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This is a space for asexual (ace), aromantic (aro), gray asexual, gray aromantic, and ally otakus. This is a list of (possibly) asexual and/or aromantic characters in anime and manga. Most series do not use these labels so some of these choices may be debatable. Some of them are just relatable to ace or aro watchers/readers in their lack of sexual or romantic attraction. Let me know if there are any other ace/aro or ace/aro-coded characters.

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Keizakomu | Mar 26, 5:03 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions

GriffsHuman | Mar 25, 1:08 PM
Klaus from Spy Classroom has been revealed in the anime to be canonically aro: in episode 11 he says flat-out that he has never experienced romantic attraction toward anyone and is only looking for familial love.

Keizakomu | Jan 30, 7:11 PM
Just writing some more examples not on MAL (yet)

Amiru Arata (aro) from "Last Gender: Nanimono demo nai Watashitachi"

Kashiwa (ace) from "Seikyouiku 120%"

Ame (aro) from "Ame ga Shinai Koto"

Hayami (aro) and Tsukase (aro) from "Love-Razu: Koi ga Wakaranai Danjo no Hanashi"

Ritsuka Mizuno (straight ace) from "1% no Koi: Doutei no Boku to Asexual na Kanojo"

Tsugumi Hara (aro) from "17.3 about a sex: Watashitachi no Real"

Nonami (gay demiromantic) from "Ai da no Koi da no"

Hayato Segawa (aroace) from "Ano Yoru no Pool"

Kira (aroace) from "Genderless Danshi ni Aisareteimasu."

Keizakomu | Jan 30, 6:54 PM
This series isn't on MAL yet, so I'll put this here:
"Yuri to Koe to Kaze Matoi"/"Lilies, Voice, Wear Wind" has multiple aro/ace characters
Matoi Nonoshita (lesbian ace demiromantic)
Yuriko Sae (aroace)
Rie Inose (pan demisexual)

GriffsHuman | Jan 10, 6:52 PM
Akuru Akutsu (Aho Girl): Gets very annoyed by attempts to seduce him, and says in the manga that he doesn't care whether sexual relations occur in a future hypothetical marriage

Kuroe (If I Could Reach You): Says she hates relationships based on romance, and that romance is a feeling she'll never need

Anya Kudou (The Ones Within): In a task that requires players to tell the truth, when the players are told to talk about their first love, he says he's never had one. And when the characters are discussing everyone's romantic history (or lack thereof), says he has no interest in girls or anything lovey-dovey

Izutsumi (Delicious in Dungeon): Is able to resist succubi because she, in her words, doesn't have a type or anything that she's attracted to

laraes | Dec 12, 2022 6:05 AM
Another suggestion: Catarina Claes from Hamefura is aro/ace or at least very, very aro/ace-coded <3 I love her character!

wermluvr | Oct 19, 2022 4:03 PM
I can't believe she hasn't made this list already tbh, but Mami Yagihara from Ao no Flag is very ace/aro coded imo.

GriffsHuman | Sep 15, 2022 7:12 AM
Some suggestions for characters to add:

Rikka Takanashi (Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions): Not aro, but very likely ace, since she's very averse to getting physical Yuuta. Breaks down in tears when she tries to kiss him because everyone's pressuring her to take the next step in her relationship, but can't bring herself to do it.

Hatz (Tower of God): Doesn't understand why people would want to see Androssi in compromising outfits, absolutely hates being forced to flirt.

Yuliy Jirov (Sirius the Jaeger): Dorothea straight-up tells Ryouko that pursuing him romantically is a waste of time. His only reactions to being blatantly flirted with are completely ignoring it, or confused head-tilt.

Langa Hasegawa (Sk8 the Infinity): A lot of fans interpret him as being demi based on a magazine interview with the creator where she said: "I don't think he's the type to be attracted by looks. Even with Reki, he didn't think 'Reki is amazing' right from the start, it was only after having spent time with him and learned who he was on the inside."

Tomoki Kuroki (WataMote): Ignores or gets outright annoyed by anything flirtatious or sexually charged. When a classmate visits his home and tries to figure out what he's into (by playing Twister, having overtly sexual conversations, and searching his room for evidence), she ends up desperately concluding that he has a soccer fetish based on the fact that she couldn't find any porn, but did find soccer magazines.

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