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Deknijff | Mar 21, 10:38 PM
since we are in a dry spill i come with gifs my brothers

iwatch2muchanime | Mar 10, 9:24 PM
they're unfortunately a let down
better than Asagi 2
but not Asagi 1 good

Monad | Mar 10, 8:25 PM
Oh! Gonna look so i can watch them then.
How many episodes will it be? Three?

Meioh | Mar 10, 4:36 PM
I still need to watch it...

Serhiyko | Mar 10, 6:41 AM
I usually check AniDB for this kind of info
And yes, it has - two of them actually, second one being only in raw yet
It was actually even discussed here before

Monad | Mar 9, 2:50 PM
Hi guys visiting here(and Mal in general) after some time.
Does anyone know if any episode of the third installment of Taimanin Asagi has been released?

DynamicBeast | Mar 8, 12:46 PM
Only played a few hours of it a long time ago, but its pretty damn fun! I wish I had finished it when I was well into the game xD

HydeHypnosis | Feb 25, 3:40 PM
Yeah i'm not good with those types of things, I tried various cracked games with far files but could never get them to work :/

SeasonADay | Feb 25, 2:42 PM
@ConstantDoom I don't understand how to patch it dude.
I'l have to figure it out later. It's in Japanese.

HydeHypnosis | Feb 25, 2:29 PM
cool, great show I will say once again xD I will have to save that dl for later since I'm not on a desktop, but tell me how it goes x) @SeasonADay

SeasonADay | Feb 25, 12:16 AM
I'm just watching monogatari while it downloads

HydeHypnosis | Feb 25, 12:05 AM
I seen the animation based on that I believe, did u buy that game? or are those cracked?

SeasonADay | Feb 25, 12:00 AM
Got a pretty weird game


HydeHypnosis | Feb 24, 8:21 PM
can u switch the website to english? is there a button for that?

Deknijff | Feb 24, 8:00 PM
please tell me its going to be super hardcore tentacle vore in that

Vitari | Feb 24, 7:56 PM

Any insight?

SeasonADay | Feb 24, 6:39 PM
@ConstantDoom the kitty isn't happy about that

Deknijff | Feb 24, 6:32 PM
that works too

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