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Hayatempest | Feb 3, 2014 12:21 PM
It's been over two years since anyone posted on here XD

Just stopped by to inform you that Viz has released Basara digitally on their app store on both Apple and Android. They released up to volume 19, but I expect the rest of the volumes to follow. So, if you can't find the manga anywhere, short on some volumes or read the scanlated version and want to support the author, why not grab a digital copy?

Hayatempest | Dec 29, 2011 12:14 AM
Red River could've been an epic and I did enjoy its implementation of historical figures and events that took place as the same time as the story. What ruined it for me was the cheesy love story between Kail and Yuri, how Nakia was a predictable villain, and how you'd find almost every man in the series falling for Yuri and attempting to rape her.

As for recommendations, there's The Changeling (The Change) that's based on a Japanese historical novel. It's about a girl who's raised as a boy and her brother who's raised as a girl. It's good. And of course there's Rose of Versailles anime, the manga unfortunately isn't fully scanlated. Also, though it's not in the same vein as Basara, I always tend to recommend Please Save my Earth whenever I recommend Basara to anyone. Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden is also good and I can't decide between it and Ceres as Yuu Watase's best work.

Also, if you're into the seinen genre, there's Historie, Vagabond and Vinland Saga.

theflibbet | Dec 28, 2011 10:31 PM
i can't find anything similar to basara that's anywhere near as good. red river was a huge disappointment. does anyone have recommendations of a manga with similar themes/settings? i like historical type stuff that sets a whole new world, and romance is nice, too.

Hayatempest | Jul 24, 2011 3:14 AM
If you don't mind paying 28$ for a single manga volume, Basara 21 can be found at, search in the graphic novels section. The Basara manga has gone OOP and with the poor sales, there's little hope for Viz to re-release it like it did with Fushigi Yuugi and Rorouni Kenshin, so that site might be your last hope, you could also try eBay.

Arwym | Jul 20, 2011 8:10 PM
Also, if anybody is interested, you can find the entire scanlated series at both and ;) My only complaint is the quality of volume 21's chapters (except the first one). Some text can barely be read! It's all so blurry. Frustrating. :(

Arwym | Jul 20, 2011 7:49 PM
Hello there!

Currently addicted to Basara. However, I cannot find a good quality scan of volume 21, which I currently started reading. The ones I've found at animea and mangatraders are very low quality (some text cannot even be read). I can't find the volume for purchase, either. How odd...
If anybody can lead me to a good place where I can find this, I would thank you greatly.

Anyway, BASARA is a real masterpiece! Thank you, Tamura Yumi!

st_owly | Mar 9, 2011 4:53 AM
Hi everyone. I just want to say that I have 2 English copies of Basara 20 that I will sell for any reasonable offer+shipping (I'm based in the UK) Pictures can be provided, and they've never been read. PM me for more information :)

(Mods - please feel free to delete this post if it breaks the rules)

Ephidel | Feb 8, 2011 4:32 PM
As 7SEEDs is at 19+ volumes and ongoing you might be waiting a while ;)

I hate the wait for volumes, but I love the series.
I'm reading scans, and try to wait for each volume to be completely released. I don't always succeed :p
I wish someone would license it - the catch-up period would smart a bit, but I would gladly suffer it if it meant I could read it in book form. Mind you, I also wish Viz would rerelease Basara with some actual advertising and give more people a chance to discover it :(

I'll confess that it was an easy sell for me though.
I enjoy post-apocalyptic or survival stories anyway, but the world seems very well planned (although there is something about the beginning, that irks me on a logic level).
I particularly like the way Tamura moves between the different groups (and the way doing so fills in the world).

As for other works by her, it really is a shame there isn't more available.
Viz released a couple in english though:
Chicago (vigilantes and terrorists, complete in two volumes. It's pretty good, but the ending in particular sort of gives the impression it was meant to be a prologue) and Wild Com which was a volume of short stories.
I enjoyed the title story of wild Com which was probably a pretty standard kid psychics story (traumatic pasts, unusual powers, search for acceptance). As for the other two, Beasts of June was an irritating story about an assassin and a suicidal doormat depressed girl and a suspicious organisation, and Eye of the Needle is about a jerkish male model and his stalker.
There's also some short 4koma comics about people with special powers at the end which I thought were brilliant as they were just my kind of humour ^^

In terms of scanlations there's a (two part?) oneshot called Hare Tokidoki Yami. It's short, and I don't want to wreck the plot, so I'm going to describe it terribly.
It's about a schoolgirl who struggles to relate to others who makes friends with a complete stranger.
There's also Neko Mix (4 volumes and ongoing, 1 scanlated so far) which is a bit uneven on the plotting front and... weird. Yeah, I'm settling on weird. In a world where evil, magical mice eat and spirit away humans and their children, war is waged. A warrior who has spent so long on the battlefront that his wife barely remembers what he looks like finally gets leave to return home to spend some time with his family, but when he gets there he finds that his village has been visited by mice, and his son is missing. He teams up with his son's pet cat (who due to mousey magic is now bipedal and iirc able to talk) to search for him.

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