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HenshinDrift | Yesterday, 2:47 AM

Alright. Thanks..:-)

shootdatpancake | Yesterday, 2:40 AM
@HenshinDrift Great! Make yourself at home here!

HenshinDrift | Yesterday, 2:13 AM

I'm in Australia. Thank you for inviting me..

shootdatpancake | Yesterday, 1:56 AM
@Bunnie Hello! Welcome!!

@HenshinDrift Most welcome! It was me who invited you! Nice to meet you. Where in overseas are you currently at, if I may ask?

HenshinDrift | Feb 26, 10:24 PM

I'm being invited here. Thank you. May i know the person who invited me?

I'm currently a student studying in overseas. I really like anime which I started watch since 2014. I love psychological, slice of life and seinen anime. hmm.. I'm a hardcore fan of naruto and if you want to see my personal guide to naruto feel free to see my profile to get a link to it. I thinks that's all for now.

Hope everyone is doing fine and nice to meet you all. "Terima kasih" again.

Bunnie | Feb 26, 3:34 PM

shootdatpancake | Feb 25, 1:24 AM
@NishizawaMihashi hahaha yeah that's why lah and @Arasy is right though. There are no misc. board. I wanted to post something but ended up going through the user's list in search of anyone who's from Malaysia. I will find a way to post something, somewhere. I hope Malaysians not too malas and go more crazy with the club! It's nice to have a chat and share something amongst people who have the same interests as we do!

Arasy | Feb 24, 5:39 PM
Oh there isn't actually a misc. board, no wonder. Not sure which board is most suitable then.

Arasy | Feb 24, 5:38 PM
@NishizawaMihashi I don't know man, I don't think I've ever visited that board.

NishizawaMihashi | Feb 24, 2:00 PM
@shootdatpancake A post on inviting the rest of us ah? You can try making one at the forums lah. I think you can do so under the 'miscellaneous' section. One thing I noticed is that most of us don't kacau the forums too much but it's usually the most open way to attract attention. If all the Malaysians wanted to join a Malaysian club they would have already searched for it under 'Clubs' but since they are not so active or not many join, then that means they still stuck in their shell or something lah like that. So yeah, I think making one at the forums can attract some kind of attention

Oshisune | Feb 24, 10:33 AM
@shootdatpancake A'ight

shootdatpancake | Feb 24, 4:17 AM
@Oshisune Welcome! Help me make this club livelier!

@NishizawaMihashi Saph brother! There are just too many Malaysians account on MAL. I tried to invite all of them but... it took me 2 hours just to find 40 active Malaysian users in the first 20 pages! (T_T) Perhaps, I should make a post in the forums. Do you know have any suggestions on section I should make a post to invite Malaysians into our club??

NishizawaMihashi | Feb 23, 5:24 PM
Yo sahp! Not many Malaysians seem to use MAL but hey, if we can round up everyone then that's great~

Oshisune | Feb 23, 11:45 AM
Thx for add :)

shootdatpancake | Feb 21, 12:50 AM
@Arasy doing my best yo!!

Arasy | Feb 20, 5:30 AM
@shootdatpancake Hahaha, work hard pancake!

shootdatpancake | Feb 18, 11:20 PM
Hey guys! If you know any other Malaysians, do invite them into our group! I've invited around 40 yesterday and only 1 accepted. (T_T)

shootdatpancake | Feb 15, 4:14 AM
@Arasy I think I could. I joined MAL 2010 and am still active till today. Well if I could 2 3 more people, would be great! The next step is engagement with the community members!

Arasy | Feb 14, 9:20 PM
@shootdatpancake So, do you think you want to try reviving this club?

shootdatpancake | Feb 14, 5:52 AM
@Genokiller98 I actually thought of that. But, have never tried. I could try and contact some of the site moderators and see if they could work things out, which I am sure they could.

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