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If you enjoy reading manga, be it old classic or modern series, this club is a place to join other people who also love manga. You can make recommendations and discover new series, share your manga collections if you collect volumes, discuss your favorite manga and new chapters and hopefully just have a good time. I'm LGND-Kun, this is my first club on this site so I don't really know how they work all that much, but in club relations I've added a few of my favorite manga to get the discussions started :)

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LGND-Kun - Jan 11
23 replies by LGND-Kun »»
Jan 22, 11:11 PM
Favorite Manga Of All Time?
LGND-Kun - Jan 19
9 replies by Klefki_of_Awsome »»
Jan 22, 3:34 PM
LGND-Kun - Jan 1
3 replies by Klefki_of_Awsome »»
Jan 13, 5:48 AM

Club Comments
LGND-Kun | 2 hours ago
Started reading To your Eternity, just finished volume 1, anyone reading it?

Klefki_of_Awsome | Jan 23, 5:56 AM
@LGND-Kun Oh, good! I thought maybe I was the only one who thought that, haha..XD

LGND-Kun | Jan 22, 11:09 PM
@Klefki_of_Awsome Yeah i definitely prefer Takagi-San and Anjou_san to Nagatoro for a few reasons, but I'd mainly chalk it up to having more consistent tones overall. I think the writer realized how insanely far Nagatoro goes in terms of teasing early on to the point where their relationship makes no real sense unless the guy is a masochist or something. They tone it done more and more throughout and I think just in general the series is way better later on. But Nagatoro herself can be lovable at times, enough so to carry the series for me. I think I've got it down as a 7 after 2 volumes, so not bad as of right now.

Klefki_of_Awsome | Jan 21, 6:45 AM
So yeah, read Nagatoro-san yesterday, and I've gotta say, so far it feels like a darker, more mature version of Takagi-san. Not sure if anyone else relates, but the first two or so chapters felt incredibly unpleasant as it felt like actual bullying. If there weren't the little drawings between chapters when she realizes (Nagatoro-san) that she went too far in toying with Senpai, I'd have probably called it quit on the series. Many people probably didn't notice it, but Nagatoro-san definitely likes her Senpai, as proven in the bonus chapters at the end of volume 1 of the series. All in all I gave it a 9 so far for the hidden romance elements and the fact that he comedy parts (the ones were she wasn't really bullying him at least) were pretty funny, also the art sold me too as it was pretty solid!

LGND-Kun | Jan 19, 6:01 PM
@AnaRuby Welcome!

AnaRuby | Jan 19, 1:45 PM

AnaRuby | Jan 19, 1:45 PM

AnaRuby | Jan 19, 1:45 PM

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