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-Izanagi | 11 hours ago
@vegeta: It is fairly dark; the story... (shock)

vejeta | Jun 15, 3:39 PM
Wow you guys are still kicking it here!

Anyway I'm playing Death End Re:Quest and its pretty good.

-Izanagi | Jun 15, 1:02 PM
The E3 2019 list looks good.... Where is Xenosaga Episode IV? :'(

Just kidding... The list of games which interest me thus far are:

Code Vein (PS4)
Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (PS4)
Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)
Phantasy Star Online 2 (XBone)
Tales of Arise (PS4)

Ahri- | Jun 14, 4:14 PM
@Afuchar No I haven't in fact I still have tales of berseria on hold >_< I need to pick up the pace on my ps4 games

and yah remakes can be different but they can also be for the better, like Resident Evil 2, gosh I loved it.... I just wished it was longer instead of them dragging content out by trying to get you to play it over and over >_< ... that I don't really like

and yah of course with a Remake they can always do more... the question is though will they ? I feel like usually they just do flashy new graphics and few added things but the content doesn't always necessarily grow :/ ... especially if you look at how bad the final fantasy 13 series was :/ ... and 15 they kinda fucked up as well... like yah the game was new and good... but like 80% of my game play was hunts and running around and stuff... 20$ like story... like come on.... they could have done a longer and better story line.

NexivSelecaf | Jun 14, 9:57 AM
Honestly, I been at the point with E3 where I, like with anime, don't care about it as much as I used to. I get the most excited about games that are close to releasing, not more than half a year away.

Still, I guess this is my E3 2019 list:

Cyberpunk 2077.
Final Fantasy VII Remake, though news on a PC version would make me care a lot more.
Watch Dogs 3/Legion.
The Halo Master Chief Collection for $10 per game on Steam.
Doom Eternal, kinda. I liked Doom 2016 a lot but I don't necessarily want more Doom at the moment.
The Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2 is also a maybe since I got my fill of the game with the Arks-Layer translated version years ago and my MMO of choice is Destiny 2 at the moment. And boy does PSO2 really look its age.
And I'm sure there were some other things that looked interesting, but they're not worth mentioning if I have to pull up a list.

But for now, I just want Code Vein which is due out in September, and Bloodstained Ritual of the Night which is due out about five days.

Afuchar | Jun 14, 4:50 AM
Same. You can see that my anime list is pretty much dead at this point. I watch almost nothing.

Any of those E3 titles are of interest to you?


Have you seen the new Tales? And regarding FF7, it's a remake. I'm pretty annoyed at people for thinking they'll get the same fucking game even after knowing it's a Remake. Sephiroth already appears on Midgard, and I don't remember that appearing on the first game.

I think they can use this opportunity to add a lot of more content and linking different parts of the saga, like Crisis Core, the Turk game, novels and such. It would be a shame that, being episodic, they didn't use that to their advantage to unite everything for fans. That way they could attract old and new players alike and give the full story.


I'm glad PSO2 is coming to the west, finally, after like almost a decade having to play it in Japanese with an English patch. They could have taken the west fanbase and used it to gain more money, it was an oversight... at least they found out already that it's popular outside Japan. It could catch other player's interest.

NexivSelecaf | Jun 12, 5:37 PM
@Afuchar: Well, I'm not the weeb that I used to be ten years ago. And taking boredom naps helped kill some of the wait time for my Surface Book 2 (the 15" version with 1TB) to show up, install Windows updates, download some games, and transfer over 350 GBs of my files over WLAN, which was basically my E3 2019 in a nutshell. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ahri- | Jun 12, 4:16 PM
idk what it is, I want to say I have heard of the first one but it's not ringing a bell of any sorts.... although I did just finish another stressful day of work so not much right now is ringing any bells :/

-Izanagi | Jun 12, 4:11 PM
Anyone excited that Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the West???

Well, it will not show up on the psn platform but XBone and Steam. Great too, isn't it guys and girls??

I wish it was released this week. I don't have time to play it next year. Boohoo~

Ahri- | Jun 11, 8:26 PM
Oof I saw the FF7 remake and hopefully they don't screw it up though... not that I hated it overall but 15's story was a big let down :/ , still enjoyed myself a lot though, it's just sad that only like 20 hours of my game play was following story stuff and like 40-50 of it was all hunts and such :P , it would have been nice to have more of a balance.

Also shesh I just realized how back logged I am on ps4 games, I still need to finish dragon quest 11 and tales of berseria which has been on hold for like ever... ugh life needs to get less busy so I have more time for video games and stuff but I keep trying to fit too much stuff in which results in less and less time of each, ps4 being one of them :(

Anyways hope everyones doing well and such.

Afuchar | Jun 11, 1:25 PM
Btw, there are some pretty awesome spinners... maybe it could work. And man, you sound like a saltier/manlier version of myself. Sleep just because you're bored? That's totally me.

Afuchar | Jun 11, 1:23 PM
Cyberpunk looks pretty awesome, tbh. I'm more excited for FF7, 8 remastered and Tales of Arise. But you know I'm an RPG fan through and through.

“Remaking Final Fantasy VII has allowed us to dive much deeper into the world and its characters than ever before,” Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase said on stage. “The game design was optimized for this title as well, and we anticipate two blu-ray discs worth of gameplay content. The first game in this project expands on the story of Midgar, and is such an elaborate retelling that it has become a solid standalone game in its own right.” Lol, theories nailed it.

And the combat mode is similar to FF13's with the stagger and the ATB bars. I liked that combat mode, so... not bad at all.

NexivSelecaf | Jun 10, 9:39 PM
So far the best E3 news that I got was Cyberpunk 2077's release date, which gives me plenty of time to upgrade to 14440p ultrawide; give or take HDR and G-Sync.

And to put more of my interest in anime into perspective: I started watching K-ON! when it was new almost ten years ago. I only got three episodes in and it's still on hold. So I have a history of saying that I'll watch something but not actually do it, mainly because I simultaneously prefer to binge though a series or a season within a day, but I also find the notion of spending a whole day watching anime to be very boring since I'm more entertained by games, biking, being one type of artist or another, and I also sleep out of boredom apparently if there are too many cloudy and rainy days in a row. That, and I'm doing my Destiny 2 thing again. DLC for Mass Effect 2 and 3 went on sale so I'll get back to those games eventually. I do want to get back into FF14 since Viera will be a playable race in the next expansion... so, watching anime is pretty low on my to-do list, even with the idea of re-watching shows that I like; though I now wonder if a fidget spinner could help satiate my need for multiple stimuli in that scenario.

Afuchar | Jun 10, 7:53 AM
They just said FF7 Remake is coming out in March 2020, too <3 at least the 1st episode, I don't think they'll release the whole thing yet.

How's that DxD testing? I agree btw, too much harem and shit and little else. Freezing was pretty good, I watched the anime AND read the manga, and I don't usually like animes with so many sexualized characters. I mean, I don't care about them, but they make the animations so they have sexual stuff on purpose like... faces buried in boobs, underwear showing, ginormous boobs, stuff like that ad nauseum. And I fucking like action being a bigger part.

NexivSelecaf | Jun 6, 10:12 PM
@Afuchar: I don't remember if I told you how I ended up watching ecchi, but here it goes.

I started watching anime with the original Fullmetal Alchemist and NGE in the mid 2000's, so my opinion of ecchi at the time was not very positive because I was pretty pretentious about anime until 2011 when I gave Eiken and Agent Aika a shot and ended up liking them. That's when I decided that ecchi was just a campy genre that I was taking way too seriously, which coincided with Ikkitousen growing on me over the years because I didn't think much of it ten years ago aside from it's art style.

So while I became pretty accepting of ecchi, especially with Ikki, Elfen Lied, Freezing, HOTD, and Golden Boy, I still look down on harems from a significant height. Those shows to me just cater to lonely nerds who insert themselves, wishing they were the main male character in the hopes that said character would be romantically and/or sexually involved with their favorite girl. Despite being single for a while and taking an interest in Unity, Ren'Py and RPG Maker made eroge over the past few years, I'm not as far gone as people who are into harems for some type of companionship. So me having School Days in my top ten is less of a repressed interest in harems and more of a "fuck you, get away from me" to people that are too far gone and take all of that waifu shit too seriously. So the notion of watching a show about "your run-of-the-mill pervert who does nothing productive with his life, peeping on women and dreaming of having his own harem one day" sounds absolutely soul-crushing because the premise sounds like hot garbage.

So, I already have my preconceived notions about DxD and the people who champion the series as hard as I champion Ikki. Ecchi works best for me if the scantily clad girls are beating the shit out of each other as if it's gender swapped Dragon Ball, and also if the characters and stories are compelling enough at a certain "it's good for an ecchi" standard which Ikki, Freezing and HOTD meet for me, not just exploitation and sexual themes for the sake of it which is how I describe Queen's Blade and why it was just boring to me. But like I was proven wrong about ecchi in that the genre actually has some entertainment value aside from a basic form of sexuality, I could be proven wrong about DxD. Maybe Rias Gremory and some of the other DxD girls are Kan'u and Satellizer esque badasses that I never knew about because I've basically never heard DxD be decried as an action series because everyone who watched it was fixated on the ecchi and harem aspects of it. I mean, I'm still expecting to have a similar experience to Queen's Blade, but we'll see.

-Izanagi | Jun 6, 8:52 AM
Yesterday, I got the Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSHD for my old yet only PS4. I just installed it. Now, I gotta redownload every game up to date. I hope the download speeds of the SSHD is faster than the Seagate 1TB 5400rpm HDD I replaced which was slightly better than the stock 500GB 5400rpm HDD.

I got like 1.8TB of games but backing them up would take 10 hours and so, I decided to download everything from scratch. Even backing up 460GB of data on a Samsung SSD takes 4 hours. And that's a very LONG period of wait time.

-Izanagi | Jun 5, 10:15 AM
@Afuchar: No. I meant what I meant. Now, if you will excuse me, I am gonna get some sleep.

Afuchar | Jun 5, 9:10 AM

Well, instead of stopping playing games, you should invest your time on convincing your wife-to-be that videogames are no different from other games like Trivial or Clue. Hell, even listening to music can be an addiction if you let it. And gaming together is fun as hell, too.

And who said anything about me liking scat? I don't like it, I just like my hentai kinky. Scat is just an unfortunate and biological consequence of it all.

Also, if your future wife is so against videogames, I don't wanna know what does she thinks about PCs. Games are never a waste, in 20 years, PS3 and PS4 will be mostly retro or vintage, and games will sell for higher.

Anyway, are you fucking with us? Cause all that 'I shall this I shall that' sounds like you're fucking with us.


Naughty, naughty. Whatever shall I do? ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

Huh, maybe there's some plot and you actually end up liking it... It was so fucking popular I'm not sure I wanna bet against it.


Yo! How's everything? You've been absent for a while.

-Izanagi | Jun 4, 5:37 PM
The thing is that my wife-to-be sees the word "gamer" as "addicted to gaming" and that "gaming" is "very negative and bad". Part of the reason is that her country doesn't really sell games; as that most games are banned and outlawed except stuff like 3DS XL with CFW and 100 games pre-installed. If I am going to go there many times, I gotta follow the local rules and customs and etiquettes. I will not play games.

I shall watch healthy movies about love and family. I shall listen to music about love. And I will break the language barrier and improve my language skills.

All of a sudden, I find my knowledge of the Japanese language to be useless and that having all these games was actually a waste of money. Certainly, I have already cut down on the number of games I am buying by a huge percent but it is not good enough. I can do better than this!!

-Izanagi | Jun 4, 5:24 PM
@NexivsSelecaf: No way. I am gonna let my wife and kids use my computers in the future. (^_^)

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