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Manaban | 5 hours ago
GOTM this month is dope

@animeweeb2143 We're going to be doing a rec thread overhaul soon-ish. It's on the roadmap for this season. We have a rec thread currently up, but it's somewhat basic.

mwalimu | 9 hours ago
@animeweeb2143 A couple of places to check out:
1. The Anime Relations list to the right on this page.
2. r/Animesuggest on Reddit gets at least a couple of requests per week for ecchi recommendations. Easy to search for (or start your own if you prefer).
3. If you just want a good place to start, probably the two most popular H&E franchises in this club are "To Love-Ru" and "High School DxD".

animeweeb2143 | 11 hours ago
hi any ecchi recommendations

HopefullyGoodani | 12 hours ago
Im new here but man this club is nice

Catalano | Yesterday, 12:12 PM
guys, is Mikasa really a simp? I though Eren was family to her

Manja_Warior | Yesterday, 4:10 AM
@Manaban @mwalimu Komi-san is adorable and she deserves the win 🙏

also welcome to @SwayAway @SanerSertug @yousifreda @drdelemental @draco_senpai @PolapplePol @TopicRetro

@SwayAway that's a Nino pic I see 👀

captainmorgan | Feb 28, 9:55 PM
Chitoge is pretty cute but not over quite a few dxd girls

Manaban | Feb 28, 7:16 PM
Komi is pretty popular I guess yeah

We got a Waifu War winner layout as a prize for our winner coming up tomorrow or so, then come April we'll unveil our next mainstay layout :>

For the first time in a few years the mainstay layout won't be TLR-themed

mwalimu | Feb 28, 5:41 PM
Looks like we just got our first ever manga-only GOTM winner. Every previous winner in the history of GOTM has been an anime character. We've had manga-only and VN-only characters as contestants in the past but this is the first time one of them came out on top.

Manja_Warior | Feb 28, 2:57 PM
@captainmorgan has good taste, he is a refined gentleman

Manaban | Feb 28, 2:13 PM
Chitoge > any girl from DxD tbh

@Kemonooo @PolapplePol whale cum

PolapplePol | Feb 28, 1:27 PM

Kemonooo | Feb 28, 1:07 PM

captainmorgan | Feb 28, 12:51 PM
Akeno > Chitoge

Manja_Warior | Feb 28, 3:21 AM
@AZY-sama now that's a brain of a wise man.
Far too many people competing for Akeno, but that doesn't mean I don't stand at the top of them all and will win her 🙏

AZY-sama | Feb 28, 2:50 AM
Chitoge is best girl, there is no question about it

But at this point, I've come to the realization that I don't mind if everyone else hates her, because that way I can have her all to myself

More haters; less rivals

Manja_Warior | Feb 28, 2:42 AM
@AZY-sama isn't this where you jump in to fight for Chitoge 👀

Manaban | Feb 27, 3:45 PM
Just a reminder to everyone that @AntwanMantilla has the incorrect opinion and that Marika is the best Nisekoi girl.

Manja_Warior | Feb 27, 2:49 PM
@Adimus_prime I dunno man I found a super nice Ichika picture earlier

Nino has some great art too

Adimus_prime | Feb 27, 2:22 PM
@Manaban, @Manja_Warior, and @Xenovia Gentlemen, I have come to add in on this debate and say that Manaban is right and Yotsuba is best girl. Ichika is number 2 though. I just thank you guys for not saying Nino.

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