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StormSky92 | Jun 29, 6:57 PM
Check the threads in the club discussion. They have the point breakdowns for every anime every week.

Asert333 | Jun 27, 11:24 AM
@Samii Thank you! Much appreciated.

Samii | Jun 27, 8:22 AM
@Asert333 for ace, both watching and completed are counted (dropped isn't counted). Since the numbers displayed are only for watching users it doesn't mean that it dropped below 85,000. So yes if it is still red it can't be aced.

Asert333 | Jun 26, 4:43 PM
It says, "Once an anime passes 85,000 watching members, it can no longer be aced, and the next anime with the most points in your team can be guessed instead."
So I assume that factor would remain in place even if the number recedes below 85,000, but I'd just like to confirm.

Asert333 | Jun 26, 4:39 PM
The Users Watching count has been going steadily down recently, mostly for anime that have finished airing.
I assume this is primarily because of people dropping or completing them, but they are still marked red, meaning they can't be aced, even for anime that I have not yet aced. To confirm, do completed and dropped users that aren't included in the total on my team list count towards aceability?
That is, would an anime that has over 85,000 total watching/completed cause an ace that did not reach that number to be considered an incorrect answer due to the currently lower watching total?

eplipswich | May 8, 11:22 PM
@Kineta So another bug to report is that we realize the forum points are not counting the first post of each episode discussion thread, only the replies.

eplipswich | May 1, 7:33 PM
@Kineta Just a bug to report, but clicking on My Rank under Rankings doesn't take me to my rank. It instead defaults to the top rankings. I guess maybe because I'm outside the top 100?

DrOnionn | Apr 21, 8:12 AM
I have already had to use two swaps this season. Gonna be a long one for me lol

Oloid | Apr 13, 10:07 AM
True that :/

Asert333 | Apr 13, 5:05 AM
@Oloid I'm pretty sure they stopped doing that last season when the number of participants jumped from a few hundred to over 20 thousand. It's a lot less interesting to see those statistics when hundreds of teams have the same layout than when it's only 3-4.

Oloid | Apr 12, 2:02 PM
Didn't there use to be stuff like these are how many teams you have your active anime in common with, these many teams have the same anime chosen but different benched and active, etc? Are statistics like these not shared anymore? If they are, where are they posted?

StormSky92 | Apr 10, 7:49 PM
Ah I see. That is rather confusing way of describing it.

eplipswich | Apr 10, 7:46 PM
@StormSky92 There's a bit of confusion with the description, but basically, User Watching (x0.5) refers to +0.25 points since in Week 1, it's listed as User Watching. So User Watching (x0.5) refers to half of User Watching (which gives +0.5 points), and half of +0.5 points is +0.25 points.

StormSky92 | Apr 10, 7:26 PM
So what's going on with the "+0.25 points in Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12." part of the Points Criteria for Users Watching on the Rules page? Both on the Team page and in the "Week 1: Ace/Swap Reminder & Discussion" thread it lists 0.5x points for users watchers for week 2. I was interpreting that as meaning it's supposed to be 0.25x points for watching numbers on even weeks. Is this a mistake and not supposed to be on the Rules page in the first place?

Asert333 | Apr 10, 5:35 PM
Because this always gets asked, and I always want to know too, there are 22,806 people participating in FAL this Spring 2022 season.

tl_dr | Mar 21, 4:36 AM
Is there any general rules / how it works post that somebody could link for me?

Kineta | Mar 20, 3:26 PM
It's that time again!

Kineta | Mar 10, 8:25 PM
Please let us know your thoughts on which anime should be blacklisted or restricted this season~

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