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Re: LieF ~Shin'ainaru Anata e~ // Re:LieF ~親愛なるあなたへ~
vndb - Jan 17
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Jan 17, 8:55 PM
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm // 蒼の彼方のフォーリズム
vndb - Jan 17
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Jan 17, 7:23 PM
Pieces // 渡り鳥のソムニウム
vndb - Jan 15
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Jan 15, 3:37 AM
Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori // 晴のちきっと菜の花びより
vndb - Jan 9
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Jan 9, 5:14 AM
The saddest visual novel that might make you cry.
vndb - Jan 7
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Jan 7, 1:25 AM

Club Comments
vndb | Jan 17, 9:11 PM

There are times when we feel hurt. There are times when we want to run from reality. There are times when we don't want to do anything.

But ...
Even so, we still have to move forward.
We can rest. We may stop.
But we cannot give up.

If you can't get up on your own, ask someone else for help.
If we are already destroyed by our own mistakes, then wait for the right time to get back up.
If you can't invite other people, walk side by side with them.

Everyone must have weaknesses.
It all depends on how we see it.

That is what is called "Life"

~ The last word Ai before parting with AI.
Re: LieF ~ 親愛 な る あ な た へ ~

vndb | Jan 17, 7:26 PM
Ao no Kanata best visual novel 2014?

vndb | Jan 16, 2:30 AM
Missing x Link ~Ama no Yurikago, Togi no Hana ~

Human desire to become more of their superiority compared to other living creatures. But this time the strong human desire made the world they lived in was chaotic. Fluorite, brings Science Fiction stories about the world to their latest work.

Once, in front of Shougo a third-generation Automata appeared, a female named Hime Fuurou. With a kiss from Shougo, "world and time" Shougo and Hime Fuurou walked back.

Through Crosslink, a technology created when Automata and Humans bring their lips together.

This technology, is able to re-create human happiness and peace that has been chaotic. Towards a happy "Epilogue" that has been lost before.

vndb | Jan 16, 2:26 AM
Kanzume Shoujo no shuumatsu Sekai

The end of the world is an event that is always able to make people curious. Because no one knows when it happened. And even if it happens, humans cannot yet determine what will really happen at the end of the world. But, these girls knew what would happen at the end of the world!

Right when waiting at a convenience store when it rains a lot. Masataka met a girl who was enjoying a can of Miso soup. Feeling surprised, Masataka asked, why is it raining like this to drink canned soup?

Then the girl answered, this was to prepare for the End of the World

And this is the story of the "Prepper" who prepared the story towards the End of the World.

vndb | Jan 15, 4:44 AM
Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru, best "yuri" 2019?

Honjou Manami, a lesbian girl, for some reason made her have to move to a completely new city. Manami, who had a sexual interest in women, began to fall in love with Kanzaki Manami, her classmate. Initially, Honjou Manami hid his feelings. However, the secret did not last long, because it turns out Kanzaki Manami also likes women.

Slowly but surely, the two Manami began a relationship. However, the relationship between the two Manami began to change. More precisely, it starts to be different, and tends to be weird.

How far can Manami receive love from Manami? Moreover, if the love actually involves other people around him?

vndb | Jan 15, 4:31 AM
Get Ready for "Pieces"

vndb | Jan 12, 5:23 AM
Kyaaa.... Konomi and Haruma so cute >.<

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