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<div style="text-align: center;"><img src="" border="0" /><!--center--></div> <div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size: 150%;"><strong><span style="color:#3366CC">"I want to embrace you, Gundam!"<!--color--></span></strong><!--size--></span><!--center--></div> <div style="text-align: center;"><strong>If you like the Gundam lover Graham Aker feel free to join the club ^_~</strong><!--size--></span><!--center--></div> <strong>Graham Aker</strong> (グラハム エーカー) The ace pilot of the Union. Originally on the MSW?D (Mobile Suit Warehouse and Development) mobile suit team with the rank of First Lieutenant recently promoted to Captain, he was later transferred to the Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad. Possessing uncanny instincts, he pilots a black custom Union Flag. His signature move is to transform his Flag in mid- flight. When fighting the Gundams he exhibits tenacity and skill which makes him a formidable opponent for the Gundams. <div class="spoiler"><input type="button" class="button" onClick="'block';'none';" value="Show spoiler"> <span class="spoiler_content" style="display:none"><input type="button" class="button" onClick="'none';this.parentNode.parentNode.childNodes[0].style.display='block';" value="Hide spoiler"><br>In season 2 he wears a mask and is called "Mister Bushido." He pilots a custom Ahead. It also seems he can act independently without following anyone's orders. He even calls himself a "one-man army" :D<!--spoiler--></span></div> The most known thing about Graham is his Gundam addiction. He first saw Gundam Exia during CB's first official mission in a mobile suit test show and got so impressed that he started to think only about Gundam and stalk it lol. Especially Gundam Exia and its pilot Setsuna F Seiei have gained his interest. And most of his quotes about Gundam are very well known and liked by Gundam 00 fans. <div style="text-align: center;"><strong>Link Banner</strong> <img src="" border="0" /><!--center--></div> <div style="text-align: center;"><strong>Club Affiliations:</strong> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <!--link--><a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> <!--center--></div> <strong><span style="color:#3979B9"><span style="font-size: 90%;"> <!--color--></span></strong>

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Poll: What's the best point from Graham?
Chanellia - Mar 20, 2009
7 replies by Sagh »»
Apr 29, 2010 11:46 AM

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Club Comments
Sagh | Jul 30, 2010 6:35 PM
XN-Raiser-Flag would be cool

Gurenn | Mar 4, 2010 5:13 AM
According to what we know, he's just going to pilot the next generation GN Flag though. Curses, I want to see a new samurai-themed Flag instead.

Zeino | Mar 4, 2010 1:02 AM
Dua to Movie's released informations, Graham has a pretty significant role, in the movie. 8DD

JustRad | Mar 2, 2010 9:27 PM
It sucks Graham wasn't in the second season at all.

And then they ripped off his character design with Mister Bushido!

Mormegil | Mar 2, 2010 9:15 PM
That's pretty cool. Thanks.

I hope Graham has a big role in the upcoming movie.

Zeino | Mar 2, 2010 1:07 AM
Finally! Thx for the links~

LittleStar | Mar 1, 2010 9:31 AM
*new pictures added*

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Voice Actor Single
Yuichi Nakamura come across Graham Aker

download still more ripple [single]

LittleStar | Feb 23, 2010 12:58 PM

Flyingdog February CM including Graham's character song CD (1:01 - 1:15)

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