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This is a safe space for trans* friends and allies to discuss trans* representation from anime, manga, and light novels. These lists will include characters who identify as transgender, non-binary (agender, genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, etc.), intersex, gender non-conforming, sexless, genderless, etc. Forced cross-dressing or unintentionally androgynous characters are not included. Transphobic and homophobic language will not be tolerated.

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Trans Anime/Manga Creators
Keizakomu - Sep 4
6 replies by Keizakomu »»
Sep 16, 1:48 PM
Best depiction?
6 replies by ANTIENTROPY »»
Jul 26, 8:10 PM
Keizakomu - Feb 10
7 replies by Keizakomu »»
Apr 6, 1:22 PM

Club Comments
Keizakomu | Jul 30, 6:35 PM

shinjouni | Jul 28, 1:43 PM
Can you add Irene Adler (James Bonde)? Although it's not yet very clear what's their gender identity.

Keizakomu | May 31, 8:28 PM
Added! Thanks for letting me know!

BEEKAT | May 30, 3:59 AM
yuu arima from boy meets maria is nonbinary !

Keizakomu | May 12, 7:42 PM
Imma make another list of characters not on MAL:

Miki Amane (FTM) and Souta Sakura (MTF) from Sakura-chan to Amane-kun
Chiaki Ogawa (FTM) from Tooda Oto Tanhenshuu (Niku wo Hagu)
Makoto (MTF) from Josei ga Suki na Josei to Otoko datta Josei no Hanashi
Koko (MTF) from Double House
Ebina Taichirou (MTF) from Hourou Musuko (manga only)
Catherine Hisaka (MTF) from Chichi to Ko
Satomi (MTF) from Kore wa Koi no Hanashi
Rino Inokuma (MTF) from Takane to Hana
Jun (MTF) from Otomeza no Jun
Minoru Aoi (genderqueer) from Shounen Note
Haru Isa (intersex) from Teizokurei Daydream (manga only)
Yuuki Ichimaru (FTM) from SKET Dance (manga only)-- I wrote MTF in an earlier post, my mistake

Keizakomu | May 12, 11:22 AM
I would say Kino from "Kino no Tabi" is non-binary (maybe agender). They were born and raised as a girl but changed their attire, pronouns, (watashi -> boku) and name (Sakura -> Kino) after meeting a man named Kino. They dress more masculine but don't seem to have any strong opinions about their gender. In the colosseum arc, Kino is referred to by "sir" and "ma'am" on two different occasions and both times (from different characters) requested that person to not refer to them as such since it's embarrassing.
Hope that helps.

Vibri | May 10, 10:36 PM
would Kino from Kino no Tabi count as nonbinary (FTM but pretty agender/transmasc) representation? :0
(if someone could factcheck that'd be good I haven't watched it in a long time)

TheMonkeyGru | May 10, 9:06 AM
Lily Hoshikawa from Zombie Land Saga is a trans girl~~!

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