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Ixolos | Yesterday, 4:09 PM
i save almost everything on pc, try to keep my phone storage as empty as possible. It's hard though

Gyarutsundere | Yesterday, 11:14 AM
Thats insane then lol i mean i save most of my pics on ipad or on pc ^^ so i guess thats why im fine.
However i make a lot of pics on vacation with my phone, easier than camera (tho i do take it with me) but not much anime pics on it

Hicca | Yesterday, 11:09 AM
@gyaruTsundere 128GB Internal and 32GB SD card and both are full KEKW

Gyarutsundere | Yesterday, 10:15 AM
Or just hacing an extra slot sure helps. I got 64 gb i think? But can place extra card of 120 gb tho dont think i need it rlly :p

Manja_Warior | Yesterday, 6:07 AM
64GB internal and 32GB SD card where all the pics are stored on so im good with 96GB phone yay

Ixolos | Feb 19, 4:05 PM
Rip phone storage

Manja_Warior | Feb 19, 4:20 AM
@Loggikins the art is great I have a folder of like 500 pics on my phone of just AL girls

Logiikins | Feb 18, 7:00 PM
@Manja_Warior Ohhh you know I got you on the AL, even though I don't play or really enjoy the game, I can enjoy the art.

Ixolos | Feb 18, 8:58 AM
@kazami He'll sure do that.
@Canska8 You couldve been mine

Manja_Warior | Feb 18, 7:39 AM
glad we got an AL girl as Pic of the week

Kazami | Feb 18, 5:03 AM
@canska8 welcome officially now stray ❤

@Hicca i think he'd do that even more passionately if it were kuro

onlineanime | Feb 17, 4:12 PM

Hicca | Feb 17, 11:32 AM
i can see jeck licking the screen from here after that illya picture

Manja_Warior | Feb 17, 4:21 AM
Shera is hot, and welcome officially @canska8

Gyarutsundere | Feb 17, 4:07 AM
Also shera, my fav elf <3

Gyarutsundere | Feb 17, 4:07 AM
She's still a child.. No I just.. No.

Illya is cute, must pat. Not lewding <3

canska8 | Feb 16, 5:09 PM
I made a mal to join here officially. Still Kaz stray tho.

Ixolos | Feb 16, 4:37 PM
Thats's a really fine booty to look at @ironwarrer

Ironwarrer | Feb 16, 12:24 PM
Maybe Illya is still an elementary school girl... but her little girl body is growing rapidly and is becoming very tempting and delicious at the same time!

Gyarutsundere | Feb 16, 11:15 AM
Uhrm okay... well if you dont love her anymore you should let her go. Its not fair to her. Cause unless youre joking, she isnt meant for you and she should be free and not be there just so youre not lonely or whatever reason you have for keeping her around...

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