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At the very most i only see in the clubs section a few clubs with similar goals as this one and aren't comprised of people with a vastly small list of anime they've seen. I've tried differing rules in the past for this kind of club so i'm gonna keep it simple. Rule #1: You need to have watched at least 200 or more anime. Rule#2: If your favorites list is as generic as they come you will not be accepted. Rule#3: You have to at least written some kind of review of an anime that i will look over. (like Monokuma i hold the right to add rules as time progresses) IF, and thats a big if. I legitimately have people that get accepted into this club... I will do a either monthly or Bi-Weekly discussion/review session type deal about a random anime that most likey we've all seen and then have a vote cast to determine what Score the Senate has decided that animes score should be. To note: that wouldn't mean your required to change your opinion on the show, it would only mean that its score for the club would fully determined and be publicly posted in this club and possibly on the animes review section here on MAL where IF that were to happen we would combine our reviews to make a solid comprised review to add to that anime reviews section. Once again, thats a big IF. I've had poor luck in the past finding the right people to do this so don't get your hopes up. This club will not be a large one, i disapprove of large clubs due to the fact they get to crowded and to me Quality is better than Quantity. Also note: i intend (once again on the IF scenario) to have the Senate composed of differing interests of anime since my highest amount of shows are usually Comedy, Slice of Life, or Fantasy (also Action, school and Romance but i don't fully count school and action and romance are kinda brod in the world of anime) according to anime.Plus at least. No guarantees on this though sense i'm not sure about hanging this someone with vastly differing opinions to me. I'm not fully against it i just don't see how (besides anime" people with no common ground can be in a club together. IF, that scenario does play out we can later on diversify and add a novice to the Senate because a novices opinion would also be useful as well as a non-elitist fan of older shows perhaps. Again, IF. Any anime added to the list currently can be edited late ron i just put some there for now.

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