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Sorrow667 | Apr 15, 10:23 AM
Anyone watching Megalobox this season? First two episodes were sooooooo good.

captainmorgan | Apr 9, 11:45 PM
I've seen a few of them. Not the older ones, but I saw Shin Getter Robo and Armageddon

PlatinumZero | Mar 6, 3:58 PM
Have you seen Getter Robo at all?

captainmorgan | Feb 27, 4:55 PM
Macross plus was cool. I saw it a while back. I've heard of Votoms here and there, but it didn't look too interesting. I may start that or watch more Mazinger stuff.

Sorrow667 | Feb 3, 7:30 AM
ehhhh gundam x is okay, from what I've seen. It was cancelled back in the day, which is why its only 39 episodes. If I can't find new shows to watch I go back in time and watch the classics. Crusher Joe OVA series and movies are amazing, votoms is a classic, and macross plus are always a good time.

Dexthepleb | Feb 3, 12:44 AM
watch gundam x its a really good show

captainmorgan | Jan 27, 6:11 PM
I need another show to watch. I've started just randomly watching episodes of Fist of the North Star or Stardust Crusaders because I can't find newer shows.

I've pretty much disliked all the new Gundam shows dating from Gundam Wing and on. When are we going to get something with a ruthless main character like Char or Domon?

Sorrow667 | Jan 27, 6:45 AM

Sorrow667 | Jan 27, 6:45 AM
Darling in the Fraxx is great, check that out.

PlatinumZero | Jan 25, 2:43 PM
The anime for JoJo has been adapted fairly well, and they haven't really left any fights out. If you don't mind waiting, the anime is equally as good as the manga, and yes I am aware that is an unpopular opinion, and this is coming from someone who trudged on through the Duwang scanlations of Part IV back in the day (I did re-read it later, of course).

The animation is really terrible and I hoped it was better because I read a rather large chunk of the manga and wanted to see it in all of it's glory.

I'll look into Basilisk as well!

Anyone watching anything from this winter season?

captainmorgan | Jan 21, 9:58 AM
I think the point of JoJo is to just be outrageous. You're expecting fights and they end up playing video games or cards. I never read the manga, but I heard it's a lot better. I prefer to watch action shows animated given the choice.

If only Berserk had a worthy anime. The old one actually has pretty clean animation, but it barely gets going as far as the story. The newer series gets to some of the cooler arcs, but my god the animation is like a -2/10

Sorrow667 | Jan 21, 6:38 AM
I saw the original and loved the character of Gennosuke. The overall series isn't great. I'm only watching the sequel because I'm watching it as it airs, one a week.

About 6 months ago I finally gave JoJo a try, and so glad I did. I think the anime is overall good but some of the random episodes leading up to fighting Dio in the desert seem random?! Should I try the manga or keep with the anime?

captainmorgan | Jan 17, 7:41 PM
The story is a bit ridiculous, but it has a lot of ninja trickery and bloodshed. Worth watching if you don't want to nitpick at the story and see some action.

PlatinumZero | Jan 17, 4:26 PM
Sadly, I've never watched the original. Worth recommending?

captainmorgan | Jan 14, 8:35 PM
Looks dead in here. New season of Basilisk. Not sure how manly this one is. Seems to be focused on the kids.

PlatinumZero | Jan 14, 8:14 PM

Karu-kun | Jan 14, 1:54 PM
Hey don't die

PlatinumZero | Jan 9, 8:20 PM

georgi | Jan 9, 4:05 PM
Welcome back!

Sorrow667 | Jan 9, 3:43 PM
I suppose I'm back?!

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