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This club is meant as a resource for anime thats duration are between 16 and 30 minutes. If you're wondering why I chose 16-30 minutes, its because The Shorts Club lists entries under 15 minutes. This is somewhat of a continuation of that. Sister club in 31-60m Standalone Anime. I didn't want to include hentai here, so I created a different club for that here. Same deal with Educational Anime, which you can find here. Restrictions for entries: Rule 1: All entries must be between 16 and 30 minutes (according to the information on MAL, not its actual duration) Rule 1a): Anthologies disguised as movies are allowed, as long as the average length of each work follows Rule 1. Rule 2: Entries should be standalone, i.e. it can't have any prequels (or sequels/side stories you must watch to understand the entry) that don't follow Rule 1. Rule 3): As a rule of thumb, prequels created after a TV show sequel will not be allowed, since it is assumed you already know the characters and are watching to see their backstory. Rule 4): As another rule of thumb, Anime made almost solely to advertise a game will not be allowed. Rule 5): As another rule of thumb, pilot episodes or movies will not be allowed. To clarify, the total duration of the anime has to be between 16 and 30 minutes. There cannot be multiple episodes to a entry. The only situation where there would be multiple episodes would be if it was an anthology. Entries can be summed up like this: You should be able to watch an entry off the sidebar, that lasts between 16-30 minutes, and that should be a standalone story. You shouldn't have to watch/play/read anything before or after to understand it. Thats the purpose of this club. The definition is somewhat strange, I know, but this club is more meant for personal use anyways. A way to organize all 'movie like' entries on MAL, with duration restrictions, since MAL doesn't have native support for that. If its useful to you, great; if not, thats fine as well. This club probably won't be updated by me; all of the entires are current as of early 2017; this club takes the back burner to other clubs I deem important. I'm glad to add entries if you send me them though, (preferably both the names and the links).

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purplepinapples - Dec 29, 2016
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Catexia | Nov 28, 2020 6:35 AM
Bakusou Circuit Roman Twin has 1h 28min so it should be removed from club relations.

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