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You will find THOUSANDS of updates being up on here, going from left to right, from top to bottom. We will always keep in touch with all the updates on the upcoming new season(which is a possibility at the time) and I am always open to emails! I also am a Shana Cosplayer! This will be a little chat for our little cosplay chats. I also am a HUGE fan at the time, I have a Shakugan no Shana backpack, which reminds me, I will be updating on the following things: -Merchandise -Episodes -Seasons -Reviews -Recordings -Cosplayers If you have information about the above, that we did not list yet, feel free to email me at I am always open for reply. We also have separate places for each and every one of you. The system works out like this, you take a simple quiz, see the character you got(if the result doesn't satisfy you, take it again^^), and then go to the part of this club that belongs to you: Yoshida, Shana, Yuji, Ike, Alastor, Chigusa(yuji's mom), Satou, Eita, Margery Daw, Marchosias, etc. You have it all here. We will still participate as a group. We also have groups such as, AMV makers, photographers, artists, etc. I will look into contests we can participate as a group in. So what are you waiting for? You know you like Shakugan no Shana, you know you want to join, so why not? Let's get goin', folks! As my closing out of this description about my brand new club, if you have questions about club contests coming up, AMV contests and such, please email me at I am always open for reply any time. Good day to you, I hope this club satisfies you in any way we can! **If you do not like this club, we would love to hear from you! Email us at, again thank you!**

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Shakugan no Shana Cosplay Making Tips
nekoflamehaze - Feb 16, 2009
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Feb 16, 2009 6:40 AM

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