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Meioh | Dec 2, 2:52 PM

TheOriginalDream | Dec 2, 8:16 AM
@Droxx I'll be going to my room to STUDY then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Droxx | Dec 2, 1:02 AM
@TheOriginalDream - good another brother in arms to fight the vanilla machine. Welcome I'd suggest my favorites: Dark Knight Ingrid (aka Hell knight), Mouryou no Nie, and skip to the 6th ep of Inma Seiden if you appreciate the classics but need release before actual story (they use to put their soul into every hentai frame).

Meioh | Nov 26, 10:59 AM
That girl seems to legit like hentai games too, I hope haha... does she know this is how Ai ends up?

Meioh | Nov 26, 10:55 AM
Well there's been a lot of news on the game side. The 5th game (Goku) was incredible. Some dakimakura's have been released but only at cons, so they'e really rare. Some other merchandise. They took a poll wondering if people wanted a remake of 1 and Shoku, or a sequel and people wanted a remake. So a remake of 1 and Shoku is coming out in 2017. Will probably be very hardcore like Goku. So excited!

Hopefully we get some more OVA's again.

Also this adorable girl cosplayed as Ai, the evil girl in Goku... kind of hot considering she's so evil and a sex slave for Nightmare.

She does red well so I hope she does Mikoto sometime...

A7xsynyster | Nov 26, 10:07 AM
New Inyouchuu news?

Meioh | Nov 26, 7:56 AM
Those will prepare your dick for Inyouchuu.

TheOriginalDream | Nov 26, 4:23 AM
@DynamicBeast TY bud!

DynamicBeast | Nov 25, 3:59 PM
@TheOriginalDream - Welcome!
Dark Love, Taimanin Asagi, Soukou Kijo Iris, Princess Catue, Mahou Shoujo Elena. These are a few I'd suggest, do check out the anime relations on the right for anything that may take your interest :)

TheOriginalDream | Nov 25, 7:41 AM

Deknijff | Nov 25, 6:29 AM
it was better than Etsuraku no Tane at least which was just a yuri hentai in disguise

Vitari | Nov 25, 6:25 AM
I don't know what to think. New Asagi is great, but 2 was the biggest disappointment in hentai history.

It's a shame to see how far it fell off, so i'll temper my expectations of it this time.

NiggerFetusCunt | Nov 23, 5:14 PM

reira93 | Nov 23, 1:33 PM
it looks... tame compared to the first asagi ova but i hope it will be better than rest of the year. man... those last years really sucked for us :D

Monad | Nov 23, 12:04 AM
I got as message about Asagi 3 being added to the MAL database also.
Let's hope it will be better than the second OVA.
Murasaki is part of the action it seems.

Vaako21 | Nov 22, 5:09 PM
Hm looks like decent gangbang action but if there arent any tentacles in the previews there wont be anything in there atleast nothing worthwhile.

Meioh | Nov 21, 9:39 AM
ziz... crossing my fingers!

TheSandManX | Nov 21, 8:12 AM
My friends! It's been way too long! The drought has sent most of us into hiding, but I return with a hopefully small glimmer of hope. I see some tentacle action on the cover, but not much in the slides. Hopefully we wont be disappointed:


Meioh | Oct 30, 5:07 AM
Well anyone playing any good h-games lately?

veloxnex | Oct 24, 9:29 PM
I saw in the past where some of Ranken's art was posted, figured I'd post a link with an extensive collection of their work.


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