just joined or are unfamiliar with Anime or MAL.
Created by TheSkiesAwake
6,831 35 minutes ago
by MCHKenshin
2 hours ago
Indonesian Anime Lovers Club
Indonesian Anime Lovers Club
if you are indonesian, join here and meet with another indonesian anime lover^^
Created by tsubasafan
2,668 48 minutes ago
by Chroneco
Yesterday, 8:13 AM
Because I didn't see a club for this.
Created by Tenks
38 50 minutes ago
by ManiTaku94
Shishio's Custom Lists & Profiles
Shishio's Custom Lists & Profiles
Customize your lists, profile and more with your favorite anime! Premade layouts, PSDs, and tutorials make CSS, BBcode, and Photoshop easy. Any skill level is welcome! Show off your designs and compete in contests too. I also post art in the comments :D
Created by Shishio-kun
10,783 1 hour ago
by Coffee_Thiago
10 hours ago
PlayStation Players Club
PlayStation Players Club
A club dedicated to all PlayStation Console and Handheld Gamers on MAL. Here you can trade PSN IDs for Online Play, share gaming strategies and so much more.
Created by Kanashimi
2,463 1 hour ago
by NexivsSelecaf
May 20, 1:38 PM
The Oasis ☀️⛱️
The Oasis ☀️⛱️
Where you can come and relax on the Sandy beaches of the Oasis. The wonderful people here can help you make your way around, we also have a discord server with games like Pokemon, Blackjack/Chicken fights, Waifus/husbandos!
Created by Aroused
34 1 hour ago
by Aroused
1 hour ago
Pokemon Universe 🗲
Pokemon Universe 🗲
You're a fan of Pokemon anime or games ? This club is for you ! Here we discuss and make you discover many pokemon fangames and romhacks ! Come and don't hesitate to share our common passion for theses awesomes cuties <3
Created by _Zarc
195 2 hours ago
by _Zarc
19 minutes ago
[[      Live Action Adaptations     ]]
[[ Live Action Adaptations ]]
List of Anime and Manga with Live Action counterparts
Created by ameritakushoujo
501 2 hours ago
by tsubasalover
Feb 12, 1:27 AM
Harem&amp;Ecchi Club
Harem&Ecchi Club
MAL's #1 Hive for Degeneracy! Love Harem&Ecchi? Then come join us for Girl of the Month voting, Simulwatches, Club GFX Cards, and our bustling Discord server!
Created by animekanji
11,309 2 hours ago
by Manaban
7 hours ago
~Monia Caf&eacute;~
~Monia Café~
SweetMonia's Personal Hangout. The Original Café In MAL, and the most successful club~ :3
Created by SweetMonia
19,622 2 hours ago
by Ahri-
2 hours ago
Official MAL All-around Fate/Grand Order &amp; Type-Moon Gaming Club.
Official MAL All-around Fate/Grand Order & Type-Moon Gaming Club.
Welcome to the Official MAL All-around Fate/Grand Order & Type-Moon Gaming Club :D
Created by astroprogs
740 3 hours ago
by red-tomato
12 minutes ago
🍓Raspberry's Wonderland Express🍓
🍓Raspberry's Wonderland Express🍓
🍓Fun, laid back club with tons of activities for everyone. We have frequent cards, featured Waifu/Husbando, Challenges and Tournaments. Join Us, we love meeting new people (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ 🍓
Created by SweetKiichigo
1,859 3 hours ago
by Kai_N_Walker
21 minutes ago
☆ Arab AnimeFans ☆
☆ Arab AnimeFans ☆
for all Arab people who love anime and manga
Created by NoNoyuki
1,557 3 hours ago
by Botato
Feb 24, 6:05 PM
Magical Girl Fans Unite!!
Magical Girl Fans Unite!!
A club deticated to magical girl animes.
Created by gabberstag
539 3 hours ago
by RICEA42991
May 20, 2018 3:17 PM
Anime Paradise Club (A.P.C.)
Anime Paradise Club (A.P.C.)
A friendly place for people that can chat about anime, manga, and characters! Everyone is welcome! ^.^
Created by Vert
6,187 3 hours ago
by TheBigGuy
4 hours ago
What's this anime/manga?
What's this anime/manga?
Find out from others the title of what you're looking for
Created by LuhanIsBae2
11 3 hours ago
by Triangle1618
Dec 26, 2017 5:11 AM
Ethereal Insurrection: The Stygian Eclipse - RP
Ethereal Insurrection: The Stygian Eclipse - RP
The end has came and went. We lost. But an angel saved mankind. We lived, and so we will take this mercy and keep going. The Red World will not succeed where a God failed. We will survive!
Created by Darth_Lewdious
60 3 hours ago
by Norvaline
1 hour ago
☁️ Counting Clouds ☁️
☁️ Counting Clouds ☁️
Come and count clouds with us! We're an active club where you can collect cards from a variety of anime. NOW HIRING - NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED
Created by CountingClouds
274 3 hours ago
by bloodfire00
43 minutes ago
Group dedicated to Webtoons (Korean online comics). We have frequent cards, challenges, vote in polls, games, and much more.
Created by loskierek
1,630 4 hours ago
by Ridleys
8 hours ago
Twilight Symphony 🎶 【 H E L P ▪ W A N T E D 】
Twilight Symphony 🎶 【 H E L P ▪ W A N T E D 】
{ ❀ } Welcome, welcome audience members to the start of a brand new era! We are here to provide non-stop entertainment and exciting shows!! Please join us for a spectacular show and discover all the prizes we have in store.~
Created by Venelia
301 4 hours ago
by Valiso
13 minutes ago
the deadcord community
Created by brandonkonig
2 4 hours ago
Fantasy Anime League
Fantasy Anime League
For current and prospective participants of the season-long anime tournament
Created by kei-clone
3,573 4 hours ago
by Congress
5 hours ago
Tanjiro Fanclub
Tanjiro Fanclub
Fanclub of Kimetsu no Yaiba's main protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado.
Created by mrnoodleknight
3 5 hours ago
by ShaqAttack25
Cute Girls Doing Cute Things
Cute Girls Doing Cute Things
Just Cute Girls Doing Cute Things
Created by Fraggot
1,752 6 hours ago
by Anise_Punter
2 hours ago
♚ Sutsu no Kyuden ♚
♚ Sutsu no Kyuden ♚
"Palace of Suits" ♠ a card and claim club. { recruitment ongoing }
Created by cha-chan
59 6 hours ago
by _SHINjuku
11 minutes ago
For fans of the iDOLM@STER games and anime and/or their spin-off iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia
Created by honya-chan
291 6 hours ago
by flashholter
Aug 3, 2016 6:57 PM
MAL: The Later Years
MAL: The Later Years
Older Otakus Unite!
Created by Chelle
371 6 hours ago
by Rockweaver
Today, 1:18 AM
Ecchi/Harem: 2019 Updates: new hentai GIFs, graphics, and signatures!
Ecchi/Harem: 2019 Updates: new hentai GIFs, graphics, and signatures!
If you're not a baller on a budget, yet you're a pimp on a prepaid plan, then this club is for you. The #1 place for ecchi recommendations and pics. btw, a Discord loaded with hentai and ecchi. Looking for Monster Hunter players, too.
Created by LoatheHF
11,045 7 hours ago
by LelPop
29 seconds ago
Mafia Society
Mafia Society
Mafia, werewolves and other themed games, Town Of Salem, skype mafia and forum games.
Created by Bombolz
953 7 hours ago
by Century_Orion
7 minutes ago
Be nice.
Created by Feiticeira
44 7 hours ago
by Epsy
8 hours ago
Participate in quizzes, share your favorite anime, and chat with fellow otaku!
Created by sora592
12 7 hours ago
by Msilver2
Today, 6:26 AM
◈The Anime Empire◈
◈The Anime Empire◈
Come join ◈The Anime Empire◈ where many people like yourself reside, an empire where you can make friends and chat. If you're gonna join a club why not this one.Also our Discord is now available.
Created by Teniking
47 8 hours ago
by XArgashX
Today, 9:37 AM
For all Canadians, abroad or in Canada, who love anime.
Created by selective_yellow
764 8 hours ago
by Josh
Mar 25, 10:40 PM
The Friends Club
The Friends Club
This is a club that revolves around making new friends! Mainly targeted at anime fans and gamers, but we welcome anyone! This club is pretty chill, so don’t be shy to talk! We also have a discord with self-roles, so feel free to join!
Created by RinCifer_
588 8 hours ago
by Raytara
Yesterday, 3:14 PM
swish swish
swish swish
cool club
Created by Shinah
25 8 hours ago
by Shinah
6 hours ago
Amanh&atilde; tem aula
Amanhã tem aula
amanha tem aula
Created by Kenji142
3 9 hours ago
by NerdLava
✾ Ashes of our Chaos ✾ AOOC ✾
✾ Ashes of our Chaos ✾ AOOC ✾
Nothing is perfect, but we're doing our best ~ Here you will find funny games, beautiful cards, challenges, and a lot more !
Created by Lumecyow
407 9 hours ago
by Venelia
3 hours ago
Italiani su MAL
Italiani su MAL
Punto di ritrovo degli italiani di MAL
Created by Fabri3
1,540 9 hours ago
by Dorin_02
May 12, 7:55 AM
Darkness! | r e c r u i t i n g * n o w
Darkness! | r e c r u i t i n g * n o w
One of the darkest clubs you'll ever find! Check out our club for some amazing editions, games and competition! We're HIRING now - NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED WHATSOEVER. So hit that application button and JOIN the staff!
Created by Kamui1423_Atsuma
1,469 9 hours ago
by Chromathic
42 minutes ago
Life Disappointments
Life Disappointments
Haha yes, of course we're friendly and nice, just don't think too hard about the name.
Created by Ninja_4
25 9 hours ago
by FalseSkin
May 9, 5:34 PM
Home of the Heroic Swordmaster
Home of the Heroic Swordmaster
This is -Izanagi's own club. It is quite small.
Created by -Izanagi
95 10 hours ago
by -Izanagi
10 hours ago
Anime Romance FanClub
Anime Romance FanClub
• ARFC • Love romance from animes? Want Recommendations, LEs, Chats, and Member Cards? Then join us! Admins wanted!
Created by -Animewatcher-
657 10 hours ago
by -Animewatcher-
9 hours ago
Risky Business
Risky Business
We kinda just like to talk about gucci things like anime,manga and games.
Created by TrueGenesis_
3 10 hours ago
May 23, 12:32 PM
One Piece
One Piece
► Did you know there's an awesome treasure hidden at the end of the sea? Anyone who finds it will be King of the Pirates! There are incredible adventures just waiting for you! Have the courage, set sail and believe, join our club and you might find it~
Created by Alipio
9,762 10 hours ago
by imperlast
Apr 29, 8:09 AM
18+ Lovers of Anime and Manga
18+ Lovers of Anime and Manga
This club is for those of us who are over 18 and still get joy and fantasies created by anime series.
Created by Eko
2,436 10 hours ago
by imperlast
Apr 16, 4:23 PM
One Piece Fanclub
One Piece Fanclub
Bringing together all the One Piece fans.
Created by Crystal
3,077 11 hours ago
by mainstreamanime
Sep 19, 2016 1:30 PM