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MegaHuy324 | Oct 15, 12:05 PM
hi guys!

MelonMilk | Aug 31, 8:11 AM
Happy Birthday to Miku!

DenpaNyanNyan | Jul 12, 10:38 AM

FishyPanda7 | Jun 29, 12:40 PM
What is this?

RiasIsMyWaifu | Jun 12, 12:02 AM
Everything was on point, the only thing this tour was lacking in were visual effects. As the 2014 tour had a huge LED board around Miku which had different visuals/effects for the songs.
Example: for the song "A Thousand Cherry Blossoms" they had this

Cherry blossoms falling from the trees onto Miku as she danced.

Nonetheless, it was a geat show!

RiasIsMyWaifu | Jun 11, 11:52 PM
Anyone else here go to MIKUEXPO 2016?

I have to say, being a couple feet from the stage where Miku is was one hell of an experience.
Very much worth the $150 price.

MelonMilk | May 26, 9:04 AM
Just spent a whole day on Project Diva X. I love the new chance time reward but it feels pretty bad when you miss it, especially with how much I miss in 8* and above. ;_;

JIBRIL12 | Apr 30, 6:19 PM
Nice to meet you to:

Euphemia is online!

FlamingHeart95 | Apr 30, 3:11 AM
Nice to meet you guys (。Ő▽Ő。)ノ゙

JIBRIL12 | Apr 27, 7:27 AM
Done and "nice to meet you"

Euphemia is online!

Ariel285 | Apr 26, 12:19 PM
Has anyone watch any interesting anime recently that you would recommend. If u do comment on my Profile

Veggiecide | Apr 26, 12:15 PM
Anyone here that went to the Seattle Miku Expo? I'm really looking forward to the LA date but it'll be my first time and I have no idea what to do lol

JIBRIL12 | Apr 22, 8:54 PM
Lets talk here:
I dont have twiter eh"

Euphemia is online!

lagcats | Apr 21, 7:07 PM
btw follow my twitter if you guys want to discuss some anime/manga http://www.twitter.com/lagcats

lagcats | Apr 21, 7:07 PM
Hi ty for invite

JIBRIL12 | Apr 21, 2:26 PM

Euphemia is online!

Eunji-Sama | Apr 21, 7:48 AM
The Banner code should be

JIBRIL12 | Apr 19, 4:57 AM
Euphemia is online!

Eunji-Sama | Apr 18, 5:47 PM
Nice to meet you too OwO

JIBRIL12 | Apr 18, 3:58 AM
Ask the club officers
They will assis you"
And nice to meet you:p

Euphemia is online!

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