the porch.

N O T E ! this is more of a hangout club than a card club. b; so come hang out. discord.
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introductions // member chat
exxi - Mar 25, 2018
30 replies by junghamiwrite »»
Jul 14, 8:32 PM
✵counting game✵
exxi - Jun 5
24 replies by Wolfsbane »»
Jul 13, 5:09 PM
[C L O S E D] Official Member Cards
exxi - Mar 25, 2018
46 replies by kalekiko »»
Jan 20, 4:05 AM
Sticky: suggestions
KAYnyaa - Aug 24, 2018
10 replies by FolesTz7 »»
Nov 8, 2018 10:42 PM
[C L O S E D] ♠︎ H a l l o w e e n E d i t i o n ♠︎
KAYnyaa - Oct 31, 2018
24 replies by exxi »»
Nov 4, 2018 3:48 PM

Club Comments
exxi | Aug 7, 2:36 PM
oh no your gas station

nashdashin | Jul 25, 9:57 PM
who the fuck took my gas station im going to crack someones skull

Wolfsbane | Jul 13, 5:05 PM
The patio opening soon

illiterate | Jun 5, 4:08 PM
i hear a new club called the patio will come out soon? :eyes:

exxi | Jun 5, 4:07 PM
good morning, porchers

TheBigGuy | Apr 11, 2:04 PM

BreadDuck | Apr 10, 3:06 PM
Why my girl Takao not in the art layout WeirdChamp

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Members: 138
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Category: Other
Created: Mar 11, 2018

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exxi (Admin)
Itachi (Admin)
KAYnyaa (Admin, Creator)
Lazy (Admin)
Lu (Admin)

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