I Reincarnated Into A Web Novel, But Why Did It End Up Like This?

I remember reading a newly-released web novel up until the day I died...and now I've been reincarnated in it! But I've become the villainess, not the heroine! My name, from now on, was to be Beatrice Astley. As the proud daughter of a Duke Family, I had a great deal of power and dominion over much of the kingdom. It seems that I had achieved higher status just by being born. If this villainess whose body I'd taken over was a mere Baron's daughter or something, I think I'd kill myself right then and there. There was a reason the heroine was the one being bullied, not the one doing the bullying. Christina, the heroine, was a merchant's daughter. That family had been bestowed the title of "Baron" not 20 years ago, which was the lowest noble title in the kingdom. She was barely a step up from a commoner. Beatrice was strong because of her authority and nobility, and Christina was weak precisely because of her lack of them. The reason Beatrice had gotten in so much trouble (at the point I stopped reading) was because Christina had enlisted the help of those more powerful than her—the prince, for instance. At being faced someone even more powerful than her, Beatrice was at a complete loss for what to do. She could do nothing but bow to authority. In this world, the only way to survive is to exploit your authority and your smarts. The Beatrice of the novel regularly abused her authority to torment the heroine, but she never came up with a single good plan of action. She never tried to hide her acts, either. Frankly, Beatrice was an idiot, and she fell to her own stupidity. I'm pretty sure I can do better. I mean, I have a brain, and I also know some of what's to come. Beatrice's mistake was not crushing the heroine when she could. She fell prey to her own ego and bullied her to prove that she was worth more than her. In plain sight. Well, when your fiance breaks off their engagement with you and chases someone who isn't nearly as pretty as you, and is also no better than a commoner, you can't blame her for being a little reckless. Beatrice—the new and improved edition— would crush Christina without mercy. [A prompt appears, addressing the player directly.] Will you help me avoid exile, death, and poverty? [Yes / No] [The prompt disappears after confirming your input.] Thank you so much for agreeing to help me! I'm afraid I didn't get very far into it, so I'm not sure what to expect... It seemed like the villainess was on the path to redemption, but she had already done a number of things she couldn't take back. The heroine had to undergo a lot of relentless bullying for years. A lot of people were really angry at her, and somehow, she ended up being the one bullied...all the hot-looking guys the heroine had collected couldn't forgive her actions, even if the kind-natured Christina had somehow managed to forgive the villainess. Christina truly was a soft touch. And yet... Princes—domestic and foreign—knights, men of the cloth, even her teachers...Christina had them all wrapped around her finger. Despite being less powerful than Beatrice, she had amassed enough power to overpower a Duke's daughter as a mere Baron's daughter. The answer was clear. Beatrice would just have to amass more power than the heroine in much the same way. Archdukes, foreign princes, priests, teachers—she would have them all under her thumb. She would crush Christina through other people's power. And she could start from a much earlier age, too. Luckily, I had taken over Beatrice's body before she had even been born. Unluckily, the first 5 years of my life would be spent in a humiliating haze, without any real autonomy of my own.

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