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Iconic | 6 hours ago
Anyone dumb enough to go into a hentai club and not expect to see some hentai deserve to be offended. It's like those stupid people in Japan reporting to that board about ecchi in an ecchi show not child friendly even though it's not targeted towards children and it airs late at night.

Shuhan | 6 hours ago
Breaks my heart to see such beauty be censored.

Iconic | 8 hours ago

Why are they complaining now after the layout been the pretty much the same all these years?

Meioh | Yesterday, 4:01 PM
Well I'm getting warnings about the club layout and trying to edit it down. Might have to make it secret after all these years. :(

-Venus- | Jun 26, 9:57 AM

Currently looking for a couple people that couple possibly make images or etc with staffing for a sexual RP site. Feel free to add/Message me and I'll get back to you asap :D

Meioh | Jun 25, 10:20 AM
Yeah, more Inyouchuu is good... we'll have to see.

DynamicBeast | Jun 24, 6:32 PM
I've only seen a couple things from them, and from what I've seen they're not that good. Could still give them a chance... maybe xD

iwatch2muchanime | Jun 21, 11:49 PM
no in general AniMan is bad, mediocre at best. part of Bust to Bust was their best work and it's still ass.

the rest are bad to whatever. and they ruined a Shiawase no Okina comic, so fuck em

Meioh | Jun 21, 3:29 PM
I found this:

Can anyone confirm if any of these are good? lol

Meioh | Jun 21, 3:20 PM
Yes, but I'm still confused as to who or what Animan (?) have done before? I'm hearing bad things.

Supposedly this will be based off the Shoku chaccu comic.

Serhiyko | Jun 21, 11:13 AM
Good news my comrades, new In'youchuu Shoku show is coming in August

Meioh | Jun 18, 6:32 AM
Utea 4 is kind of disappointing. :(

rohiti789 | Jun 17, 11:46 AM
Can anyone recommend me a site where I could download all the series given in the wall?

Monad | May 14, 12:11 AM
So they also found lots of the nice old contend?

Meioh | May 13, 1:15 PM
Yeah, that one seems to be the new official replacement from what I'm hearing. Hope it's so! Although the seeds/peers show 0, I think the trackers still has everyone from the old torrents. I was able to download some stuff yesterday.

DynamicBeast | May 12, 8:15 PM

Serhiyko | May 7, 12:44 PM
If anyone is interested on alternative source for hentai, I've been using this IRC bot lately (even before nyaa got down): http://xdcc.hentaitake.net/ (the bot resides in #HentaiTake@irc.rizon.net). It has the majority of later releases, and also a good number of older ones

Vanilla version of nyaa isn't that terribly of an issue (although it still is), but as has been mentioned, the biggest lost is sukebei. Most of hentai can be found one place or another, but there was a shitload of JAVs also. And even though there appears to be a partial mirror via magnet links for everything up to 2016, I am sure that with nyaa being down, the number of seeders will decline slowly until the vast majority of torrents ends up without any seeders

DynamicBeast | May 7, 12:45 AM
Had a look through the posts and most of the current alternatives don't seem stable to rely on right now, will use Hentai Haven for now I guess.

Meioh | May 6, 3:24 AM

Monad | May 6, 3:03 AM
Torrent and direct download available.

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