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_Zarc | Jun 21, 11:50 PM
Happy summer , nice MMD !

Venelia | Jun 21, 6:54 PM
Happy Summer everyone~ here is a new video to celebrate.

Valiso | Jun 20, 3:20 PM
Henlo. LOL. Next time, you should tag me so I know to reply faster lmfao.
Thank you. I try my best.
Wait... Summoned... Person? ; ~ ; I have a name 'ya know. *Sob*

_Zarc | Jun 19, 10:30 PM
Hello summoned person , nice work on thoses MMD :)

Valiso | Jun 19, 5:43 PM
Yes hello. I was summoned.

_Zarc | Jun 19, 7:43 AM
Need to get used that Valiso is a girl ahaha

Venelia | Jun 19, 7:09 AM
@_Zarc: Check out Ashley's videos too.
Her channel is linked as model credit and on my featured
on my channel.

_Zarc | Jun 19, 6:30 AM
Oh ok nice , well keep going because it's very well made !

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