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<img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/30/47851393_f779a79ac9.jpg?v=0" border="0"> Yuffie Kisaragi (ユフィ・キサラギ, Yufi Kisaragi?) is an optional playable character and self-proclaimed "Materia Hunter" who joins the party hoping to steal their Materia, with the intention of restoring her country, Wutai, to its former glory. Although a skillful ninja, Yuffie is prone to sea and air sickness and shows signs of kleptomania. She has dark green eyes and black hair which is always tied back. She is voiced by Yumi Kakazu in the Japanese releases of her appearances. In the English-speaking territories, she is voiced by Christy Carlson Romano in Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children; she is voiced by Mae Whitman in all of her other appearances. The player can encounter Yuffie during random battles in forests. If she is defeated, she may join the party depending on the player's dialogue choices. An incorrect answer causes her to steal some of the party's money and flee. Near the end of the game's first disc, it is possible for the player to set Cloud Strife up on a date with either her, Aerith, Barret, or Tifa. During the date with Yuffie, she kisses Cloud in an awkward sequence. If the Wutai continent is visited after acquiring Cid and before the party's raid in Midgar, Yuffie steals the player's materia and flees to the town of Wutai, where she plays several tricks on the party to get rid of them. In the end, she gives the materia back after being saved from Don Corneo. In another sidequest, she must prove herself to her father Godo by beating the bosses of Wutai's five-story Pagoda, including her father himself. If successful, Godo asks Cloud to take Yuffie with him on his quest, and the party receives the Leviathan materia. Due to her nature as an optional character, Yuffie is absent from the game's FMV ending. However, her absence is later retconned in Dirge of Cerberus, where it shows that she was actually helping out in evacuating Midgar shortly before Meteor fell, during which she manages to rescue Vincent—having returned to the Sister Ray's controls in order to confirm Hojo's death—with a hover craft as Meteor begins to fall onto Midgar. <img src="http://www.fsktm.upm.edu.my/~nabil/yuffie.jpg" border="0"> In Advent Children, she goes to Midgar in search of the kidnapped children and joins the other characters in their fight. In "Reminiscence", an extra scene featured in the film's DVD edition, Yuffie attempts to contact Cloud to visit Barret and gives Cloud a gift: a "closed for business" sign to be used for his shop. The staff of the film admits in the DVD's audio commentary that the box of materia that Cloud keeps in the church is indeed Yuffie's. In the novella "Case of Barret", part of On the Way to a Smile, it is mentioned that Yuffie teaches ninjutsu to the children in Wutai in the period between Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children. In Dirge of Cerberus, Yuffie joins the World Regenesis Organization and assists Vincent several times throughout the game, most notably infiltrating the Mako Reactor Zero in the ruins of Midgar and shutting it off while Vincent defeats the members of Deepground. Yuffie also appears in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII during a sidequest and a short stint in the story where Zack meets her in the Wutai temple. Yuffie so far appears in three games of the Kingdom Hearts series. In Kingdom Hearts, Yuffie is first seen in Traverse Town after the battle between Sora and Leon. Along with him, Cid and Aerith Gainsborough, she fights to defeat the Heartless who had destroyed their world. She also makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as a remnant of Sora's memories of Traverse Town. Yuffie also appeared in the Olympus Coliseum in an optional fight with Leon or alone. In Kingdom Hearts II, Yuffie aids Leon and the others as part of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, this time appearing in her Advent Children attire, and participates in the Heartless invasion by helping Sora past hoards of Heartless. She also appears in the Olympus Coliseum once more, with Leon, Tifa, or both plus Cloud. During the ending credits, we see Yuffie giving a sea-salt ice cream to Cid, while Yuna, Paine and Rikku immediately stole hers, prompting the ninja to run after them. <img src="http://cdimg1.crunchyroll.com/i/spire3/07142008/c/8/6/4/c86483e3619610_full.jpg" border="0"> Yuffie is a secret playable fighter in the PlayStation version of Ehrgeiz along with Tifa, Cloud, Sephiroth, Vincent and Zack. Yuffie also makes an appearance in Itadaki Street Portable along with Cloud, Aerith, Tifa and Sephiroth.

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