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This is a safe space for asexual (ace)/aromantic (aro)/demisexual/gray asexual/gray aromantic and ally otakus. This is a list of (possibly) asexual or aromantic characters in anime and manga. Most series do not use these labels so some of these choices may be debatable. Some of them are just relatable to ace or aro watchers/readers in their lack of sexual or romantic attraction. Let me know if there are any other characters that you interpreted as ace/aro or ace/aro-coded.

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Keizakomu | Jul 29, 3:34 PM

shinjouni | Jul 29, 3:11 AM
Su-won from akatsuki no yona. He never shows anything more than platonic interest in anyone and is uncomfortable when asked when he's going to get married. And he said that he doesn't understand love, romance, or things like that.

LuzNoceda | May 14, 9:05 PM
I think Luffy from One Piece was basically confirmed to be ace.

Fan_Of_Steel | May 13, 11:17 AM
maybe jotaro kujo from jjba as well >.>

Keizakomu | May 13, 6:02 AM
Thanks for the suggestions

Fan_Of_Steel | May 12, 9:36 PM
maybe Black Jack/Kuro'o Hazama from Black Jack? He talks about how he "doesn't care much for tall or pretty" a couple times, and I always took that to mean that he was ace

or how about chitose hibiya and chi from chobits? i always felt that chobits' whole premise had some ace vibes despite it having as much fanservice as it did

Keizakomu | May 12, 7:02 PM
also also Karakida and Ikki from Hatsukoi Catharsis

Keizakomu | May 12, 6:48 PM
also Yuu (ace) (Shikakui anata wo maruku shite)

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