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We are a gathering of godlike beings with god tier taste in anime. You want to join? FUCK YOU MAGGOT! We only choose those worthy of us! You want to join terribly seriously? Want to become one of the glorious godlike beings we are? You shall beg then! We will prove your worth maggot! Checklist to join: 1. Good taste 2. One week later: still a good taste? 3. Still interest? 4. You can join! 5. NAIVE MAGGOT! now we check your privilege again! MAGGOT! 6. And now, only if you consider yourself a maggot you can join. 7. You serious? How do you think we let a maggot join our precious club! Read again our fourth sentece MAGGOT!

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Category: Anime
Created: Oct 22, 2016

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Nidhogg90 (Admin, Creator)

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This is a private club.
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