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Characters who didn't die but should've?
sora592 - May 29
0 replies by sora592 »»
May 29, 1:07 PM
Favorite Romance Anime
sora592 - May 21
2 replies by Michi-26 »»
May 26, 6:26 AM
Favorite Psychological Anime
sora592 - May 21
4 replies by sora592 »»
May 24, 4:03 PM
Favorite Action Anime
sora592 - May 21
1 replies by heichou1 »»
May 22, 10:47 PM
Anime Quizzes!
sora592 - May 20
2 replies by sora592 »»
May 20, 6:22 PM

Club Comments
sora592 | Jun 18, 3:24 AM
how has everyone been?

sora592 | Jun 11, 9:56 PM
Don't hate me for this but definitely AOT. I expected more from that show and it didn't deliver for me. not sure where the problem was, but I traced it back to somewhere in the character development phase. still sad that one didn't work out. you? @Msilver2

Msilver2 | Jun 11, 1:14 PM
How about an anime that was hyped up like crazy for you and was underwhelming. For me (don't crucify me here) that anime was Neon Genesis Evangelion.

sora592 | Jun 8, 9:08 PM
Now I want to watch all these 😅 except Elfen lied. I'm with you on that one ... I could deal it squeak with how hard I dropped it.

Worst for me was probably Diabolik Lovers. or Chihayafuru but for wildly different reasons ofc.

Msilver2 | Jun 8, 7:14 AM
The worst is probably Girls Bravo. I dropped that shit hard.

Michi-26 | Jun 8, 3:58 AM
Worst Anime for me was Mysterious Girlfriend X. I dropped it. Could not get over how disgusting it was. The worst anime I've ever finished and not droped was (and this is an unpopular opinion) Elfin Lied

sora592 | Jun 7, 8:45 PM
How's everyone doing? Quick easy poll: what's the worst anime you've watched? Newbies feel free to join the discussion!

Michi-26 | Jun 4, 1:01 PM
hey guys been so busy IRL. Welcome newbies, hope everyone is having a great week

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