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Anything Nintendo related can be talked about here, find friends to trade Pokémon with, get a group together for Mario Kart or whatever else you'd like to do, as long as its Nintendo related, Enjoy! To join the discord please message me or Nero Angelo for an invite.

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Nintendo Online Discussion thread
JVskunkape - Oct 17
1 replies by Ashscot »»
37 seconds ago
Nintendo turns 130 years old!
hotsushikun - Sep 22
3 replies by JVskunkape »»
Oct 17, 11:45 AM
Poll: Nintendo Switch Lite thread
JVskunkape - Oct 17
0 replies by JVskunkape »»
Oct 17, 9:58 AM
Favourite Nintendo franchises
Absol - Apr 3, 2018
26 replies by hotsushikun »»
Sep 7, 7:30 AM
Video game pick up thread
JVskunkape - May 12
1 replies by JVskunkape »»
May 12, 1:40 PM

Club Comments
JVskunkape | Oct 17, 11:44 AM
100 members that's awesome! Would love to this see this group more active, I'm gonna make some threads to that end!

JVskunkape | Sep 22, 9:21 AM
Really I had no idea! That's amazing though! Looking it up it says founded 23rd of sept, we could be in different timezones but it's still the 22nd where I am :P

hotsushikun | Sep 22, 8:33 AM
Nintendo is celebrating its 130th anniversary since the Nintendo was founded in 1889. Jesus, i feel like Nintendo is getting really old and older but yet, they are still active to this day.

JVskunkape | Sep 20, 8:44 AM
I've also recently been playing Xenoverse 2 Lite on my Switch which as a free game is good option for anyone with a Switch!

Trying to also go back and play my 3DS more.

hotsushikun | Sep 15, 7:03 AM

A new and newly discovered Pokemon is shown through glitch, who else on what this kind of Pokemon is going to be, anywho?

JVskunkape | Sep 14, 9:40 AM
Glad so many of you watched it! :) Personally I can't wait for Little Town Hero. I've also pre ordered the Sword & Shield Dual edition and been playing Yugioh Legacy of The Duelist Link Evolution a lot recently on my Switch :))

FacelessVixen | Sep 7, 1:26 PM
*buys a Switch yesterday*

I hope they remaster Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Didn't care for the WiiU, but that game seemed pretty cool.

*watches the Direct where Tokyo Mirage Sessions for Switch got announced*

I picked a damn good time to get a Switch.

hotsushikun | Sep 7, 7:30 AM
This kind of new announcement was really good! Still not happt about the others not including all the Pokemon SWSH!

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