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Congress | Yesterday, 3:17 PM
Week 3 has now finished! Check out where you rank in the results thread!
We've also added all new details to the FAL Fall 2019 thread.

Congress | Oct 13, 7:54 PM
Week 2 has now finished! Check out where you rank in the results thread!
We've also added all new details to the FAL Fall 2019 thread.

AlexTheRiot | Oct 13, 12:59 PM
Yep, like the one season everybody got to change their registration to include Shuumatsu no Izetta because it aired a few days before the season started and it performed better than most expected..still salty about that since that was my ace in the hole that season..

Numi | Oct 11, 2:21 PM
Old seasoned player here with some insight that hopefully helps:

Week 1 traditionally begins right before most if not all titles start. Week 1 starters do have a slight advantage at the beginning, but that's never a guarantee that they'll be competitive beyond the first few weeks. Hyouka was one of the top series of its FAL season despite being a week 3 starter, iirc, and anyone who didn't choose it had a poor chance of making the top ranks. You just needed to leave it on the bench till it started to air.

Starting week 1 after a bunch of shows have begun airing would mean any episode discussion comments made before the start of the FAL season would not receive any points, requiring an extra, manual step of tallying those pre-season comment totals and subtracting them from the stats automatically generated by the script used for gathering stats and tallying points every week. That would be a lot of lost points for anyone choosing a series that starts before the first week, which would provide a lowered incentive to choose those series. One also has to consider that if a series begins pre-season, MAL users can see how well it does at the start before the season begins which could unfairly influence which titles someone picks. Everyone will avoid the flops and go for the ones with a solid start. The only way to remove that potentially unfair advantage is to close registration before they start but have a dead week or number of days before week 1 officially begins... which again still results in those lost points from episode discussion comments.

In all, the slight advantage at the beginning is just one of many factors a participant who wants to be competitive needs to weigh against all the other factors they'll be considering in deciding on their team, and starting the season later would not necessarily be any fairer.

JB510 | Oct 10, 12:02 PM
Hi just curious still pretty new to the FAL (my 2nd )... Wondering why is week 1 done so early? isnt there a slight advantage to ppl that choose alot of the shows that come out early compared to most of the shows that come out the 2nd week of the month

Naruleach | Oct 7, 11:47 PM
Week 1 has now finished! Check out where you rank in the results thread!
We've also added all new details to the FAL Fall 2019 thread.

eplipswich | Oct 6, 5:14 PM
Oh crap, forgot to call Ace for Week 1. But I think I'm also thankful I didn't call Ace because I think I might have chosen the wrong anime to Ace.

Mills | Oct 6, 9:03 AM
what do you mean by access?

iGotNoIdea | Oct 6, 3:04 AM
how do i access my team?

AlexTheRiot | Oct 5, 11:29 AM
For those who have not seen, you can check your team and how your picks compare to the rest, here. And remember, you only have 24 hours to send your Week 1 aces to FALbot, deadline is 19:00 UTC Sunday!

Numi | Oct 4, 2:11 PM
Yeah, that's why choosing one's starting active and bench distribution is important. :)

eplipswich | Oct 4, 3:25 AM
@Mills Oh, right, I forgot about that. Thanks for the reply!

Mills | Oct 3, 5:38 PM
"This thread will be unlocked in the second week of the FAL season. There are no swaps possible in week 1."
From the opening post in the bench swaps thread.

eplipswich | Oct 3, 4:10 PM
@yurkin Right, but since this is Week 1, means it's supposed to have started. But it seems to not have started yet as I can't make any swaps. The Bench Swaps thread is still locked.

yurkin | Oct 2, 4:25 AM
Ye week 1 start right after signups close on Sunday, so if it was 29th September 7pm UTC when it closed week 1 start few hours later at midnight
It's currently week 1 @eplipswich

eplipswich | Oct 1, 10:00 PM
Isn't Week 1 supposed to start this week??? I see the schedule for Week 1 is Sep 29-Oct 6...???

zagzee | Oct 1, 3:17 PM
@Tyrel Maybe they can squeeze you in?

Tyrel | Oct 1, 1:30 AM
Well, shit, I missed it lol.

KingYoshi | Oct 1, 1:25 AM
Damn, I missed registration. Feels bad, man.

Stark700 | Sep 30, 8:52 AM
Almost missed it yesterday. Thanks for reminding me of the system, AlexTheRiot.

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