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Which one 4 ★ servant u will get?
Uryu-kun - Sep 9
8 replies by Uryu-kun »»
Sep 17, 3:17 AM
How many boxes you have/opened from nerofest?
RavBTW - Sep 13
3 replies by Uryu-kun »»
Sep 15, 1:38 PM
Official Members Cards
Uryu-kun - Sep 9
5 replies by AsukaLangley »»
Sep 13, 6:10 PM
Which singularity is your favourite?
RavBTW - Sep 8
3 replies by _SHINjuku »»
Sep 9, 12:50 AM
Who was your first SSR, how much SQ and what banner?
RavBTW - Sep 8
3 replies by _SHINjuku »»
Sep 9, 12:45 AM

Club Comments
-Tony- | Sep 19, 7:34 AM
@otaku_vida_78 yeah I had it, in fact I choose emiya archer, but I was talking about the rolling, spent all my sq and tickets and nothing...
craft essences

Uryu-kun | Sep 18, 11:58 PM
@otaku_vida_78, I rolled to Merlin and I got 2 Lancer Alters and 1 Saber Alter, with my ticket I used to get Gilgamesh (Caster). And I am trying to level up some servants so I can do the event. I hope you have good luck on the event!

otaku_vida_78 | Sep 18, 12:59 PM
@-Tony- Dope! This my first time doing this event. Wait? Didn't you get a free ticket to get a free four-star hero

-Tony- | Sep 18, 6:17 AM
@otaku_vida_78 yup yup, I think we are all preparing to do it haha
at least you got someone ;-;

otaku_vida_78 | Sep 17, 4:30 PM
I ended up picking gorgon. However, I rolled to get merlin and got a four-star Astoria lancer alter! Got a few good hitters. Also, anyone doing the Halloween event?

Uryu-kun | Sep 17, 12:16 AM
Very well I will do it!
Thank u for your help :)

Hakuno_Araragi | Sep 16, 7:02 AM
Hi !
Admin plz add Kara No Kyoukai movies in Anime Relations

moonbox | Sep 14, 6:32 PM
thank you @Uryu-kun ! :)

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