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DesolatePsyche | Yesterday, 7:43 AM
yay clubs back. Some more things then they start working on API. Then can mass watch anime again :D

SeaBiscuit | May 27, 4:43 AM
I've been using Taiga for years and this is the first time I'm commenting here.

Bajar | May 26, 9:38 AM
gonna have the fattest batch update when it re-enables.

Predelnik | May 24, 10:58 PM
Thanks, @erengy!
I've messaged customer support, hope it will be resolved quickly.

erengy | May 24, 9:52 AM
Hey everyone,

As you may know, MAL API has been temporarily disabled "to address a vulnerability", and there's no word on when it's going to be re-enabled. This affects almost all third-party applications, including Taiga.

For now, you can continue using Taiga, to some extent. It will send any queued updates to MAL when the API becomes available.

Since this issue is primarily related to DeNA (MAL's parent company) rather than the MAL staff, sending complaints to DeNA's customer support seems to be our best bet at the moment.

erengy | May 9, 11:57 AM
@CorvaX The server was down for a short while. It should be working now.

CorvaX | May 9, 10:02 AM
Could not download, link goes to 404

EvenJellyOn | May 6, 11:01 AM
Anybody else get too many failed log-ins?

Paulo27 | Apr 6, 2:44 PM
Have you seen this, erengy?

Xeroeth | Apr 6, 2:31 AM
It's nice that this project is still alive :) Thanks!

Nyalicious | Apr 6, 1:43 AM
Thank you for your work!

Paulo27 | Apr 5, 2:10 PM
It has been a long time huh. Thanks for the continued work, erengy!

erengy | Apr 5, 11:59 AM
It uses Discord's Rich Presence feature to display something like this. If you have any trouble getting it working, please refer to this page.

DesolatePsyche | Apr 5, 11:35 AM
Cool, an update. Cheers mate.

How does the discord thing function? Does it put what im watching on media player as status? Or how exactly it "shares" ?

erengy | Apr 5, 8:58 AM
After a year and a half in development, v1.3 is now available as a stable release. Highlights of this release are:
  • Support for more services: Kitsu, AniList
  • Support for more streaming services: HIDIVE, VRV, Yahoo View
  • Support for more BitTorrent clients: qBittorrent, Transmission
  • Support for sharing to Discord
  • Improved media detection
You can read the entire changelog for the details, which includes dozens of minor improvements and bug fixes.

Maccaz | Mar 16, 11:12 PM
I use
for new releases and
for new releases of a title.

Cashdax | Mar 16, 9:27 PM
I wouldn't be asking if it was already the default feed. I'm on 1.2.5

Paulo27 | Mar 16, 3:24 PM
Nyaa.si is already there as a default feed.

Cashdax | Mar 16, 10:14 AM
EDIT: Holy, my comment last July is just on the 2nd page lol

Cashdax | Mar 16, 10:00 AM
Hi, how to setup Taiga again for custom RSS to be set to nyaa.si? I lost all my settings after a fresh install. Thanks!

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