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>Club Objective & Rules This is a friendly club where people chat and discuss about animes, games, and visual novels; also play some forum games and have fun. NSFW material is generally not allowed here. Thank you. ***

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Poll: Occult News Should Be Regulated?
TorebaKing - Aug 3
4 replies by TorebaKing »»
Aug 7, 1:15 PM
Poll: Are you HERO enough??? (Super HxEROS Headquarters)
TorebaKing - Jul 22
3 replies by Alixana- »»
Jul 22, 12:55 PM
Poll: Your current ongoing favorite anime? Top 3.
TorebaKing - Jul 14
8 replies by GMills202 »»
Jul 21, 3:45 AM
Poll: Visual Novels - Play?
TorebaKing - Jul 7
5 replies by Enigmaticloner »»
Jul 13, 2:11 AM
Poll: Club Introductions - Introduce Yourself Here!!!
TorebaKing - Jun 29
6 replies by Reload »»
Jul 4, 11:04 AM

Club Comments
TorebaKing | 11 hours ago
@Koito91: You like Toreba too?? Nice~

I love Toreba. I have been playing Toreba since early February.

I got five prizes so far but I dropped a bit of money on the game.

Koito91 | Yesterday, 1:37 PM
I saw Toreba logo, I had to join. Waiting for my Korone Cushion to be shipped.

TorebaKing | Yesterday, 5:13 AM
@Xidez: Your admin position has been revoked.
You have been absent since becoming admin.
Dafuq did you went???

Hayato_Matsuo | Aug 7, 3:38 AM
after seeing it listed, i went and grabbed that Clubhouse Games pack on switch. been addicted to Riichi Mahjong

TorebaKing | Aug 3, 1:27 PM
Going to make a poll instead of randomly posting here.

TorebaKing | Jul 27, 4:27 AM
"No toreba No life!!!" - my new motto

TorebaKing | Jul 27, 4:26 AM
@wen294: I won several prizes but I did spent money on my last prize. My first few prizes were from free tickets. Toreba is not rigged. It is genuinely playable. I got lots of nice things from playing the crane game. ^^

wen294 | Jul 27, 1:02 AM
I feel like I remember you saying it was gambling and that you wouldn't spend money on it again because you never won anything...

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