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shootdatpancake | Jul 25, 9:50 PM
@JafriZin Supp!

JafriZin | Jul 25, 5:48 AM
Is anyone still here?

shootdatpancake | Jul 11, 9:54 PM
@Shino Aite! I will just order and see how it goes. Cause a friend of mine bought a phone from Taiwan, and had to pay some tax. From what you say, does make sense though. The phone was over MYR2000, and its an electronic device. So, she was taxed. I was just wondering what's the policy for discs related products. Say my thanks to your BF!

Shino | Jul 11, 9:28 PM

I asked my bf and he said they have increased the purchase limit to 1k instead so I guess it's still safe unless your stuff comes with a super huge box? As I said I have never got taxed even when I purchased something over 500 in the past so I guess sometimes it's just luck?

shootdatpancake | Jul 11, 8:29 PM
@Shino I just converted... it MYR531... FML. Since, that is above the purchasing limit... it's not a good idea right?

shootdatpancake | Jul 11, 8:23 PM
@NishizawaMihashi Man... every once in awhile purchase la. I don't buy blurays often. So, this is just like a late present for a guy like me. Hahaha since it's a Shinkai's film, should be viewed in 4K what? Hahaha

@Shino I see, anything that is above MYR500 will be taxed! That's a very helpful info actually. Learned something today! Thanks! Not bangsawan weyhhh =.="

Shino | Jul 11, 8:14 PM

Owh, I hope that you wouldn't be taxed if that's the case cause previously the purchase limit was RM500. So far, I have never got taxed but I guess sometimes it's depends on your luck.

I guess we all now can conclude that @shootdatpancake is actually a bangsawan hahaha

NishizawaMihashi | Jul 11, 8:00 PM

4K... 4K... Wallao, just wallao... Not even the PS4 Neo has a 4K setting for Blu-Ray... If you want 4K then the only things in mind right now are

1) Wallao, so kaya wan owh. 4K TV also have liao
2) 4K Blu-Ray player owh... Wallaoweih...

shootdatpancake | Jul 11, 7:37 PM
@NishizawaMihashi Hahaha come on! Let me spoil Shinkai every once in awhile. Lol Aite! Thanks for the recommendation! I will check it out!

@Shino Great! Your bf ordered Kimi no na wa too? From the looks of it, ordering from Amazon should be a-okay!

Shino | Jul 11, 10:40 AM
If you are aiming for Amazon limited, better just buy it straight from Amazon JP itself since the shipment charge for Amazon isn't that expensive compared to websites such as CDJapan anyway. Plus they use FedEx for their shipment if I didn't remember wrongly.

Shino | Jul 11, 10:35 AM

I think it's fine even if you order it straight from Amazon. My bf ordered his copy from Amazon JP too.

NishizawaMihashi | Jul 11, 9:47 AM


Wallao, you must REALLY AISHITELOVE that movie huh? The only thing I know about that movie is that I can write a better Kimi no Na wa but eh, I'll allow the fans to celebrate Shinkai's version instead. //Plisdunkillme

If you're gonna buy the Blu-Ray set from Japan, try out the link I shared the other day. If not, then I can recommend 2 sites for you to use:


shootdatpancake | Jul 11, 7:44 AM
@NishizawaMihashi Hahaha I am planning to preorder the Kimi no na wa Limited Edition bluray... how ah? Hahaha its around MYR450 I think. You ordered straight from Amazon? Or you used one of the sites that you suggested to me the other day?

No worries ma man! Hahahaha I think my pocket is ready... if its for my favourite series yah hahahaa

NishizawaMihashi | Jul 11, 1:57 AM

No tariffs, unless it is new and at a certain price range, and the product you bought comes from a U.S state that imposes tariffs.

And bro I have like... 15 anime Blu-Ray sets man. Trust me, once you go Blu-Ray, you WILL NOT go back. Like, AT ALL

shootdatpancake | Jul 10, 11:21 PM
@NishizawaMihashi Would like to go... but, arghh I am trying to save money!!

Btw, anyone here have tried ordering DVD/Bluray from Amazon before? Will there be any tariff that would be incurred?

NishizawaMihashi | Jul 3, 9:20 PM
We shall not jinx ourselves, we shall not jinx ourselves~~~ Oh Mai Kami-sama!!!

Shino | Jul 3, 8:12 AM
All of us will be doomed if Imgur decides to pull such joke on us in future /sighs/

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