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DynamicBeast | Sep 13, 1:51 AM
No idea, but I'd assume anything they have would be better than what we have in the UK lol

Meioh | Sep 12, 4:52 AM
Ah, I wish I had the money. Do they have good hentai panels? lol

DynamicBeast | Sep 12, 3:36 AM
Anime Expo

Meioh | Sep 9, 4:19 PM

DynamicBeast | Sep 9, 12:03 AM
Anyone from or near LA thinking of going AX next year?

DynamicBeast | Aug 29, 12:28 AM
OOOOOOH! That's looking nice!

TheSandManX | Aug 20, 1:41 PM
Brothers and sisters! Rejoice! If you were a fan of xx of the dead (like I was), then the next installment comes in about 2 months! Be Strong!


Meioh | Aug 6, 10:24 AM
I liked it. It's cheap and a bit unacceptable, but it seems like a miracle to get another Inyouchuu OVA. I mean really, I think it's better than Etsu's OVA which also had really stiff and boring animation, but at least this has fat pregnant bellies. It only covers about half of the comic, so hopefully there's another episode where the demon Meioki fucks all the girls.

Serhiyko | Aug 6, 2:27 AM
Anyone watched it? I'll wait for the subs

Hentai | Jul 19, 2:33 PM
Well at least it's not CG'd I guess. Still a rather disappointment but oh well. Content wise it looks good

iwatch2muchanime | Jul 19, 2:03 PM
it's not even real animation lol. motion comics are the budget form of narrating a visual comic with voices and music lol. it's tee rash

Monad | Jul 19, 9:35 AM
Flash type animation. It means it's quite low budget even compare to previous installments.
Hope the creative contend can at least make up for it.

DynamicBeast | Jul 19, 4:47 AM
I've seen worse animation. It's not that bad considering the drought we have with the nasty good stuff xD

iwatch2muchanime | Jul 19, 2:17 AM

animan strikes again, stupid motion comic bs

Meioh | Jul 18, 4:23 PM
Guys, the new Shoku OVA doesn't look half bad!

Yeah... looks like flash animation and rather cheap in ways, but they're not holding back on the weird shit. :)

ConstantHypnosis | Jul 15, 12:01 PM
Oh you changed your username x) I was slightly confused for a sec lol but np Taiga

Taiga-Chan24 | Jul 15, 7:50 AM
Yeah.. I don't mind Raws.. thank u! @ConstantHypnosis

ConstantHypnosis | Jul 14, 11:10 PM
@GGB24 Well, you can find numerous sites by simply searching hentai in google but I will give you one suggestion, hentaigasm.com--they put out videos faster then haven but that includes raws.

Taiga-Chan24 | Jul 14, 6:38 PM
What are the best sites to watch hentai? The only one I know Is hentaiheaven..

Meioh | Jul 14, 3:30 PM
Try nyaa for torrents, might need to try the kanji though.

Maybe pornbb or planetsuzy forums.

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