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Club Birthday: December 2nd, 2018 Introduction The Black War. A Cataclysm that changed the earth forever. Black beasts emerged across all the earth, attacking and destroying everything mindlessly. Humanity tried to fight it. Failing for a few years until secretive orders rose up to help fight. Then it got stronger. And eventually that was it. Nobody won that war. The Dark God that sought salvation in our world broke from their prison, and soon after was murdered by Death. Humanity who tried so hard to resist were crushed like bugs. The small sample that remained were left to rebuild in a broken world. Changed forever. Now, sentient machines and life from other worlds inhabit the earth as equals alongside humanity. This new age has gone on for one hundred years. And for the most part, nothing seems to be changing. But nothing lasts forever. Peace is not eternal. How long will it last? Only time will tell. Important Links and Threads
Eclipse Progress Sentient Population 6,273,970,498
Phase: ECLIPSE IMMINENT Organized Locations
Current Theme Time Cycle: Morning GLOBAL IAHD ALERT: Serva Forest, Kroll Forest, Natah Jungle, and Serva Valley have been suddenly encased in a dome of thorns. Stone golems and ents now patrol the woods en masse, and do not appear imminently hostile. Be carefull. A powerful shadow spawn has appeared outside of the Mountain city Shynata! All people who participate in its destruction are being offered a large bounty! Please report to the IAHD office in Shynata to participate!

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Dakton Village ( 1 2 3 )
Darth_Lewdious - Oct 12, 2018
120 replies by Ir1Ss »»
Yesterday, 12:49 AM
Karn Pylon
Darth_Lewdious - Nov 16, 2018
30 replies by Ir1Ss »»
Yesterday, 12:30 AM
Mt. Serva
Darth_Lewdious - Nov 17, 2018
17 replies by Norvaline »»
May 23, 9:22 PM
Index Foundation HQ ( 1 2 )
Darth_Lewdious - Oct 23, 2018
83 replies by Avnore_Alter »»
May 23, 5:32 PM
Nuro Mountains
Darth_Lewdious - Oct 5, 2018
10 replies by Inaru-sama »»
May 23, 1:59 PM

Club Comments
CalmCall | 2 hours ago
Yo, that sucks. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Darth_Lewdious | 5 hours ago
Im going to work for twelve hours then get minor foot surgery. Today is gonns be filled with fun xD

Phileasson | Yesterday, 12:43 AM
Im working on moving out from my parents home rn, so im busy either way, take your time :D

Split_v1 | May 24, 7:20 PM
@byakugaran No worries! :)

Byakugaran | May 24, 4:31 PM
@Split_v1 @Philseason, I am sorry I forgot to inform you two. But I have not posted these last days due to being busy. Tomorrow I will post for you two, Inaru and Havoc.

Darth_Lewdious | May 24, 3:34 PM
Welcome @D_B7

Split_v1 | May 19, 3:43 PM
I apologize. The way you wrote it makes you come out as which platform, and then after landing which direction I need to go. Meaning that my character would have to ask both specifics.

Byakugaran | May 19, 12:54 PM
@Split_v1 ''After which she would begin to elaborate in quite efficient manner which elevation platform to take and upon landing which direction could be taken to the nearest metro station.'' This is meant to include direction from the current position, so including which platform.

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