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YagaKimi News
024 - Dec 18, 2019
12 replies by tatamiglxy »»
Jun 23, 8:16 PM
Nanami's Birthday 2018!
Foomfa - Nov 27, 2018
1 replies by 024 »»
Feb 19, 1:09 PM
best moments
024 - Dec 8, 2018
15 replies by keichei »»
Feb 9, 4:33 AM
The 1000th anime to hit 100,000 members.
024 - Apr 25, 2019
4 replies by Shikkakku »»
Jan 15, 8:06 PM
A little AMV I made for this past Valentine's Day
LunaStarfall - Feb 27, 2019
9 replies by LunaStarfall »»
Jan 6, 2:45 PM

Club Comments
Klefki_of_Awsome | Aug 29, 6:21 AM
@GVA12Crayonz Welcome to the Club, glad to have you here~!^^
Feel free to make yourself at home, and chat with any other users about the series, or anything else for that matter, or play/do the thread games/posts~!^^

GVA12Crayonz | Aug 29, 2:45 AM
Hi to everyone! I'm glad for the opportunity of joining the club and chatting about this lovely story. I know, the series has ended and there is no news yet of a second season of the anime that might conclude it so perhaps there's less interest in discussing it. Yet I'd say this series matters a great deal to me in its characters, storytelling and development. It's played an interesting role in reviving my interest for both manga and anime at an older age. So I'll be happy to share impressions!

Klefki_of_Awsome | Aug 26, 6:28 PM
Hi, and Welcome to all our New Members, this club isn't the most active ever, but it does see some level of activity, so please stick with us as long as you'd like~!^^
Oh, and make yourselves at home, you can feel free to chat with any members or discuss in the threads if you'd like~!^^

Headsy69 | Aug 26, 6:19 PM

BakadesuUser | Aug 26, 4:56 PM
Hello! ^^

RemiKG | Aug 26, 4:26 PM

Klefki_of_Awsome | Aug 24, 7:59 AM
I see..>v>'3

AfterSchoolSAN | Aug 24, 7:17 AM
Actually I prefer anime than manga or LN. So before I really know that the sequel or side story won't be happened I think i won't read manga or LN. I don't want to get spoiler.

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