very cold calculating scheming k-nieving very mean two faced weebcels

its over

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wut u watching atm?
whatislifelol - Mar 4
16 replies by zassshu »»
Yesterday, 7:16 AM
pretty much fabio
whatislifelol - Apr 3
5 replies by whatislifelol »»
Apr 7, 10:55 PM
everyone having overly complex, decorated, detailed and sophisticated bios
whatislifelol - Apr 3
4 replies by fabiooibaf »»
Apr 7, 12:05 PM
the "husbando thread" has more replies than the "waifu thread"
whatislifelol - Apr 6
0 replies by whatislifelol »»
Apr 6, 7:01 PM
husbando thread
whatislifelol - Mar 9
17 replies by whatislifelol »»
Apr 6, 6:54 PM

Club Comments
Fanyl | Apr 5, 6:03 AM
it is fine :D

whatislifelol | Apr 3, 8:07 PM
i didn't took a break purposely. also, i was too occupied with other things in my head, that i sometimes forget this place exists lol.

whatislifelol | Apr 3, 8:04 PM
reason for absence: iim okay now. watched some fate (and rewatched a bit of the other stuff), along the way i suddenly felt more tired and fatigued, and got a little sick (i suspect that i may have low iron levels). i would watch or play some along all the way till i fall asleep (through laptop or phone), well ive been sleeping a lot more suddenly. i wanted to post on mal, but got too tired towards the end of the day. there was no emotional withdrawal, like the other times, this time was purely from exhaustion.

mogekooo | Apr 1, 4:33 PM
my weewee :3

Fanyl | Mar 27, 6:29 AM
Nice :)

whatislifelol | Mar 26, 8:05 PM
i find myself watching more youtube videos >.<

Fanyl | Mar 26, 3:10 PM
Jesus christ

whatislifelol | Mar 24, 6:11 PM

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