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<strong>Name:</strong> ルナサ・プリズムリバー Lunasa Prismriver <strong>Species:</strong> Poltergeist <strong>Abilities:</strong> Can play a violin without physical contact <strong>Age:</strong> Unknown <strong>Occupation:</strong> Violinist of a musical performance ensemble <strong>Location:</strong> The Prismriver mansion <strong>Name:</strong> メルラン・プリズムリバー Merlin Prismriver <strong>Species:</strong> Poltergeist <strong>Abilities:</strong> Can play a trumpet without physical contact <strong>Age:</strong> Unknown <strong>Occupation:</strong> Trumpeter of a musical performance ensemble <strong>Location:</strong> The Prismriver mansion <strong>Name:</strong> リリカ・プリズムリバー Lyrica Prismriver <strong>Species:</strong> Poltergeist <strong>Abilities:</strong> Can play a keyboard without physical contact <strong>Age:</strong> Unknown <strong>Occupation:</strong> Keyboardist of a musical performance ensemble <strong>Location:</strong> The Prismriver mansion During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom the three Prismriver sisters are preparing to play a concert for the flower viewing at Yuyuko's mansion. They attempt to stop the player from entering the Netherworld together, and the progression of the battle is affected by which sister the player decides to focus on attacking during their first spellcard. The dialog they bounce back and forth between each other and the player is actually quite comical, and shows their very individual personalities. Lunasa is mature and mellow, Merlin is happy-go-lucky and clueless, and Lyrica is a sly smart-aleck. In Phantasmagoria of Flower View Lyrica, the youngest of the three, goes off on her own to collect material for her songs. She's not really interested in solving the flower incident and would rather focus on her performance, but unknown to her she's not alone... (Taken from <!--link--><a href="">Touhou Wiki</a>)

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Desert_Punk | Oct 15, 2009 3:23 PM
it did =\

TNinja | Oct 14, 2009 6:07 AM
I like music.

And hell, this place died before it started. :V

Desert_Punk | Feb 14, 2009 7:03 PM
Happy Valentines.

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