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Samii | Nov 22, 7:47 AM
@tokomata yeah you should aim for a week when the lowest anime in active and the one you want to ace in bench don't have a big difference in points, should be less than 75k difference so you could benefit from the ace.

tokomata | Nov 13, 1:29 AM
@Samil I forgot about frieren, ended up miswording things. My point is that if someone has 4 animes(including Frieren) cross threshold early, they could ace 7 this season by swapping, which still feels better off than being unable to do so. As for net gain, only the lowest anime would need to get swapped and the 75k from ace would work out well on low points weeks no?

Samii | Nov 13, 1:11 AM
Also forgot to mention, but top 100 is very competitive and this season there could be less chance for someone with only 6 aces to get there.

Samii | Nov 13, 1:08 AM
@tokomata if they're able to ace all 8, meaning they don't have frieren, then they don't really have a chance at top 100. Acing is important at ensuring a top finish but there are times when it's not beneficial. For example, if you have to swap a high scoring anime for a very low scoring one to ace it, the net gain could be less than what you'll get by keeping the high scoring anime in active.

tokomata | Nov 12, 8:11 PM
Help me confirm something. I see certain rosters will be able to ace all eight anime from this week onwards. Would that advantage ensure top 100 fully goes to them or is there any space for those who don't have the necessary roster and swaps to pull it off. I'm only attempting FAL seriously for the second time and encountering this for the first time as last season that ace possibility wasn't there, unless I'm missing something.

Imi_wakannai | Oct 30, 4:49 PM

Prolly wont make to much longer after this week is up .. (if it even makes it to the end of this week).. it should, but that will be it i think..

tokomata | Oct 30, 1:13 AM
which weeks are expected for Undead Unluck and Dr Stone to cross the 80k threshold?

satorogojo__ | Oct 23, 1:31 AM
Why didn't I receive points for Ace Anime even tho it has highest points in my active team???

Imi_wakannai | Oct 15, 9:19 PM
@kanarazukarasu no problem!
N thats okay, i think thats what most people do.

kanarazukarasu | Oct 15, 1:19 AM
@Imi_wakannai Damn I'm so dumb >_>
Thanks for the clarification, I might as well take these guesstimates as gospel and call it a day because nah man that shit's impossible to calculate accurately 😪

Imi_wakannai | Oct 14, 10:21 PM
Ojou to Banken-kun Episode 1 Discussion had
130ish total replies
But # of replies that would have counted as points
(if it was a discussions week) were
95, because now its 1 comment per account that can go towards points
Not the over all total of comments per discussion

Imi_wakannai | Oct 14, 9:50 PM
@kanarazukarasu it says it right above the teams in that picture (but its not in the picture you sent) it says "my teams", then a paragraph, then it shows the anime on your teams.. the points they show for each team is kinda a guesstimate, its mostly accurate but the final point calculations end up being a lil different then it shows when the timer reaches 0 and i just like to use their guesstimate plus do my own so i know how many points each anime will end up at if im going to ace or swap the next week but idk a way to figure out the total # of discussions now that its changed

kanarazukarasu | Oct 14, 2:24 PM
@Imi_wakannai Wait what... where is that quote from? Is it in the rules? That's what I thought initially but I was told otherwise. This is so confusing 😭😭

Konan_Edogawa_ | Oct 10, 10:10 AM
@Imi_wakannai I feel like this change will gatekeep more new players from doing well unfortunately but I think at the same time this had to be done to combat spam. Its a trade off that some will be fine with but others not so much.

Imi_wakannai | Oct 10, 4:35 AM
@Konan_Edogawa_ i figured that was the case. That unfortunate. I guess thats why the original rules made more sense to how the game was originally structured, but i understand why it was changed, just makes it seem more like work to do that than fun..

Thanks for the reply!😊

Konan_Edogawa_ | Oct 9, 10:11 PM
@Imi_wakannai Probably not unless you have access to or are making some kind of spreadsheet to track this.

Imi_wakannai | Oct 7, 8:00 PM
"Predictive points are meant to be used for quick reference only; your own estimates based on the anime entry's expected values are recommended."

Is there a way to know the number of unique users that comment in the episode's discussion, Without having to count them 1 by 1 n having to remember each persons name?
Since all it shows is the number total of comments not the number of unique users..

MonstroGH | Oct 2, 6:33 PM
@Konan_Edogawa_ I want that badge :)

Konan_Edogawa_ | Oct 2, 4:49 PM
@MonstroGH I would love personally to see a crispy blue logo with a snowflake in the middle for the Winter FAL badge assuming we are going to have one in winter.

Kineta | Oct 2, 12:01 PM
@yurkin Unfortunately, not. The system is all automated, so if you miss registration there isn't anything we can do to help you. It's also a bit of an unfair advantage to pick later in the season.

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