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YukiNatsu | Aug 21, 5:32 AM
Happy Birthday Ritsu its her bday today 8/21

Monikon | Aug 15, 4:12 PM
We gotta get more people to watch K-ON! It's about to lose it's 50th most popular spot to Highschool DxD.

MrGita | Aug 3, 11:29 AM
Hi 🎩

Darkette_Angel15 | Aug 2, 11:11 AM

MrGita | Aug 2, 10:50 AM
Hahah 😊

Darkette_Angel15 | Aug 2, 10:46 AM
Listen to the openings and stuff and its even worse you miss k-on even more haha

Darkette_Angel15 | Aug 2, 10:45 AM
Yo mr.gita

MrGita | Aug 2, 9:34 AM
I miss Keion so much 😭😭😭😭 You guys ??

MrGita | Aug 2, 9:32 AM
Hi there guys ..... What's up ?...... Let's start a conversation ✌️

Darkette_Angel15 | Aug 1, 10:31 AM
Well wassaaappp just to start a conversation

ThisNameSucks | Aug 1, 8:03 AM
Hi there. Sorry for the delay folks. Internet Explorer really should step up their loading game.

Darkette_Angel15 | Aug 1, 1:20 AM

sbyrstall | Jul 29, 7:59 AM
Welcome ThisNameSucks (TNS) as a new admin. AngelRin hasn't been on MAL for 2 years so a change was needed. I know the club hasn't been that active due to there not being anything new coming out except for the occasional Anthology chapter.

MrGita | Jul 28, 4:39 AM
Tnx, i have not watched these animes but i will 😀

Darkette_Angel15 | Jul 27, 10:12 AM
Gita, have you watched school live! Its like k-on but more on the scary side but i think it was a great anime over all.

sbyrstall | Jul 27, 7:56 AM
Gita, I would recommend the Love Live series, both School Idol Project and Sunshine.
If what you are looking for is cute girls doing cute things, then [b]Bakuon![/b would fit that idea description.

As for a season 3, it would be nice if they were to anime both the High School and College mangas but I don't see that happening since neither of them were fully fleshed out and the mangaka pretty much retired from doing both of them. Don't expect one I'm just saying.

MrGita | Jul 27, 7:32 AM
I'm searching for similar animes like K-on but no K-on is nr.1 , wish they make season 3
P.S.I have problem uploading a profile pic 😭 it worked on my future profile 🐷

Darkette_Angel15 | Jul 26, 1:04 PM

sbyrstall | Jul 26, 11:29 AM
You're welcome Gita.

I had to change the main. You're halfway through summer and the winter pic was still up. LOL

MrGita | Jul 26, 11:20 AM
I really like your club .... im happy that someone wants to keep K-on "alive" in some way 👌🏻

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