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Nobunaga Concerto History classes have never interested Saburo. He never saw the point of learning something that happened in the past, let alone a few hundred years ago. But when he falls off a wall, he travels through a wormhole and ends up in 16th century ancient Japan. He meets a very young Oda Nobunaga, one of the most influential figures in Japanese history, who turns out to be identical in appearance as Saburo. The real Nobunaga, sick of the castle life and wanting to travel, orders Saburo to take his place. Without knowing how to get back to his time, Saburo tries to make sure history isn't rewritten for the infamous Oda Nobunaga. Read here. Suggest a Hidden Gem for next month here. Club Stuff: Our Discord Server Suggestions & Ideas | Suggest a Manga to be Featured Manga Lists: Manga Awards | 21st Century Manga | 1990s & Earlier Manga One Shots & Short Series | Game-Based Manga | Manhwa & Manhua Members' Recommendations (this will eventually be merged with the other threads above) Discussions: - "Recommend me Something!" - Current Series You Are Enjoying/Obsessed With - What was your latest, greatest "hidden" manga find? - Favorite manga - cover edition! - Favorite lesser known mangaka - Genre Defining Works - Manga Collection Pictures - Manga Resources and Other Interesting Links - Past Hidden Gem Covers

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Sticky: Suggest a Hidden Gem of the Month!
Brand - May 2, 2017
33 replies by HighSchoolTobi »»
Jun 6, 11:24 PM
April 2019 - Nobunaga Concerto
Brand - Apr 3
2 replies by Brand »»
Apr 28, 6:34 AM
Poll: Vote for May 2019's Hidden Gem of Manga
Brand - Apr 15
2 replies by Brand »»
Apr 16, 6:08 PM
Poll: Vote for April 2019's Hidden Gem of Manga
Brand - Mar 25
0 replies by Brand »»
Mar 25, 8:04 AM
March 2019 - Ichi
Brand - Mar 5
0 replies by Brand »»
Mar 5, 10:40 AM

Club Comments
heichou1 | May 23, 7:59 AM
A manga that I really enjoy, that is not too popular, is Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan. But my very favorite manga is Shingeki no Kyojin but it is really main stream.

Brand | Apr 16, 12:13 PM
I'm a for posterity kind of person but if enough members wanted to remove it I would do it.

Crazy_Cofee_Cat | Apr 15, 11:50 PM
Well, it's definitely not one right now.
I suggest looking over the recommendations.

Brand | Apr 15, 2:01 PM
At some point, HxH must have had few enough users to warrant it as a Hidden Gem. It pre-dates me being an admin though so I don't know the circumstances.

Roth | Apr 15, 11:59 AM
bad bait

Crazy_Cofee_Cat | Apr 4, 8:45 AM
So, how's HxH a hidden gem or how was it ever?

Brand | Mar 25, 8:14 AM
Vote for April's hidden gem!

Brand | Feb 20, 12:10 PM
Vote for March's hidden gem

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