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Shino | May 22, 9:27 AM

Itu padan muka namanya lol

shootdatpancake | May 21, 11:02 PM
@Airenee When you see people like that, just flying kick them! And disappear like a ninja. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Airenee | May 21, 10:07 PM
@Shino i watched at cinema lmao xD in cinema, there are some people try to record but there are some people marah mereka. lmao.

KuroJack21 | May 21, 9:56 PM
@Shino Malaysia Boleh XD

Shino | May 21, 12:57 PM

I actually have yet to see any leaked videos on Facebook, probably because I am being to sick to stalk much at the moment. I totally feel you regarding this issue because I basically have the same reaction as you by the time someone recorded the SAO movie previously - but to think that the same shit repeated itself again just within such a short period? It surely makes me want to kick someone's ass. Seeing how many people actually wanted a 'reward' for making a report regarding the issue also makes me feel sort of speechless with some of these Malaysians..... /sighs/

KuroJack21 | May 20, 6:17 AM
I'm highly disappointed with the incident regarding Kuroko's movie...I was scrolling my facebook feed and one of the Malaysian anime pages that I liked uploaded a video of Kuroko Last Game...Other people went excited and happy...YES CAN WATCH FOR FREE...NO NEED GO CINEMA WASTE OF MONEY....if that isn't stupid enough they shared the video....which make it easier for people to discover the leaked videos.......Malaysia Boleh yayyyyy....sure we all streamed anime at some point....but directly cetak rompak from the cinema......ugh...even westerners wait for the BD release for Koe no Katachi and Kimi no Na even if they stream they won't take direct footage from the cinema cuz the quality sucks anyway..but's not like I'm so righteous...but to do stuff that affects sth good like this.....not a wise decision..sad

shootdatpancake | May 19, 7:20 PM
@Shino Damn... these buffoons. That's really disheartening. Can't these people use their brains for a sec? If companies start to take actions, what are they left to record with? =.='

Shino | May 19, 9:43 AM
I wonder which babi did that... I just hope that Malaysia won't get blacklisted in near future cause of them

Airenee | May 19, 9:29 AM
i watched it yesterday :'D

Shino | May 19, 7:34 AM
I was referring to this.

FFS PLEASE STOP OR REFRAINING FROM RECORDING AND UPLOADING VIDEOS ONTO THE INTERNET ALREADY. Also, kindly ask people to stop doing so if you guys do saw anyone doing it in the cinema too. :/

shootdatpancake | May 19, 7:04 AM
@Shino Hey! What are you referring to?

Shino | May 17, 8:50 PM
Yet another recording issue.... This is why (some of the) Malaysians can't have good things.

shootdatpancake | May 17, 7:29 AM
@NishizawaMihashi Hahaha keep it up man! If you need an inspiration or suggestions you can always ask here! Just to let you know though! I am looking forward to your work! Do let me know when you're done. Tag me~ :D

NishizawaMihashi | May 16, 9:43 AM

That's the spirit my man :D

Well, the VN can wait. I simply don't have a good team to make a proper VN nor the necessary skills. What I need to focus on now is to continue working on my first novel and edit my doujin kaichou's first volume of her light novel as she was the original creator and author. The illustrator is just standing by wwwww

shootdatpancake | May 16, 7:49 AM
@NishizawaMihashi Ah! I see! So that's what it is all about. I do concur. Media is controlling much of the world now. Even video games and Anime(s) often have hints of ideas that need change. Some can get pretty bold as well. Mass Effect series would be a good example.

If we could market or make use of the media wisely and intelligently, we could very likely profit from it.

Once you're done with your VN, you're gonna have it up somewhere? Like Steam or something?

NishizawaMihashi | May 16, 3:20 AM

VNs will be in English but also looking forward to translating them into Japanese once I've perfected my Japanese. As for the grafix all, I'll probably get somebody to help me out on that. But I'll try learning how to draw in my own style first so that I can have a rough idea on the character designs and various other things.

Spectacular things? You know it deep inside, worldwide conquest through our superior media. But the time bomb's not gonna start if we don't do something about it :P

You can't predict much, but what you can do is analyze very closely the 'whys' of everything that's relevant to our final destination, which is just as before "Multimedia world conquest"! :D

shootdatpancake | May 16, 1:29 AM
@NishizawaMihashi I see! But, your VNs would be in what? Bahasa or English? But, doing the grafix, character creations and all... ain't that easy man. Gonna take awhile to do all of them. But, I've seen a 1 man team being able to produce great visuals. I am expecting the same from you! ( ¬‿¬)

What sort of spectacular things that will be coming into place? Hahaha

Yeah.. you have a point. We can plan. But, can't predict the future. It is hard to grasp what'll happen.

NishizawaMihashi | May 15, 11:35 PM

Well, I don't know of any VNs utilizing Ruby as its main code but from what little I've seen of Ruby, it's easy and simple enough that even your average author can learn to develop a VN easily using it. Music and grafix, that one all pandai-pandai lah but yes, you can definitely set up basic functions and interfaces for the VN using it.

Majoring in International Business. That my friend... Is a very good idea. No seriously. One day once all the pieces have fallen into place we can do something quite spectacular.

I would say that the one unique program that you can find in North America is this program where you can actually develop your own field of study and obtain a degree in it basically. I don't know how it works but that's one truly unique option that they have available for their students. Only some universities have it though.

I could specialize by obtaining a Masters degree or Ph.D/Psy.D but I don't have the time or money for that. Global conquest waits for no one. This time frame until 2025 at least is ripe with opportunities, cannot let them slip so yes, it's a race against time. But rest assured that I do have several key ideas that I want to test out for my Bachelor's degree graduation thesis once the time comes.

shootdatpancake | May 15, 10:03 AM
@Peculator *Tries not to sweat* Sweats heavily... Hahaha

@NishizawaMihashi Well I am also doing my degree now. Majoring in International Business. I finished my minor a semester ago which is Japanese. So now, I am finishing my remaining credits. And... gotta think of the future. Hahaha

I see. Well, I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to coding and stuffs. The only program I've ever heard of is JAVA. That's what most of my friends are using. It's the first time that I've heard of Ruby. Now I know what is used for VN coding. You learn something new everyday huh? Thanks!

Those are pretty deep and quite a thorough plan out you have there. You said America right? They do have a bizarre line-up of courses in certain universities. Japan too. Since you are interested in Anime, and games, why not venture or specialize in one? I mean the psychological aspects of it? A Norwegian friend of mine is doing her Masters on video games and its psychological impacts on society. Well, just my 2 cents though.

NishizawaMihashi | May 15, 9:51 AM

Part time and studies. Don't know what you're studying but if you're already done with your Foundation course then it's definitely more streamlined so no need to diverge too much. For me, the first 2-3 years of my degree alone I had to diversify my studies because that's just how the system works so that you can get more exposure to different concepts :D

I learn Ruby code only lah, basic only just so that the interface for the VN work properly and stuff like that :P I mean like, it's a VN. Basic VN stuff. I can understand learning even more advanced features if you're doing something Little Busters with its various mini-games but straightforward VNs are something I really want to introduce and promote among the general populace.

Double majors. See how first. If got money, then bantai both majors. If dun have money, then one only lah. But if I do have money and decided on second major, I think I'll settle for sociology, history or philosophy. It's not just the classes you need to take and the stuff you need to learn but you also need to consider if you have the desire, ideas, time and even resources to begin developing a good thesis for graduation. And for psychology I have TONS, but dunno about sociology and philosophy. See how first, but if theses are concerned, I have more solid ideas for philosophy than sociology or history so maybe I'll settle for philosophy.

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